I Joined Worldpackers And This Is What I Feel About It As A Traveler!

Worldpackers is an online platform where you can connect traveling volunteers with hosts from around the world through a community of knowledgeable and experienced hosts and travelers. Here travelers can create a profile and sift through numerous volunteering experiences to choose from.

It is a concept too good to be true that allows you to exchange skills for accommodation. The interface of the application is user-friendly and has an authentic rating system that helps find the most reliable hosts around the world.

The package includes an annual fee of $49 for solo travelers and $59 for couples. There is a hoard of benefits that come along with it, such as certified hosts, tips for the trip, hornets reviews, and a comprehensive guide through the entire volunteering experience.

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff
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  • Learning new skills and growing your experience
  • Free accommodation while you travel
  • Honest review system to choose the best hosts
  • Meeting other travelers
  • Community blog and online support
  • Get a taste of the culture at a deeper level
  • Verified and certified hosts
  • Insured travel plans for a safer experience

The Bad Stuff

The Bad Stuff
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  • Hosts can ask a traveler to work for upto 32 hours
  • Worldpacker reviews have a character limit
  • You have to live with your boss, and you will be on calls, mostly

Countries You Can Consider

Countries You Can Consider
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If you have already jumped on the bandwagon and now keep wondering which country to visit through Worldpackers, we have made a list for you to choose from. Keep reading to know which country is calling your name.

Costa Rica

Famous for its focus on natural surroundings and not the war that tore it, your volunteering opportunities will show up in the form of campings, eco-villages, farms, campings, eco-lodges, hostels, and NGOs.


This country is great for its farms, eco-villages, hostels, as well as permaculture projects while practicing your Spanish and having a jolly good time doing fun things during your free time.


This country is the home of World packers, where the concept itself was born. You will find many volunteering opportunities in campsites, farms, permaculture projects, hostels, eco-villages, pousadas, and holistic centers.


Vietnam has several school opportunities. Here you will find eco-lodges, holistic centers, guest houses, and homestays.


Another haven for volunteering is the country Thailand where you will find many eco-villages, NGOs, guest houses, homestays, and permaculture projects.


This country makes it easy for you to move around. It has volunteering options like eco-lodges, hostels, guest houses, campsites, permaculture projects, schools, and homestays.

United Kingdom

The UK has it all: hostels in the city as well as farms in the countryside. You can volunteer at holistic centers, homestays, guest houses, and eco-lodges.


Here too, you can find ample volunteering options. And along with it, there is a fascinating view of the coast and big waves.


Practice your Portuguese while volunteering at farms, camping, eco-lodges, homestays, and permaculture projects.

United States

You can volunteer here in the land of dreams for people all around the world. Get the best of both worlds by choosing to volunteer in this country.

Reviews From Worldpackers Users

Reviews From Worldpackers Users

Traveling has been a call of the unknown for many. Drawn by its irresistible charm and allure, people have left their homes to answer the call. Worldpackers have allowed many people to travel when they are short on money and means. Sure, it has its downsides where you have to work for the free food, but it is a small price to pay in return for the rich experiences you will likely gather.

Here are some of the things people have said about Worldpackers that will inspire you to pack your bags and go tread the roads not taken. Go ahead and read the worldpackers reviews.

“I used Worldpackers to have an experience in Italy. I signed up for the platform, browsed the opportunities and decided to pay for the annual subscription.
You can only send applications to hosts after you become a verified member.
Sent some applications and got accepted to an experience at Toscana, one of the most beauftiful regions in Italy for some internet marketing Gigs. Spent 3 weeks living and working with a wonderful family. Saved a lot with accomodation and food, but, most important, had a great life experience with some good people.”

Aleno, Tripadvisor

“Yes!! I’m british but I’ve used it all over the world and I love it, I have been accepted to so many more opportunities than through work away and I find the website more user friendly. Most of the places I’ve been have also had a lot of english speaking volunteers.”

Hettiy, Reddit user

“Workaway! I have used it in different countries and always had amazing experiences. There’s usually a lot to choose from, regarding hosts and the kind of work that you’d do. Go for it.”

daniclas, Reddit user

“I never imagined to have such an amazing time here in Jaisalmer. ¡the hostel is probably one of the best hosts to volunteer with Worldpackers! I was really lucky to do Camel Safari the first day of my stay, visit the Golden City and take as many photographs and videos as possible for them. I enjoyed a lot was I was doing because photography is passion! The accommodation and food was more than perfect, and the hours of work were flexible. I’m glad and thankful specially with all the nice people I met here. I always felt generosity, kindness and a smile from all of them. ¡NAMASTE the hostel!”

Worlpackers member from Colombia

“I couldn’t have started in a better way my experience with worldpackers. Mukesh is an amazing person and the hotel staff was incredibly kind with me. Mukesh let me feel fine and free about the job which was caring about the social media and designing a menu for the restaurant. Although the city was in low season I could enjoy the hostel Hotel and local people in the city. Almost every evening we could hang out at the hotel rooftop, Mukesh and Richa (from stuff) taught me a lot about indian culture, speciality about Rajasthan. I’m missing them already!”

Worldpackers member from Brazil

Here is a review for your thoughts on whether there are other platforms like Worldpackers. There is! It’s called Workaway, and it’s going to start a Worldpackers vs Workaway conversation:

“Workaway is better cos it has 15x more hosts and therefore works out 15x cheaper. Its has hosts worldwide not just in latin America. It controls the quality of its hosts and stops businesses using volunteers. Its better because its not funded by venture capitalists trying to jump on the bandwagon. Also it doesnt ask affiliates to spam reddit subs. Ps wwoof is also another good site to try 🙂 Hope that helps.”


Final Verdict

Worldpackers is best suited for travelers who are in need of free amenities wherever they go. It can also be for people who want to build authentic relationships with new communities around the world. If you are one of them, you can look forward to making new friends, honing new skills, contributing to society for a greater purpose, and also growing as an individual.

If you want to know “is worldpackers legit,” my experience with the membership fees that Worldpackers derive from the annual payment actually pays for much more than the platform itself. The money is well worth it for the support, safety, community, and experiences you enrich yourself with.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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7 Best National Parks In Ohio You Should Know Before Going

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Are you a nature lover? Hence Ohio is the best place for the travel enthusiast. Ohio has hundreds of natural cliffs, hiking and camping parks. All the federal parks in Ohio are irresistibly beautiful and are full of natural beauty.  When you look at the map of Ohio, you will acquire knowledge about how many national parks are there in Ohio. The natural cliffs, rich green landscapes, and minor waterfalls draws many visitor’s interest. It is becoming one of the best tourist spots for national and international travelers. All the federal parks in Ohio are becoming the most popular camping spot. 7 Best National Parks In Ohio  If you are living nearby Ohio and still do not have ideas of camping in federal parks in Ohio. You have missed the beautiful view of nature. All the national parks in Ohio are becoming the best hanging-out spot for every adventure sports-loving person. Here are the names of the seven most popular Ohio national and state parks. 1. Cuyahoga Valley National Park Cuyahoga Valley National park is one of the best national parks in Ohio. This national park lies between Cleveland and Akron. And it is situated along the Cuyahoga River. With the natural preserving beauty of the national park, the rich history of the place makes the park a unique tourist place. This national park is carrying the history of 19th-century waterway Canal exploration. On the north side of the park, a canal exploration center is present to deliver historical impressions to the visitors.  The Cuyahoga Valley railroad runs through the park, making the place more unique. This wildlife park is the home of amazing native wildlife and plants. Where to get a national parks access pass in Ohio? You only have to Buy the American annual pass and enjoy the park. The annual pass system has a special discount for military professionals and children. 2. John Bryan State Park John Bryan state park is an extensive 752-acre state national park in Ohio. You hear about the Miami River, and This large green park is just right below the yellow spring and the Clifton. This park is a prevalent clamp ground among the local people. Apart from the beautiful scenic beauty, the long industrial history of the United States is adding more points. In the 19th century, industrial activity increased; therefore, water is no longer the economic source of water. For this reason, many of the factories are getting abandoned. And no longer in use. But the Clifton mill, which was built in 1802. This mill is now becoming a popular visiting place among tourists. 3. Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park This park is a 167-acre public recreation park. When you are near Nelson township, this place is the best hiking spot for you. The Ledge park is full of hiking trails and camping spots. Beautiful waterfalls and native green plants are making this park look like heaven. This park is one of the best hiking spots for travelers as well as the national parks in Ohio. Nelson Kennedy ledges state park has a 3 miles long hiking trail.  As the park is situated on the natural landscape. Many dangerous paths are present in the park, but the marked hiking trails are guiding the right path of hiking. 4. Mohican-Memorial State Forest Have you seen the movie "The Last of The Mohican"? The natural beauty of the shooting spot is still getting most of the viewer’s attention. This state forest is situated in Ashland country, Ohio. This forest is quite popular among forest researchers. This large 4525 area of forest area is carefully looked over by the Ohio Division Of Natural Resources. This is the third most popular tourist destination in the United States. The Clear Fork River and Pine’s major streams are the two major rivers of the park.  The park’s best feature is 32 miles hiking, 22 miles bridle, 8 miles snowmobile, and 24-mile mountain biking trails. 5. Hueston Woods State Park This park lies in oxford city Ohio. The park belongs in the Butler and Pable country of Ohio city. It covers nearly 3000 acres of area and has 625 acres of a human-made lake. The state was bought in 1941. Initially, it was a prison camp, and after 1957 the park was open to regular visitors. And now, this is one of the best national parks in Ohio. This park has 12-mile long hiking trail and 19 miles of bridle trails along with 20 miles of mountain biking trails. The place’s camping facility is very organized, along with the hiking trails, golf course, and lodging facility. Also Read: Best National Parks In Hawaii 6. Hocking Hills State Park Are you searching for any national parks near Columbus, Ohio? Hocking Hills State Park is a good choice for you. This park belongs in the hocking hills region. A big part of Hocking state forest belongs in the hocking hills state park. This park has seven separate types of hiking areas, including different hiking trails. Cantwell Cliffs, Ash Cave, Conkle's Hollow, Old Man's Cave, Rock House, Cedar Falls, and a popular hiking route Hemlock Bridge Trail to Whispering Cave Also Read: Best National Parks In Missouri 7. Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers Do you want to see a national monument in Ohio? Visit this park, and you can see monuments along with enjoying the beautiful natural view. Charles Young Buffalo is one of the historical figures in his first days of life. He was an escaped slave. He was the first afro American soldier in the United States army. The house of the Buffalo soldier is one of the famous historical destinations among travelers. This is one of the most popular iconic monuments in Wilberforce, Ohio. When you plan to visit the Ohio parks, do not forget to visit this monument because the American civil war history was attached to this monument. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q1: What is the newest state park in Ohio? A: Jesse Owens state park is the newest state park in Ohio. it is named after a world-famous athlete. It was created in the year 2018 out of a coal mining land that was owned by American Electric Power.  Q2: Which is the smallest state park in Ohio? A: Oak Point state park is known to be the smallest one in Ohio. Measures at 1.5 acres, despite being the smallest state park, it still offers a wide range of facilities for boaters, sightseers, and picnickers.  Q3: Are state parks free in Ohio? A: Ohio is one of the few states in the country that do not charge general admission and parking fee at its 74 state parks.  Wrapping It Up: All the Ohio state parks camping is the most favorite for the fitness enthusiast. The collection of these places are the most popular tourist destination among local and international travelers. National parks in Ohio list quite a long list. But these seven parks and sites are the best places where you can enjoy the hiking trails and camping.  If you are planning to visit Ohio parks for adventurous hiking, do not skip these popular parks. So what is your plan to visit? Do not forget to comment back to us. You May Also Like:  Things To Do In Maryland – Free Places To Visit In Maryland Top 10 Most Popular Paraguay Food That You Must Try Discover Paradise On A Seychelles Yacht Charter

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Top 10 Beaches In Sydney You MUST VISIT! 

BY sagnika sinhaMay 4, 2024

Everyone likes beaches! They are fun and relaxing! Beaches in Australia are treasured, along with the culture of creating a business around it. They are some of Australia's biggest resources for economic development and growth regarding global recognition.   Not just tourists but also locals love going to these beaches; surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, and other water sports are available. Here, I will share with you the different elements surrounding some of the top beaches in Sydney, along with how the coastal stretch of sand offers you a beautiful overall experience.   Top 10 Beaches In Sydney You MUST VISIT! When you visit Sydney, you will see that there are dozens of beaches in and around it! With its huge coastline, it is a perfect haven for beach lovers and surfers. Why don't you read the blog as I prepare a list of the top 10 beaches you must visit when in Sydney? Starting from busy beaches like Bondi and Bronte, remote beaches like Manly Beach offer solitude. With all the activities and eating places spread across you, you will not only relax but also make beautiful memories. Just like beaches in Melbourne, these beaches will create beautiful memories for you! Apart from having the individual experience, you also learn to make memories by taking the beautiful visuals that nature creates on these beaches! Don't forget to take that beach photo in your hot pink bikini or flaunt your white floral dress while enjoying the sunset! Bondi Beach You must check out Bondi Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Australia; there is plenty to do and see. It is a busy beach when it comes to people enjoying the place for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The beach is quite central to Sydney's business. You must visit this beach if you want to experience the best of Australia. There are several restaurants, from bakeries to trendy cafes like Rockers, in the Bondi market, along with local crafts, art, vintage pieces, and handmade jewelry shops. Of course, we all know about the restaurants in Australia serving delicious food! You can enjoy decadent lunches, cocktails, and delicious dishes in places like Panama House. It is the perfect place for family, friends, solo, and partners! Coogee Beach This beach is a perfect place to snorkel and swim. It has a 400-meter length of soft sand combined with beautiful water. Near this beach, there are several parks and historic buildings to explore. A 6km trail leads from Bondi Beach to Coogee Trail along the coast. You can check out rock pools at the end of the beach! There are also Ladies Baths and Wylies Bath to the south of the beach for your convenience if you take a dip. This place is quite popular among families, especially because there is a lot of space for the children to run around. Freshwater Beach You must travel to the northern region of Sydney to reach Freshwater Beach, a hub of different types of activities! From playing with your family members on the sand to surfing and swimming, this region is perfect for a day on the beach! At the north end of the beach, there is a rock pool where you can practice your swimming laps! It is also a perfect place to have your picnic and barbeque parties. It is also a place for the people from the nearby reserve to use as their playground and enjoy their get-together parties. Bronte Beach Bronte Beach is a picnic spot in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. There are adjacent parks where you can have barbeque activities, shaded areas to hang out with friends and family, and a playground where your children can play. There are several spectacular rock pools right on the southern headland that you can access without paying any extra charge. You can check out the veggie burgers and homemade cakes at the Bogey Hole Cafe if you are a foodie. Another popular restaurant in that area is Three Blue Ducks, which modernizes Australian lunches and breakfasts! The waves of this place are a little rockier, so be careful when surfing, especially if you are a beginner. Marley Beach A heavenly abode, you can hang in solitude by strolling across the sands. If you visit this beach, it is worth the effort, especially because of the wild beauty of this beach, its rolling dunes, and cliffs. It creates a blend of crystal-clear waters and dunes, a passionate vision worth a visit. There is no shortage of the things to do in Australia! To reach Marley Beach, you must walk about 4.5 kilometers along the scenic coastal path across the Bundeena trail. The beach is a further 20 minutes' walk. It is not for you from this trail, so if you are not a fan of hiking or trekking. I want to warn you about the strong currents on this beach; hence, it is not quite safe to go swimming! Tamarama Beach I suggest you visit this beach in late October because they are organizing a sculpture during the sea festival. Remember that this beach is just a few hundred meters away from Bronte Beach; therefore, you can easily walk here as the sand is silky and soft. The waves at this beach are amazing, and if you are a surfer, this is the place for you. There is also a park surrounding this area, so you can visit this place if you are with family or a partner. You can access a playground, a barbeque area, and a cafe. The place is so glamorous that it has been named "glamarama," and with its pristine shoreline, it was an amusement park with elephant rides and a roller coaster. I will advise against swimming at this beach because it is quite dangerous. You must heed the lifeguard warnings because it is quite serious. Manly Beach The beach is known for its surfing scene, so you can visit with your friends or partner to soak up some beach vibes and taste the local culture. Manly is known for hosting the Australian Open of Surfing competition in February. You can chill around in the sand while you take local lessons to improve your surfing experience. If you don't have experience, I wouldn't ask you to go there and surf. There are other things that you can do, such as sunbathing, having a picnic, or enjoying a delicious Slurpee! Nielsen Park Nielsen Park is in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, close to the Vaucluse neighborhood. The beach is the perfect place to escape from your hectic everyday routine. You can access several facilities, such as toilets, sheltered sitting areas, and others. There is a scenic walking trail along the foreshore that you can take with your partner. There are also shaded picnic areas where you can hang out with your family, friends, or partner. Shelly Beach This is one of the top spots in Australia for diving and snorkelling! This beach is in the northern region of Sydney so that you will have some spectacular ocean views. There is a surf club at the end of the south end of Manly, so if you follow the coastline for about 15 minutes, you can reach it here. If you snorkel, you should bring your snorkelling gear to explore the shallow cove and its clear water. The cove is protected within the marine reserve of Cabbage Tree Bay. Often, Surfers plan to go to the other side of the beach through "The Bower",” a shallow-breaking surf wave. You can easily have a barbecue party as there are facilities available, along with access to a restaurant, Le Kiosk. Milk Beach This beach is found in the eastern suburbs of Sydney; Milk Beach is a perfectly quiet and small gateway! It is a cool place to perform fishing, swimming, and snorkelling activities. There are also several rock formations just at the edge of the beach. You will have a lovely sunset view with these rock formations if you see the Sydney skyline. There is, however, the issue of no facilities at the beach. You will not get any amenities or services. Hence, you must walk through Nielsen Park from Shark Beach to access toilets and picnic areas. Let's remember the Hermitage Foreshore trail, which, if you take a little hike or walk through, you can experience some of the stunning coastal views. Finishing Off... To sum up, the beaches I have made a list of are some of the coolest places you can explore and visit. This collection of beaches sports soft sand, translucent water, and significant international traffic.  People want to learn about these places to plan a trip or spend time with their loved ones! If, after reading this blog, you visit one of these places we named here, you will be lucky. Comment on which beach you want to go to and why. Learn More Also: The Top Things To Do When Visiting The Great City Of Sydney Do You Know The Best Time To Visit Australia? Read All About It! 

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Burger King Breakfast Hours: What Time Does Burger King Serve Breakfast?

BY Ankita TripathyAug 5, 2023

Are you searching for the Burger King breakfast hours? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Food chains can be found all over the world. However, very few are as well-known as Burger King. This well-known fast-food restaurant offers its patrons a wide variety of foods and has locations in practically every country in the world. People can eat it while sitting at the welcoming outlets or get it to go. At Burger King, you may order anything from breakfast to lunch. If you've been looking for the fast food restaurant's lunch menu and need to know what time Burger King serves breakfast, look no further! Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about what you are looking for… What Are Burger King Breakfast Hours? Image Source Hash browns, English muffins, and chocolate milk are just a few of the delectable and speedy breakfast options available on Burger King's menu. However, if you're craving an Egg and Cheese Croissan'wich from Burger King or another breakfast item late at night, you're out of luck (albeit it did make our list of healthy fast foods). While it is true that you can eat almost anything at any hour, there is still a breakfast schedule that not a lot of people are aware of. Unfortunately, breakfast is not available at any time of the day at the burger joint. All day long, Burger King serves breakfast. Other than breakfast in the morning, Burger King has no other offerings. The restaurant normally provides breakfast items and sandwiches every day from 6 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. If you want to know the breakfast hours for Burger King, you have reached the right place! Burger King starts serving breakfast every day at six in the morning and continues till ten-thirty. This means they start serving at 06:00 a.m. and end their breakfast hours at 10:30 a.m. Check out this chart for details: DaysStarting TimeEnding TimeMonday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Tuesday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Wednesday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Thursday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Friday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Saturday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Sunday06:00 a.m.10:30 a.m. However, there can be some differences in this timing or hours. For example, while they start their breakfast hours at 07:00 a.m. in the Ann Arbor Rd outlet in USA Hockey Arena, the breakfast hours start at 06:00 a.m. in the North Wayne Road outlet. Thus, it is best to contact the specific outlet for the breakfast hours before you reach them. What Are Burger King Breakfast Hours For Weekends? You can get their breakfast products on a Saturday anytime between 6 and 10:30 a.m. Some locations will serve breakfast on Sundays starting at 7 a.m. and lasting until 11 a.m.What food options are available on the Burger King breakfast menu? Breakfast options on the Burger King menu vary by region but often include: When To Go To Burger King For Breakfast? Image Source Most Burger King restaurants open at 6 a.m. and start serving breakfast immediately. Cross-country drivers and graveyard shift employees should be aware that the rare Burger King store that is operating around the clock may begin serving breakfast even sooner. However, regardless of what time a Burger King restaurant opens, they follow the same strict 10:30 a.m. cutoff for breakfast hours. Not that Burger King wants to make early risers feel bad. Instead, it must ramp up its griddle to accommodate the demand for its burgers, which last for most of the day and well into the night. Additionally, there isn't enough room on the griddle and in the warming, trays to accommodate both breakfast and regular menu items. Burger King might one day revert to McDonald's practice of offering breakfast all day, but for the time being, customers must arrive early. Read Also: Taco Bell Breakfast Hours: When Does Taco Bell Serve Breakfast? What Is There In Burger King Breakfast Menu? Image Source Burger King offers more than egg-and-cheese sandwiches, though plenty are available if you can visit during the breakfast hour. Burger King's "Croissan'Wich" sandwiches, which sandwich eggs, American cheese, and other breakfast-appropriate items between two halves of a flaky croissant, appear to be the chain's hallmark breakfast offering. Meat enthusiasts can opt for variations containing ham, bacon, or sausage (or an adventurous combination of all three). A chicken glazed with maple alternative is furthermore available, in addition to an "Egg-Normous," which is a burrito made with eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a "spicy, creamy sauce." A straightforward egg-and-cheese biscuit, a pancake plate, or sides of French toast sticks or hash browns are all options for vegetarians (or those watching their meat intake). The absence of fruit and vegetables in Burger King's breakfast selections is something to bear in mind if you like a healthy start to your day. Wrapping It Up! In case you were searching about the Burger King breakfast hours, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, please feel free to let me know. All you need to do is scroll down until you reach the page's bottom. Then, leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you! Read Also: Chick Fil A Breakfast Hours: When Do They Start Serving Breakfast? Have You Tasted Starbucks Boba? Does Starbucks Have Boba? Three Dollar Cafe – Reviews, Special Food, Pet Friendly Cafe