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Pizza Pie Cafe – Reviews, Special Menu And Price

| December 31, 2021 | Trip ideas

Matt, the guy behind pizza pie cafe, grew up in a pizza restaurant in his childhood life. He started working with his father as soon as he turned 15, both of them opened their first restaurant in Delta, UT in 1982. They named the restaurant, The Pizza House. The restaurant was a small renovated house that the father had developed. 

He started the slow-rising pizza dough that is used in pizza pie cafe to make pizza. Matt’s father combined high-gluten flour with very little yeast, so the crust has a rich flavor as well as is chewy when chewed. The house is now on rent, but the place still smells like pizza!

At the age of 16, Matt finished reading “pizza tiger”, the story about Tom Monaghan and Dominos. Then and there he decided that he would open his own pizza restaurant and continue it for the rest of his life. 

Matt met his wife and moved to Rexburg, Idaho in 2003, booked an abandoned pizza shop, and named it Criago’s. Soon it became famous and the place fell too small, therefore they changed the location and Criago’s became Pizza Pie Cafe. 

Pizza Pie Cafe – Reviews

Pizza Pie Cafe - Reviews

Every cafe, shop, restaurant, the product had positive sides along with negative sides. There are people who love the way the food has been prepared and there are people who you can never satisfy with anything, but there are serious people who know the difference between good food and bad food.

Here I am separating reviews into two sections, positive and negative. 

Pizza Pie Cafe – Positive Reviews

  • The place only serves Pizza and Pasta. Its name precedes its reputation.
  • The pizza is just finger-licking good.
  • The parking lot is clean.
  • The ambiance of the restaurant is pretty good.
  • There are enough windows to let the airplay.
  • The serving method is good.
  • The waitress, waiters, and manager are polite. 
  • The cafe is big and relaxing.

Pizza Pie Cafe – Negative Reviews

  • The service is a bit late.
  • The delivery orders get a bit messed up.
  • It is not a pet-friendly cafe. 
  • The music is kind of boring. 
  • The interior is okay, but not interesting.
  • The story about the cafe is not written anywhere inside, so to know about it on the internet is the only option. 
  • The temperature of the cafe always stays a bit colder than needed, you have to ask the manager to manage it. 
  • It has a strict time, to open and close. 

Pizza Pie Cafe – Menu

Pizza Pie Cafe - Menu

The menu is something you won’t be able to take your eyes off. It is intriguing as there are many options in pizza. Pizza lovers, what are you waiting for, dine-in, or order now. 

1. Salad Bar

Salad Bar

A perfect way to start your meal is with the popular salad bar or pizza pie cafe. There are plenty of options which you can choose as your toppings. It makes an appetizer. And also keep some space for the main course. 

2. Pasta Bar
Pasta Bar

You can actually make your own pasta, I am not kidding. Not by cooking it yourself though, but choosing the sauces and noodles and seeing it getting ready right there. There are some choices you can make among pasta sauces.

  • Meat marinara.
  • Roasted red pepper.
  • Marinara.
  • Carbonara.
  • Spicy sausage.
  • Alfredo. 

3. Pizza

Don’t just order the same pizza, again and again, play around and see what interests you. There are several options you can choose from. If you are a person who is habituated with the same taste then stay safe with cheese pizza but if your soul is adventurous, you know what to do. 

  • Pesto Veggie.
  • Pepperoni pizza.
  • Hillbilly. 
  • Cheese pizza.
  • Hawaiian.
  • Combo.
  • Barbeque Chicken.
  • Gluten-free cheese pizza.
  • Buffalo wing thing.
  • Chicken ranch.
  • Firefighter.
  • Spud-o-licious.
  • Chicken alfredo.
  • Breakfast pizza.

4. Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza

Do you have any more space in your stomach? if not then the dessert pizza will force you to make some. Because pizza pie cafe’s dessert pizza is not something you would want to miss. 

  • Cookie dough pizza.
  • Raspberry pizza.
  • Apple pizza.
  • Oreo pizza.
  • Peach cobbler.

5. Gluten-Free Pizza

Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza pie cafe offers a variety of gluten-free pizza, salad, pasta, and dessert. 

6. Stix/ Sticks 

If you like stix, then you must try some here. As this cafe is just not good at baking and making pizza or pasta, it rocks the stix as well. Pizza pie cafe has three options which you can choose if you are into stix. 

  • Garlic knots.
  • Cheese sticks.
  • Cinnamon sticks. 

The entire buffet course price somewhat looks like this.

  • Lunch for adults costs 8.39 dollars to 8.79 dollars.
  • Lunch for kids costs nothing if they are upto 3 years old. Starting from age 4 to 11 it will cost you 3.55 dollars.
  • Dinner for adults costs 9.49 dollars to 9.89 dollars.
  • Dinner for kids upto age 3 is free, but from 4 to 11 years it will cost you 7.40 dollars.

7. Drinks


Pizza pie cafe offers soft drinks and does not allow any hard drinks. There are options as well in the drinks section from where you can easily choose your favorite one. 

  • Pepsi.
  • 7UP.
  • Diet Pepsi.
  • Mountain dew.
  • Root beer.
  • Wild cherry Pepsi.
  • Code red mountain.
  • Dr. pepper.
  • Pink lemonade.
  • Diet mountain dew.
  • Diet Dr. Pepper.

The price of drinks is something like this. 

  • For a small size, you will have to pay 1.29 dollars.
  • For medium size, you will have to pay 2.39 dollars.
  • For the large one, you will be paying 2.89 dollars. 

Wrapping It All Up 

Here you go with Pizza Pie Cafe – Reviews, Special menu, and Price

Pizza is not something every country can make, it’s Italian common!. But there are some geniuses that have grasped the way it is made. Cooking is an Art!. 

Leave a comment in the comment box and let us know how much this article has helped you to locate the cafe and dine in with your family and friends.

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