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90 Miles Cuban Cafe – Reviews, Special Menu, And Price

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The year was 1980, June 13th when the Gonzalez family came from Cuba on a shrimp boat from Mariel Harbor Cuba. After 15 hours of struggle in the stormy black sea, they finally reached their destination: Key West, just 90 miles from their home Cuba. 

As soon as they reached America, they started working hard towards their dream, their dedication led them to opportunities that would lead them to share their essence of Cuban culture with authentic Cuban cuisine, that they serve to people right from their kitchen table.  

Their motive is one and one thing only, to make everyone feel and like the cultural impact they have made on people. And hopes to bring back those again but with family and friends this time. 

In this article, I will be giving you details on 90 Miles Cuban Cafe such as reviews, menus, and their price. Read this article before you make a plan to visit a 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. 

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Reviews

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Reviews

There are customers who will really love the way the food is cooked and there will be customers who will expect more. Similarly, there will be times when a chef can rock a dish and times where he fails. Everything has its positive and negative sides, so is this 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. in the below section I have mentioned positive reviews and to continue I have pointed out the negative reviews as well that customers have made, in order to give a clear picture to the future customers. 

Positive Reviews 

  • The ambiance of the cafe is perfect to share deep thoughts while having a Cafe Con Leche
  • The services are fast, as they understand the urgency, well enough. 
  • The interior gives a welcome vibe from Cuba to everyone. 
  • The staff are amazingly friendly, and quickly come to the rescue if anyone is facing any trouble of any sort. 
  • The home delivery options are pretty fine. 
  • There are many dishes to choose from.
  • They maintain the same taste every time one repeats an order. 

Negative Reviews

  • The delivery option is fine, but it takes time which naturally frustrates the customers and they end up giving bad reviews. 
  • The cafe is not pet-friendly. 
  • The music in the background does not quite always match the environment, which ruins the mood. 
  • The food is sometimes overcooked or burnt. 
  • The outside of the cafe doesn’t look that interesting. 
  • The cafe is small in size, therefore it looks crowded, and eventually, people avoid it. 

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Menu

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Menu

The menu brings amazing cuisine that brings water to your mouth. Dishes that are served in the 90 Miles Cuban Cafe are very good. People who have marked them negatively also mentioned their respect for the food. Here we go with the menu.


  1. Calamar criollo.
  2. Croquetas.
  3. Papas Rellenas.
  4. Masitas de Puerto.
  5. Tuna ceviche. 
  6. Empanadas.
  7. Patatas bravas appetizer
  8. Mariquitas 
  9. Tamal 

Salads and Soups 

  1. 90 miles salad.
  2. Ensalada de salmon.
  3. Sopa de cherna.
  4. Sopa de Pollo. 
  5. Sopa de Ajiaco.


  1. Cubano sandwich.
  2. Medianoche Sandwich.
  3. Guajirito sandwich.
  4. Bistec de Palomilla Sandwich.
  5. Bistec empanizado sandwich.
  6. Frita Cubana burger.
  7. Pan con Lechón sandwich.
  8. Pollo sandwich.
  9. Pescado sandwich.
  10. Veggie sandwich.
  11. Grilled cheese sandwich.
  12. Vegan burger. 
  13. Croqueta sandwich. 


  1. Bistec de palomilla entrée.
  2. Ropa vieja entree. 
  3. Camarones al Ajillo entrée.
  4. Chuletas fritas entrée.
  5. Lechon Entree 
  6. Pollo a la plancha entrée.
  7. Tofu and veggies entree. 
  8. Bistec de Palomilla Empanizada. 
  9. Pollo A la Plancha Empanizado. 

House Speciality 

  1. Fricase de pollo.
  2. Puerco rosado.
  3. Rabo encendido. 
  4. Masas de Puerco.
  5. Salmón a la plancha. 
  6. Vaca frita 
  7. Pargo.
  8. Churrasco. 
  9. Salmon Frutal. 


  1. Half avocado
  2. Frijoles negros. 
  3. Arroz Blanco.
  4. Arroz Amarillo.
  5. Congri. 
  6. Yuca con mojo de Ajo. 
  7. Yuca frita.
  8. Papas fritas. 
  9. Tostones. 
  10. Maduros. 
  11. Sweet potato fries. 
  12. Pan con mantequilla. 


  1. Bread pudding. 
  2. Chocolate flan. 
  3. Sweet empanada.
  4. Tres Leches cake slice. 
  5. Vanilla flan.
  6. Coconut flan. 
  7. Triple chocolate cake slice. 


  1. 16 oz americano.
  2. 16 oz café con Leche.
  3. Cafe Cubano. 
  4. Colada. 
  5. Cortadito. 
  6. Hot chocolate. 
  7. Passion Iced tea. 
  8. Salida del sol. 
  9. Hot tea 
  10. Latin soda.
  11. Tropical shake. 
  12. Soda. 


  1. Cubano platter. 
  2. 12 empanadas platter. 
  3. 20 empanadas platter. 
  4. Appetizer platter. 

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Prices

90 Miles Cuban Cafe- Prices

Here I give the prices so that you get every necessary detail from one place. 

  • The appetizer section starts from 4 dollars to 15 dollars. 
  • The soups and salads section starts from 7 dollars to 21 dollars. 
  • The sandwich section starts from 12 dollars to 15 dollars. 
  • The entrees section starts from 18 dollars to 26 dollars. 
  • The special menu section starts from 19 dollars to 35 dollars. 
  • The sides section starts from 4 dollars to 6 dollars.
  • The desert section starts from 4 dollars to 10 dollars. 
  • The beverages section starts from 2 dollars to 4 dollars. 
  • The platter section starts from 28 dollars to 60 dollars. 

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with the reviews, menus, and prices of 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. 

Apart from the busy life, you live every day, once in a while in 90 Miles Cuban Cafe can make you relax, because of the food and the culture. Foodies are often into finding new places where they can taste new dishes and make a vlog about them. 

This article is for all kinds of people. People who are in continuous search of a new place to dine in and also for those who need a good cafe location to quickly deal with a business matter and also for those who need a reunion spot. You cannot really get drunk there as they don’t serve alcohol. 

Leave a comment below in the comment section and let us know if you have found this article useful and also share your experience if you have been in 90 Miles Cuban Cafe.

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