6 Expert Packing Tips that will make your Trips more Fun


While we all love traveling and exploring places known and unknown, we are all too aware of the hassle of carrying heavy bags throughout the trip.

Every tourist tries to deal with the luggage issue in one way or the other. Some carry only small bags so that they are forced to pack small and light. Some don’t carry bags at all! And a few others even go as far as to plan trips only to tropical places so that they can take only small and light stuff like swimwear, shirts and cargo pants.

However, letting your bag issues dictate where you should be going and for how long, is unacceptable for travel addicts like us. So how do we pack effectively, without running the risk of carrying a heavy bag everywhere?

A lot of travel experts share their stories and the techniques they use to travel light, prevent over-packing and yet be able to carry all essential items that they would need during their trips. So here are some of the tips they shared that we can all benefit from:

Choose your clothes wisely

Materials like cotton and wool are quite heavy and they take a long time to dry. If you are traveling to places where you can expect the climate to be cold, you can always wear something like a Polartec quarter zip instead of cotton sweaters. Synthetic clothes will also dry up faster after a quick wash, and they are always light to carry.

Choose wearable items that are versatile

Travel packing

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If you are carrying shoes, you might want to pack something that you can wear anywhere. Shoes take up quite a lot of space. You can buy good boots that are not only perfect for hiking but can also be worn to dinner somewhere. And if you still insist on carrying more than one pair of shoes, make sure you stick them in the side pouches of your backpack instead of dumping them inside with all your clothes.

Pack clothes for 7 days, even if your trip lasts longer:

Packing clothe

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We all try to minimize the hassle of washing and drying our clothes while we are traveling. Who wants to waste time doing such abysmal chores while they could be touring a new city? While it is a good idea to want to have as much fun as possible during the trip, packing for 7 days will mean that you won’t end up carrying too many clothes.

And if you pack clothes that are easy to wash, you won’t have to spend a lot of time to clean them up. You can also wear merino wool shirts which can be worn for a couple of days before they require washing.

Packing cubes: 

 packing cube

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One of the reasons why we end up with heavy bags is because we often throw our things into them pell-mell and try to stuff everything inside without organizing or folding. Packing cubes are the perfect solution here, as you can make your own compartments in your bag so that you can sort out your things by categories. Packing cubes can keep your clothes separated from toiletries, and even protect your possessions if your shampoo or soap bottle spills. Amazon has some of the best packing cubes you can find, and the expensive ones will be quite durable and will last for years.

Also, once you sort everything into packing cubes, you can easily find them when you need them. There is no need to take everything out of your bag in a hurry looking for things.

Place your clothes vertically

One of the mistakes we make while packing is that we place clothes on top of each other. This way, it can become a bit time-consuming to take out all the clothes lying on top only to get to the bottom of the pile. Think of your packing bag as a filing cabinet, and place all your folded clothes vertically so you can see them easily, and pull out the one you need.

Don’t pack things you can easily buy

If you are not very picky about the toiletry products you use, you can always buy shampoo, soap and other necessary items in the place you are going to. Depending on the place you are visiting, you can decide to leave some items out of your carry bag. If you are going for an adventure trip, you won’t find a lot of toiletry products, so it is better to pack them separately.

These tips are quite handy to use when the time comes to pack up your bags and go traveling. You can always find some smart way to reduce bag weight so that your vacation becomes easier and more fun!


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