5 Immensely Popular Travel Applications that India Loves

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India is a vast country plentifully blessed with tourist destinations with scenic, cultural, historical and religious importance. It is a gratifying experience to visit these places. Of late travel industry moving fast creating much convenience by embracing technology. Software and mobile applications comprising tour management software, booking engine software, and airline reservation systems have revolutionized the way and pace at which travel agents and service providers delight the traveller with awesome travel experiences.

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In this article, we will explore a few very popular mobile apps for the road travel and for planning of trips. Let’s take a look at some of these useful apps that will help you, as you plan your travel in India:


Arguably, the pioneer of bus ticket booking in India, RedBus has come a long way since its inception and has been instrumental in changing the way road travel happens in India. In India, there are places not reachable by train and by flight and it is here that the bus comes in as a major transportation medium. The ticket booking for bus just got easier through the RedBus app which is very simple and user friendly. The app even provides for discounts and offers from both, the bus operators and RedBus itself. This is an important app to have in your mobile even if you are not a very regular bus traveller as it can help in those rare situations when you do have the need to use the road.


A later entrant into the bus ticketing space, AbhiBus has come in a big way and is another major bus ticketing company. The AbhiBus app is similar to its counterpart app and provides all the required information of bus routes, timings and ticket availability. Not wanting to stay behind in the race to gather customers and build loyalty, the app also comes up with some offers and discounts for users.

Ola Cabs:

The online taxi /cab platform that created a revolution of sorts in the taxi market in India, Ola has moved ahead in terms of number of cab owners and customers who are part of the Ola services. An easy to use mobile app, Ola primarily started with cabs in three segments – Prime (for the high end traveller), Mini and Micro (for the budget traveller) and then later moved into Ola share and Luxury, the ‘’share’’ allows for customers to opt for a shared travel thus reducing the cost of the trip.

The difference between Ola and its competitor apps is the – Ola Auto that adds to the product mix by offering the option to travel by Auto-Rickshaw. Ola has also begun Ola Outstation in order to cater to the traveller looking to move from one city to another. Ola is a very handy mobile app to possess for a great travel convenience within the city.


The American disruptor company that created waves on the US West coast is now an active part of the taxi marketplace in India. As the other major player, Uber has amassed a good number of cab drivers and customers. The app is of great help to travel within the city and has the following service types – Uber, UberGO (for budget traveller) and UberPOOL (for sharing). Uber also has the UberHIRE for people wanting to hire the taxi for a few hours and move to different places.

Trip Planner:

A useful app to plan your trip across destination spots in India, TripPlanner helps the users find information on the popular tourist destinations in India. The unique thing about the app is that it even helps find information on some lesser known travel destinations in the country. The app also helps get information on hotels and restaurants to take care of the user’s accommodation and gastronomic needs. It also provides an idea on ‘’ things to do’’ while at some certain destination spots in India. This app is useful for both Overseas and Indian travellers who plan to move from place to place within the city.

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Travel is an important part of our lives and more so because it gives us a chance to move away from the hectic professional lives and provides an opportunity to ‘’refresh’’ and ‘’reboot’’. While we load our smartphones with several other apps it makes sense to have some of the travel technology platform that create convenience through the travel planning process – from Ticket booking to Tour planning to Stay and Food. So, feel free to download these apps on your smartphone from the respective mobile platforms.


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