Expert Tips for Earning Frequent Flyer Points for Travelling in Business Class Flights

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In the recent years, more and more numbers of people are availing flights for their travelling needs. Whether the travelling is for personal, leisurely needs or for the purpose of business, one has to pay for the airfares. But here is Zac, a 17 year old teenager, who has flown incredibly in an extremely short span of time. For many people, so much flying cannot be done in a lifetime! And the most important and interesting thing about all this flying is that he does not need to spend a cent for the flying most of the time. He uses his large bank of frequent flyer points for paying for the air travel, which has become his passion now.

Zac says that his absolute obsession with flying led him to travelling via planes from a very young age of 13-14 years. He worked at McDonald’s to earn the money for the fare. With the travelling getting expensive, Zac looked for ways for cheaper travelling. Using credit card points was a great idea and they proved to be really useful. Basically the points almost act as currency. There are over 10 credit cards that Zac and his family has and these are being used smartly for business class deals. Zac has become an expert in loyalty programs and frequent flyer points and knows the places from where the best deal offers are made.

Along with choosing the best credit card offering best points-for-spend-return, joining many loyalty programs is also important for getting advantage of the various promotions. Zac recommends signing up for promotions even if one does not end up taking advantage from them. It is also possible to buy points at discount and accumulate great points. These points can be redeemed while buying tickets with leading global airlines. If the points are on sale, it is possible to get huge discounts on fares of business class flights. The rates of the tickets are almost 1/10th of that of the original price. Many corporate companies did not have the idea of using the points properly and hence spent lots of money on corporate level business travel. But now that the trick of the trade is known, corporate houses are saving lots of money on air travel and paying better for the accommodation facilities available.

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Effective tips from Zac for collecting frequent flyer points

  • There is no harm in having and using multiple credit cards. Just ensure that the bills in the cards are paid in full every month.
  • Make sure that you use the credit cards for making payments at groceries, for fuel filling, restaurants, hotel bookings etc. Making payments with the credit cards help in attracting points and this will help in increasing points in the credit card. Points are earned not only from the goods provider but also from the credit card company and accumulation of points becomes faster.
  • It is recommended to sign up for promotional points’ giveaways. You might not be sure whether you will take advantage of them or not. But having registration will help in grabbing an opportunity if it arises at all.
  • Don’t make delays in using points that are earned from various airlines. Use them as soon as possible. This is because the loyalty programs keep on changing regularly. There are high chances that if the points are not used immediately, you might lose the benefits of the same.
  • Points that are earned on credit cards come with higher longevity. If you have card like AMEX, you can avail the facility of point transfer between airlines conveniently.
  • Ask and investigate about buying points. Many airlines have regular sales of points for mileage club members. Joining such memberships is free of cost.
  • Even if you have good numbers of accumulated points, don’t waste them on domestic flying. Save and keep them for international travelling plans. You can avail extremely cheap business class tickets with such points.
  • Also don’t use the points on airline shopping malls, where the value of the points is highly diminished.
  • The points are to be best used for upgrades, because the value of the points is maximum in these cases.
  • All the frequent flyer programs are not the same and equal. Join the ones that are free and come with good airline collaboration and partnerships.


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