10 Useful Malayalam Words and Phrases to Learn before Traveling to Kerala

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If you are planning a vacation with your family in the monsoons, there can’t be a better place than Kerala. Known as God’s own country, the state of Kerala has several picturesque sites that serve as perfect backdrop for selfies. Add to that monsoon rains, and you are sure to have a once in a lifetime experience. A few hours of rains give way to soft sunshine with the temperature never crossing the 30 degree Celsius mark. When travelling to Kerala for vacation, booking a tour package is not enough for smooth sailing. In Kerala, many locals are not well-versed in English and Hindi, which might result in communication problem. That is why you must learn a few words in the regional language – Malayalam. After all it’s all about doing as the locals do. Here’s a list of few Malayali words every tourist must know when travelling to Kerala.

1. Namaskaram

One of the foremost word to learn in any language is the word used to greet others. In Malayalam you say “namaskaram” whenever you meet someone, it means “hello”.

2. Sukhamaano

“Sukhamaano?” is Malayalam for “how are you?” So, to know how someone is doing, say Sukhamaano? When asked the same by someone, reply with “enikku sukhamaanu,” which means “I’m fine”.

3. Dayavu Cheythu or Dayavayi

“Dayavu cheythu” or “dayavayi” means “please” in English. It’s an important word to know as you may have to use it often when traveling.

4. Nanni

“Nanni,” pronounced as nan-n穩, is Malayalam of “thank you”. It’s a useful word to have in your vocabulary as you may often need help or assistance from locals during the trip.

5. Enikku Vishakunnu

If you are hungry and have nothing to eat in your bag. Reach out to locals and say “enikku vishakunnu”, it is Malaylam for “I am hungry”, and they’ll provide you some refreshment.

6. Ningalude Peru Enthaanu

To strike a conversation with locals and know their name, say “ningalude peru enthaanu”, it’s Malayalam phrase for “what is your name?” If you are asked the same, reply with “ente peru” and mention your name, Malayalam for “My name is.”

7. Njaan Ningalude Phone Upayogichotte

If you face situation wherein your phone is on low battery and you need to make an urgent call, you would require someone else’s phone. To request them to use their phone, say “njaan ningalude phone upayogichotte”, which means “can I use your phone?”

8. Pinneedu Kaananam

Thank the locals for their help and bid them goodbye by saying “pinneedu kaananam.”

9. Engene Enikku _________ Etham?

To find your way when you are lost, just ask “engene enikku _________ etham?” filling in the space where you want to go, hotel, restaurant, bus or railway station. It is Malayalam of “how do I get to _____ ?”

10. Ithinu Enthu Vila?

“Ithinu enthu vila?” is a useful phrase when shopping for local goodies. It will help you know the price of commodities. It is Malayalam for “how much is this?”

Wrap Up

In addition to these words and phrases, you must also know directions and initial numbers in Malayalam. Knowing a few Malayalam words and phrases can help you communicate a little with locals and understand what they are saying can prove extremely useful during travel. While learning these words and phrases will take care of communication, make sure you book a Kerala tour package for a comfortable and hassle-free trip. Whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, or Ahmedabad, you can easily find several reputable tour operators that can help you with the travel package.

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