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World’s Legendary Locations That Will Mesmerise You

| February 5, 2020 | Travel Blog

Every traveler dreams of a World tour at least once in a lifetime and what could better if you can visit the world’s legendary locations for free. Some unbelievable locations on earth which are hard to believe that they actually exist. We are not aware but there are plenty of breath-taking legendary locations undiscovered. 

We humans mostly use terms like ‘legendary locations’, ‘mystical locations’, ‘magical locations’ when we wish to define something unreal or unbelievable or too beautiful to believe our own eyes. Often writers have made these legendary locations a part of their story to make them more significant. We might not be even aware of what all could be such possible locations which can be legendary.  

There are some beautiful existing places on earth which are actually existing on earth but we are not aware of the place. What could be better if you can visit these places for free? This means that there will not be any extra expenditure for visiting these legendary locations. 

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Top 10 Legendary Locations in the World

It is very unrealistic to visit legendary locations in real but they do exist and you can visit them at least once in your lifetime.  

Pink Lake Hillier, A Legendary Locations in Australia

Hillier Pink Lake, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: youtube.com

The sight of the pink Hillier lake in just mesmerizing and it is very hard to believe that it exists. A Royal navy explorer had found out this legendary lake which is strawberry milkshake in color. Many must have found this legendary location in fairytale stories but nobody must have believed that it actually exists.  

Haiku Stairs, A Legendary Locations in Hawaii

Haiku Stairs, Hawaii, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: lifeonearth.com

This legendary location is also known as a stairway to heaven which is found in Oahu in Hawaii. This is the greatest attraction in the Hawaii island, whose specialty is the beauty of the location along with all possible risks. There are 3922 stairs in this Haiku Stairs of Hawaii, which is vertically inclined to a mountain ridge. There is only one handrail which would be your support if you are about to fall. These Haiku stairs were built for a purpose in 1942, by the US navy as a top-secret facility through which they would transmit radio signals to the ships in the Pacific Ocean. 

Mont Saint-Michel, A Legendary Locations in France

Mont Saint-Michel of France, Legendary locations

Picture Courtesy: handluggageonly.co.uk

More than 2.5 million visitors visit this place in France every year. This legendary location is one such location that is often used in many of Fairytales and many Hollywood movies. This historical monument is clear evidence of the mastery and expertise of the builders of several generations. Mont Saint-Michel of France has been built over a period of 1300 years, hence several generations worked for this place. This monument is placed on a tidal island which means that only during tides this place becomes a tide. 

Ellora Caves, A Legendary Locations in India

Ellora Caves, India,Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: youtube.com

Ellora Caves of India is another legendary vision that one must visit at least once in a lifetime. This cave is a world-recognized cave because it is the largest monolithic excavation in the world. This cave also represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. A number of Indian movies and Indian novels have a clear mention of this legendary place. This model has 34 caves constructed together in disguise. 

Underwater City in Shicheng, A Legendary Locations in China

Shi Cheng, China, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A legendary ancient city which was established at least 1300 years ago is currently placed 26-40m underwater. This city was constructed on a valley in China, which was flooded in 1959. Very few people know about the history of this place, many of the Chinese are not aware of this place. Long ago there was a mountain in China named “Wu Shi Mountain” which means 5 Lions and a city was built at the foot of this mountain named, “Shi Cheng” which means Lion City. Now, this legendary location has become an underwater exploration location. 

Chefchaouen, A Legendary Locations in Morocco 

Chefchaouen, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: youtube.com

This is a small town in Morocco which has been often a shooting location for romantic scenes or merrymaking scenes in movies or music videos.The most interesting thing is the blue walls of the town. Blue color represents the blue sky according to the Jewish community. Hence the Jewish residents of morocco painted the town blue.  

Perito Moreno Glacier, A Legendary Locations in Argentina

Perito Glacier, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: selina.com

The most interesting fact about this legendary location is that Perito Moreno Glacier is not located in Perito Moreno town. So you might why is the glacier named Moreno? It is named after the famous explorer Fransisco Moreno. The word “Perito” means a specialist. This glacier covers100 sq.miles and it is 3 miles wide being the largest freshwater lake in the world. When scientists all over the world are worried about all the glaciers melting due to global warming, this Perito Glacier is a surprise to humankind. This glacier is expanding at least 2 meters per day. This is one of the most adventurous trekking location and unbelievable beautiful. 

Cappadocia, A Legendary Locations in Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.com

This place is not only mystical but also magical and the beauty of this legendary location is unbelievable. Cappadocia is a semi-arid region in Turkey and this place is famous for the “fairy chimneys” of this place. This place gives a feel of Mars is on earth or specifically in Turkey. It is also often called “Moonscape” not just it looks like a moon but it is actually very beautiful.  

Moraine Lake, A Legendary Locations in Canada

Moraine Lake, Legendary Locations

This lake is a glacially-fed lake which is 14 km outside the village of Lake Louise. The place is a valley named Ten Peaks. The interesting fact about this lake is that this lake is 6000+ feet above sea level. The surface area of the Moraine Lake is at least 50 hector. The image of this lake is also in the $20 dollar and many other such significant items. This lake does not allow swimming due to the presence of a large number of flora and fauna in it. 

Dark Hedges, A Legendary Locations in the UK 

Dark Hedges, Legendary Locations

Picture Courtesy: youtube.com

This place has been photographed most number times, there is nothing much unique about this place but still, the place is considered to be very legendary just the way nature has designed itself. The famous Game of Thrones has featured this location quite many times in different scenes. The Dark Hedge is very famous for the road that runs in between the woods and driving could be the best activity there. 

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There are many such mesmerizing legendary locations in the world which you might visit, we have listed some of them for you. Make sure you add all these places to your checklist while you visit any of these places on earth.

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