Tips to Help You Plan your Holidays to Morocco


There is nothing you can do for the craving of being somewhere else. It is a human nature to demand a change and this is healthy for your mind and heart. If you’re surrounded by snowy winters in London then, it’s is the best time to have a holiday in Morocco. A charming heat of Sahara and water sports on the beaches of Essaouira are inviting you. I know the internet has a very different perspective of Morocco but there is nothing to be afraid of in the country. You just have to follow some tips and enjoy the surrounding making every moment memorable. Capture some astonishing memories not only through the lenses of the camera but through your soul. Let the beauty inspire you to the core of your personality.

15 Essential Tips to Help You in Morocco :

Here is a list of some essential tips and tricks to make your trip fabulous without any uncertainties.

  1. Book your holiday with the well-renowned company or you can choose Virikson morocco holidays for your vacation plan. They have some amazing holiday packages lined up for the year.
  2. Stay firm and walk with bitch rest face (if you’re a woman with blonde features). It is essential to avoid any kind of unwanted gazing and comments.
  3. Never hesitate in saying no, it might sound rude but sometimes it’s okay to be rude to someone who is not ready to hear a simple ‘no’.
  4. Don’t get bothered by the horror stories of a country, You’ll be in a city along with a guide and no one will approach you with their filthy ideas. It’s not too common but very rare cases have made a mess out of it.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings, notice every little thing even people who look at you from the corner of their eyes. This tip is for every tip around any corner of the world.
  6. Understand Muslim culture, study briefly about their most typical norms or you can have information from the front desk of your hotel. It’s only because one should acquire the culture of the place just to show some respect towards your host.
  7. Learning some common Arabic phrases would help you interact with locals. It is always helpful to learn basic phrases of any foreign language. So, one can communicate and let locals understand them.
  8. Dress little bit traditionally, it will be convenient while wandering around the streets. I am not saying it because of all the staring but will help you experience Morocco in a cultural It is obvious that people will stare at you when you look completely off to their planet. Following their trends in clothing is not only safe but will also make you go little deeper into their culture.
  9. Ensure a conversation with your host. So, they would know who is coming and you’ll know that where are you going. Ask them the details of hotels and fetch documents, if necessary, so, you can inform it all back at your home.
  10. Research about all the places you’re going to visit.
  11. Don’t get ripped off and should know that what are you going to pay. It’s hard to argue but worth haggling for the sake of money. You’re a tourist and obviously, don’t have too much money to spend over the holidays only.
  12. Learn to ignore unwanted attention either from the vendors or scammers.
  13. Take calculated risks. Don’t fall into the pit without knowing the consequences and ensure your safety at every moment.
  14. Keep your most essential gadgets as Maps, camera and other accessories with you. Pack a bag pack appropriately and never forget a bottle of water.
  15. It’s better to book a guide, it’s safe and would let you enjoy every second of your trip to Morocco.

These tips are derived from a personal experience. They are not meant to frighten you but one should take proper precautions while stepping out for a journey. Going completely ignorant will never let you have a crazy journey or the one you should enjoy. Plan your holidays, keep a list of packing stuff, gadgets and all other essentials a traveller should carry with himself.  I had no one to tell these little tips and tricks but hopefully, they’ll guide you in a right direction.

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