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What Is The Latitude Of Las Vegas? – Geographical Coordinates

| November 24, 2021 | Travel Blog

Can you imagine going anywhere without google maps nowadays? I guess not. If you do, you might be some genius in remembering roads. 

But, even if you are, a new place with enough sightseeing to do can overwhelm you with the directions even in GPS. Especially in a place like Vegas, it covers a small area but the varieties of things you will encounter there are endless. 

I am not saying that you have to memorize the entire latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. However, ‘What is the Latitude of Las Vegas’ is a very commonly asked question on the internet mostly when people are visiting the city

What Is The Latitude Of Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located in the southwestern part of the US. 

Latitude of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: 36.169292 

Latitude to Longitude Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: 6° 6′ 52.7292” N and 115° 10′ 22.1268” W.

But, the article doesn’t end here. As we have already mentioned travel, I will be mentioning places you can travel through, along this latitude. 

Places To Visit In Vegas 

Places To Visit In Vegas 

When you search ‘what is the latitude of Las Vegas for travel purposes, your eyes will automatically scout through the attractions there. Especially, if your GPS location shows you are somewhere on that geographical coordination. 

Here are a few places you can visit when around the Eastern to Western Vegas. 

1. The Strip

Location: 36.1147° N, 115.1728° W

The strip is the entertainment junction of the city. It is filled with some of the most famous central avenues on Las Vegas Boulevard. If you are staying around the latitudinal area of the city, in no time you will be exposed to the key part of Vegas filled with casinos, live entertainment shows, and lots and lots of night lights.

It is known for being the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the area if you want to get that royal experience. If not then you can stay in the western outskirts as reaching the Strip won’t be a nuisance from there. 

2. Valley Of Fire State Park 

Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay

Location: 36.5073° N, 114.5352° W

This nature’s preservation is a beautiful attraction stretched around 40,000 acres along the latitude of Vegas. If you want a day that will take you away from the night buzz of Vegas and expose you to the daylight then this is the place for you. 

This place has ancient trees and petroglyphs dating back from 2000 years. The Valley Of Fire State Park is also an excellent sight if camping adventures increase your travelling high

3. Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay 

Valley Of Fire State Park

Location: 36.0903327°N, 115.1765442°W

Vegas is the entertainment city of the world but it is not just known for this. If you are searching for ‘what is the latitude of Las Vegas’ then stumbling across this location might just be your lucky day. 

Just like the previous one, this can also be a daylight attraction however not strictly. This reef is a magical wonder filled with 2,000 animals including sharks, giant rays, piranha and endangered green sea turtles. 

This is not just a perfect destination for the blue world lovers but will also attract the most dullest of minds. 

4. Stratosphere Tower 

Stratosphere Tower

Location: 36.1475° N, 115.1566° W

If you want to experience the magnificent view of the entire city with luxury then you should find yourself in the Stratosphere Tower. It is estimated to be 1149 feet tall and also has been the second tallest broadcast tower in North America. 

This tower also hosts one of the largest hotels and will provide you with the utmost luxury. 

5. Fremont Street Experience 

Fremont Street Experience

Location: 36.1708° N, 115.1443° W

Fremont Street is not just one experience, it is a blast of 100. This downtown destination holds home to all the action. If noise and crowd are your traveling buddies then you will have the time of your life with nights of live music, special events, concerts, and light shows. 

This place also doesn’t fall short of adventure as the superhero-zoom Zip-Zilla Zipline that will traverse you through the entire length of the street. This is definitely not for the faintest of hearts! 

Along The Latitudes

The reason why we search ‘what is the latitude of Las Vegas’ is mostly that you find yourself lost in your GPS.

However, if you plan your travel along the latitudinal and longitudinal borders of the city. It will make your travel much easier as transportation along the main highway will be bringing some solution to the itinerary.

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