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Is Trip.Com Legit? Is It Reliable? – Reviewed In 2022

| December 8, 2022 | Travel Blog

If you are a frequent traveler, you know it can take tedious time to plan and organize travel arrangements and plane tickets. It helps if you have a reliable travel agency to do everything for you, so it becomes easier. 

But I am sure you have seen that not all travel agencies are reliable or legit, so how will you know the difference without losing money? It would help if you read a thorough review of any travel agency, that’s how. 

So today, we are going to talk about whether it is legit travel agency or not. has been around for a while and still has questionable customer service and inappropriate customer reviews. So is legit? Or are we just wasting our time and money on it? 

About Trip.Com is a Singapore-based one-stop travel company listed by NASDAQ since 2003. It has over 400 million members and about 45,100 employees working in the company. is affiliated with about 1.4 million hotels and operates in approximately 200 countries and other regions. The company was established back in 1999. By now, they have over 2 million routes that connect over 5000 cities all over the world. 

The company has a massive network and well-connected 24/7 customer service in more than 20 languages. 

Recently,, at the global partner summit, invited other travel agencies and industries to come to join them and build a future together. With the football World Cup happening in Qatar, is taking advantage of stepping into the booming market as Qatar is becoming a travel hotspot. 

Why Is Trip.Com So Cheap?

While booking your tickets, you would prefer somewhere you get the best deals. Although there are several places where you can save your money while traveling, getting the best deals on plane tickets, hotels, and other travel expenses is a good thing. 

And that is one of the great things about, as they give the best deals on flights and hotels, making them a popular choice for most travelers. But how do they offer such low prices than other companies? Ever thought of that? 

Since sells to their customers directly, they can avoid other high costs from other agencies. 

And another thing that does is they give back a part of the commission taken from the hotels and all the airlines to the customers, as low fare costs. So this is how stays ahead of its competition. 

Is Trip.Com Legit?

If the company’s legitimacy is in question, then there is no doubt that is a legitimate company operating worldwide. Furthermore, it’s been twenty years since the company has been operable, so you can rest assured that they are here to stay and will not disappear one day. 

The services offered by through their website are safe to use, and you can easily access flights and hotels from the website if you want. 

And regarding website safety issues, it is safe and secured using SSL encryption to ensure all your data privacy, like financial and personal information. 

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Is Trip.Com Reliable?

Is Trip.Com Reliable

Relying on a certain travel company can be tough as hundreds of travel companies give great deals. So now the question is the trip com reliable?

The easy answer is yes. The Group is a huge multinational Chinese company that is one of the world’s leading travel service providers. In addition, the company owns other travel companies, such as CTrip and Skyscanner. 

Trip.Com: Customer Reviews

A company that has been around for more than twenty years is sure to have a good reputation and reliability as a travel company. But the real reviews come from the customers who have already used the services of 

So here are a few original customer reviews of 


This is probably one of the worst companies I’ve been in contact with. I can’t tell for sure whether it’s unprofessional staff or deliberate sabotage, but I have not been able to rebook my flight for over 3 months already. I’ve been writing emails and calling literally every day, and the problem is not solved till now. Maybe this review will help save someone’s nerves and, more importantly, money as it didn’t save mine.

Martin G.


If something goes wrong with your ticket they are not willing to help at all. My flight was canceled. They offered another flight, but without checking that the flight they gave to me was also canceled. When I found out from the airline and called them for help, they asked me to deal with the airline directly. I asked for a refund, but no answer from them. They don’t care about customers at all.

Julian R.


I booked a trip on several days ago. When I went to review my flight details in the email confirmation, I realized that the outbound flight was not what I thought I had booked. Fortunately, I added a Cancellation Guarantee Package which was inexpensive. When I contacted customer service about the error, they responded quickly and explained everything in detail and clearly. They are processing a refund, and I can rebook the flight. I used for a flight in June and was very satisfied. Great prices, great service. Will use them again for future travel.

Alysa D. 

Even though most of the reviews left by the customers are bad and negative, it is important to note that the company’s customer service department replied. They tried to respond to almost 94% of the bad reviews and tried to solve their problems. 

Not only the bad reviews. even replied to the good reviews as well, showing their gratitude. So unlike most travel companies who ignore the negative reviews given by customers, not only responds but tries to help them as well. 

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you are well aware of your question, is legit? You can decide whether you want to rely on for your next trip plans

But it is important to note that you shouldn’t get discouraged due to the bad reviews as they are inevitable in every business. Rather it is important to know how the company deals with all those bead reviews and tries to improve itself. 

So if you think legit is worth taking a chance on, comment below on how you feel.

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