Planning A Trip To Ginnie Springs In Florida? All That You Need To Know!

Apr 12, 2023

Last Updated on: Oct 10, 2023

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If you have never visited Ginnie Springs in Florida, then you are definitely in for a real treat. It’s literally the epitome of beauty in Florida – home to the prettiest water in the entire state, Ginnie Springs was on our bucket list for several years. If you haven’t added this to your list of best springs in the United States, then do it ASAP!

The water here is a gorgeous shade of blue, and it’s crystal clear. The entire area is quite large – enough for you to go camping and do so much more, in case you get bored of the water activities. Here’s a fun fact about Ginnie Springs – did you know that this spring actually pumps out around 80 million gallons of water every single day?

Stay tuned to find out all that you need to know about Ginnie Springs in the Sunshine State of Florida!

Nope, you don’t need to google ‘Ginnie Springs Florida’ – instead, join us as we go on a tour of this popular tourist spot in Florida. It’s a simple choice, really – if you are seeking any pretty places for swimming around, taking part in different water recreation activities, or having fun this Summer, then you should definitely consider visiting Ginnie Springs!

But at the same time, it is vital to remember that Springs can get pretty busy and even crowded. After all, it is one of those only springs located in Florida where you can drink.

Naturally, this makes the spot crowded with college kids and frat boys on weekends and holidays. Since the spring is owned privately (by the Wray family), drinking is allowed, unlike other famous springs in Florida State parks or even inside the main city.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started – scroll down to find out all that you need to know about this tourist destination!

Location: Where Is Ginnie Springs Located In Florida?

Location: Where Is Ginnie Springs Located In Florida?

Of course, you can just type ‘Ginnie Springs outdoors LLC’ on Google and let your GPS do the magic. But if you hate traveling without doing detailed research, then let’s find out where this Springs is located in Florida.

Connected to the beautiful Santa Fe River, Ginnie Springs is situated only 6.5 miles away from High Springs. Known to be one of the most popular North Florida springs, Ginny Springs is only 48 minutes from Gainesville and about 60 minutes from the Florida-Georgia border located on 75 Highway.

You can also drive to this location from Tampa – it will take you 2 hours to drive to the location and the same time to go back.

Here’s the complete address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643

Costing: How Much Does It Cost To Plan A Trip To Ginnie Springs?

There’s literally no accurate answer when it comes to determining the exact cost of visiting the glorious Ginnie Springs! There’s so much to do here – from general admission costs to paddle boating, camping, or even diving, which comes with its own individual costing.

As compared to other affordably priced Florida springs like Rock Springs/Kelly Park, Ginny Springs is relatively more expensive. For instance, spending 15 to 20 dollars on just admission for every adult is quite steep. But then again, the beauty of the place, accompanied by all the additional facilities, makes it worth the cost.

General Admission Fees:

In general, here are the general admission fees!

  • Adults (season): 20 USD/ person
  • Adults (off-season): 15 USD/person
  • Children (5-12): 5 USD/person
  • Children (4 And Below): Free


It is possible that you might want to explore the Springs camping options – this is precisely why we have managed to find different camping rates for you. Scroll down to find out now!

  • Adults (season): 30 USD/ person
  • Adults (off-season): 25 USD/person
  • Children (5-12): 8 USD/person
  • Children (4 And Below): Free
  • Electricity and Water on site (standard): 11 USD
  • Electricity and Water on site (for groups): 22 USD

Scuba Diving:

A trip to Ginnie Springs is incomplete if you miss out on scuba diving. But of course, there’s a separate pricing structure for the same. Scroll down to find out about the scuba diving rates.

  • Certified Full Cave Divers (or Equivalent): 24 USD/person
  • All Other Certified Divers: 32 USD/person
  • Annual Dive Pass (Cave – Cavern): 399 USD

Please Note: Scuba diving is prohibited on certain holidays or even on major weekends.

Timing: When Does Ginnie Springs Open Or Close?

The timing of Ginnie Springs depends on two important factors,

  1. The season, and
  2. The day.

So, the timing can change depending on the season and even the particular weekday. Of course, if you are camping, then the springs will be open throughout the day for you. For other visitors, it entirely depends on when the sun sets – for instance, during Winter, the park closes anytime between 6 pm to 8 pm, and sometimes, even later!

Then again, it also matters whether you are visiting the Springs on a weekday or a weekend!

So if you do visit this Springs anytime soon, here’s the seasonal timing for now!

  • Monday – Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 8 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm.

Things To Do In Ginnie Springs!

It is quite nice that Ginnie Springs is one of the best places to visit for holiday! You can experience a lot, both culturally and naturally. There are beautiful small shops for art supplies, thrift shops and others.

The communities at the Ginnie Springs are quite positive and supportive towards visitors and tourists!

Follow Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures Santa Fe River Park!

When visiting Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures Santa Fe River Park, you have 3 hours to enjoy the activities. You can rent a paddle board, tube, kayak and canoe on site for people who are in love with adventure.

The view at the Santa Fe River is so beautiful and you can perform the activities 365 days of the year! It is a great place but you can have a guided tour or take a river trip. The area is pretty close to Ginnie Springs and Blue Springs Park!

Swimming Lizard Paddle!

You go for official paddle boarding lessons at the Swimming Lizard Paddle along with getting tours and rentals. There is a beginner lesson yet there is a tour where you can get coaching sessions thus, creating comfort, stability and speed for you.

There is an eco-tour that you can take across the Santa Fe River! You will get a workout session which will help you physically and mentally, thus creating an effective outdoor activity session.

Visit O’Leno State Park!

It is a scenic view situated right across the banks of Santa Fe River. There are significant features on the park such as river swamps, sandhills, hardwood hammocks and sinkholes. The river Santa Fe travels across the park and at one point it goes underground and then re-emerges at the River Rise State Preserve.

There was a suspension bridge built spanning the river by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Bicycles and canoes are also available for rent and people often rent them to take a look at the wildlife across the nature trails in the park!

There are native plants that you can check out across the full facility campground which is shady for the morning trails while perfect for overnight stays!

Drink At The High Springs Brewing Company!

High Spring Brewing Company is a brewery that is family-owned! It is located in High Springs, Florida which is a historical place. They have a take on traditional beer styles so you can visit the brewery with your partner or friends to experience some of the best drinks in life.

Further, there are some activities and events that they regularly organize. So you can easily check the activities from the website and visit the local restaurants nearby!

Exploring Ginnie Springs: Reviews From Visitors

There’s no way you can actually plan a trip to a popular spot like Springs without talking to people who have already visited the place before. So today, we decided to go to two high-authority websites for guest reviews,

  1. Google (rated 4.4/5), and
  2. Tripadvisor (rated 3.5/5).

Ginnie Springs Reviews On Google:

The top Google reviews on Ginnie Springs are as follows,

1. Review By Misty “Amber” Richardson:

The springs are beautiful, the water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. They have inner tube kayaks and paddle boards that you can rent for the day and free life vest rentals, or you can bring your own. You can swim in the springs or float down the river to one of the pickup points. It is a great place for the whole family to spend the day or even go camping.

2. Review By Gavan Berzman:

This is one of my favorite places on earth. You’re able to camp along the river. It’s $30 for a tent site. Clean bathrooms and showers nearby. Lots of grills, picnic tables, and volleyball courts throughout. The springs are absolutely amazing. I always leave feeling like a new man.

3. Review By N Mateo:

Views were beautiful. This is a campsite with very reasonable pricing and set-ups. Amenities were great, and showers and restrooms were well maintained. Snack bar on site. The activities include snorkeling, canoes, trails, etc. Cons: quite a few closed off areas, but I will still definitely visit here again.

Ginnie Springs Reviews On Tripadvisor:

The top reviews about Ginnie Springs on Tripadvisor are as follows,

1. Review By GoPlaces202808:

Beautiful place completely ruined by obnoxious college students blaring extremely loud vulgar music throughout the campgrounds at all hours of the night. The quiet hours, which don’t even start until midnight, are only loosely enforced. The bathrooms are far too small to handle the crowds and are disgusting by evening time. The tubing exit site should be renamed Beer Can Springs since that is what is mostly seen on the bottom there.

2. Review By Jennifer H:

We went previously and had fun, but we paid $20 a person, and we brought our own tunes. There was literally trash floating past us. My daughter actually started picking up trash. I was very unhappy we would not be going back.

3. Review By Exploration577906:

Not worth your money and time. We waited 1 1/2 hours just to get in and rent a kayak. Long line, and it doesn’t even move. The security gay does a poor job managing the door, and people come in and out while you wait.

And It’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on planning a visit to Ginnie Springs located in Florida. What do you think about visiting this much-loved tourist spot in the sunshine state of Florida? If you have already been here in the past, then we would definitely want to find out more about your experience – so feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about Ginnie Springs in the comments below.

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8 Beaches of Melbourne, Australia Where You Can Cool Off!

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Are you a beach person? Do you want to visit beaches in Melbourne? Some of the beaches not only offer beautiful views but also help you have an amazing holiday. You can perform different activities such as swimming and surfing, organize picnics, enjoy a beach bonfire, and build a sandcastle! There are other activities, some of which are my favourites, such as kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving! With unending fun times, you can also enjoy delicious food, especially if you are a foodie. Remember that when planning a beach trip, we must carry essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, towels, water bottles, and others. Let me share with you eight of the coolest beaches in Australia, more specifically in Melbourne! You will not only enjoy it but make memories for a lifetime. 8 Beaches Of Melbourne, Australia, Where You Can Cool Off! Several Melbourne beaches are renowned for their beautiful visuals and numerous opportunities. I will list eight beaches where you can cool off and relax on your holiday. You will love the article if you love surfing, swimming, fishing, and other activities. There are several things to do in Australia, and I will help you decide on them! It would be best if you explored everything from sandy beaches to the delicious food joints across the foreshore of these beaches. In Australia, there are several opportunities that you can explore when planning your holiday. South Melbourne Beach Port Melbourne Beach, also known as South Melbourne Beach, is charming and offers a beautiful view. There is the tiny Prince's Pier, which is the perfect place for photography during sunset! You will get complete privacy if you visit this beach with your partner. People can go out on casual strolls along the stretch of sand! If you are a pet parent, this is a perfect place to take your pet out on a walk; even the locals do that. You can see people playing beach tennis or taking a cruise ship to visit other places! Visiting this beach is easier if you have less time. If you are a foodie, you can visit South Melbourne Beach to sample the delicious food there. Oceanside Pizza, Ocean 302 Bar and Grill, Sunnyside Cafe, and Billie's on the Beach are some of the restaurants in Australia you must visit. St. Kilda Beach Even the locals cannot avoid this beach, so if you are a tourist, how can you prevent it? You must visit St. Kilda Beach, which has the vibe of Bondi Beach. However, the camera and the crowds still need to be included. If you are a surfer, you must visit this beach because it is wave-free. One of the coolest places for water sports, paddle-boarders wobble across the ocean while the kite surfers enjoy to the best of their ability. You will see several palm trees surrounding the boardwalk where you can cycle with your partner, spending a romantic evening! On Acland Street, there are several trendy restaurants and cafes, which you must check out if visiting St. Kilda Beach. Also, please do not forget Luna Park, another significant attraction. Elwood Beach If you love a relaxed vibe when traveling to the beach, you can go to Elwood Beach! It is just around the corner from St. Kilda Beach, so if you want to avoid all the hustle and bustle, you can escape to this beautiful, classic sandy beach! The beach is not very far from the city; however, what is more beautiful? The CBD skyline looks mesmerizing, especially with that stunning view from the beach. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian, you will have all kinds of options, from cheesy empanadas to seafood such as oysters and kingfish!  You cannot miss the porterhouse steak; the service and deliciousness of the restaurant will transport you to heaven! Brighton Beach If you plan to visit Brighton Beach, let me tell you it is an ideal spot for surfers, sunbathers, and swimmers. One of the best beaches in Melbourne, Brighton Beach is a long stretch of beaches, and the boardwalk scenario is quite popular.  This area is also one of best places to live in Australia because it is a vibrant neighborhood. You can stay with your family or partner in residential areas on their sun-splashed streets and sandy beaches. On the foreshore of the beach, there is a line of eighty-two little brightly colored charming bathing boxes! You will fall in love with these multicolored boxes, which also ensure the beauty of the beach. The wave on this beach is quite decent, and there are several places for fishing. You can also not miss the restaurants, cafes, and galleries that are just a walk away from the beach. Even the market near the beach is quite popular! 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Apparently, there is a stamina test which you can take especially with the nearby Arthurs Seat State Park! You can also take the Arthurs Seat Eagle gondola, which offers beautiful and incredible views of Melbourne's skyline across Port Phillip Bay. Williamstown Beach For the locals there, you must ask where" Willy Beach" is. This beach is just a few steps from the city. A popular beach, it provides some of the most spectacular views of the water and the horizon. From sailors and sunbakers to swimmers, this beach is a spot for many. If you are traveling from the train station, the closest beach to this is Gem Pier. This station offers some of the coolest unobscured views of the skyline. It is spectacular during the night, with teeming lights across Williamstown city! If you plan to visit during New Year's Eve, you can check out the beautiful fireworks across the town! Traveling from Sydney to this beach will take about 17 km (about 10.56 mi) by car. Mordialloc Beach The beach is not just a combination of water and sand but also a beautiful southeast suburb that offers resources and beauty. It is a charming seaside pocket with access to delicious food such as Tommy Ruff Fish Bar, Manow Thai, Doyle's Deck & Bistro, Braeside Brewing Co., and others. Sunny Boy Beach Club, a restaurant, is a combination picnic area, BBQ, and playground! A bike path runs directly to the restaurant from the beach. There is also a sturdy pier about 300 meters (about 984.25 ft) across the beach. A family beach, it is quite popular for huge families and groups of friends to hang out and enjoy themselves. So, if you are someone who does not like crowds, you should avoid this beach because, during the week, there is always a huge crowd here. Finishing Off... In short, these beaches are cool to hang out with and offer beautiful locales and visuals! These beaches in Melbourne fit the bill when it comes to hanging around the water on a sunny and warm day. After reading the blog, I am sure you are dying to visit these places when creating an itinerary. Check out our picks of the beaches in Melbourne, one of Australia's coolest places. An amazing experience is dedicated to you, especially when traveling to these places. Comment on which of the best beaches in Melbourne are already on your bucket list! Learn More Also: Top 10 Beaches In Sydney You MUST VISIT The Holiday Planning Trip: 4-Days Itinerary Of Queensland The Top Things To Do When Visiting The Great City Of Sydney Top Restaurants In Maitland Australia That Give You Culinary Delights

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While there are multiple search engines for finding cheap flights - maybe you use a tool like Hopper or Skyscanner or depend on a travel agency online such as Expedia or Priceline. But there’s one option that’s always better than the rest - yep, we are talking about Google Flights. Yep, that’s right! Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world today - and it doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to finding cheap flights. It’s a crazy tool - and it comes with multiple features that will help you find the best prices. And not just that - thanks to its Price Guarantee feature, if the flight fares drop after the booking has already been made, you might get a refund. It also comes with a variety of filters that can be used for finding the best flights that you want in reality. And at the same time, avoid the flights you don’t want to check out. Additionally, you can definitely use this tool for searching different carriers and directly booking any airline as compared to other third-party websites. Today, we are here to help you find out how to use Google Flights - the tips and tricks you need to find the best deals online. But First, What Are Google Flights? Image Source Why will you waste time looking up ‘flights Google’ on Google when you can directly book flights on Google Flights itself? So, what are Google Flights? Google Flights can be defined as a type of metasearch engine that uses a global distribution system for tapping into the different flight inventories offered by all airlines in the entire world. You cannot define the same as an online travel agency or OTA like Orbitz or Priceline. How Do Google Flights Work? Image Source Before you book yourself a GG flight, let’s find out how this is work. This is basically a type of metasearch engine that uses different itineraries, seating orders, and flight schedules to display multiple flight prices on hundreds of tickets, inclusive of taxes. The metasearch engine uses different information on extra fees for avoiding baggage fees as well as basic economy. Once you determine the flight you need, you can directly book with your preferred airline or any travel agency online. Google Fights is basically a search, too, like Google itself - technically, you are not really booking flights via Google. Top Tips For Using Google Flights: Are you already busy typing ‘Google flights San Diego’ or some other location? Then stop! Because we have six top tips that will help you to use this - stay tuned to find out more! 1. Filter For Stops To Get The Flights You Want: Image Source Flying non-stop is an ideal situation. Google Flights, in fact, make it pretty easy to look for nonstop flights - there’s a filter dedicated to finding the best nonstop flights. At the same time, it is crucial to remember that one-stop flights can help you save on costs, especially if you are flying internationally. 2. Search For The Airlines You Want: Image Source Are you a diehard United fan? Or do you prefer flying on Delta? Google Flights can help you narrow down search results to certain airlines. 3. Search Multiple Cities To Find Better Deals: Image Source Google’s ability to search multiple destination cities and departure points is completely unparalleled. It is pretty useful when you are seeking international flights, and you are confused about whether you should fly straight to Venice or first stop at Rome. Other Things That You Can Do: Apart from the tips we have mentioned in detail above, scroll down and find out what else you can do while using this. Using Google Flights to explore, Using Price Alerts, and Watch your carbon footprint. What Is The Best Way To Book Cheapest Flights On Google Flights? During the holiday season, it is quite important to have the bookings of the flight at a lower rate so that you don’t spend all your money. It is also important to consider that there are certain tools that are appropriate in overall using the application! Insights On The Cheapest Time! While following Google Flights, you get to evaluate an average on the same route of travel! When booking flights, it is also important to learn about the lower prices on a regular basis so that you can select the specific days when the fares are at their lowest. The upgraded insights are being launched by Google Flights as they use reliable trend data based on the chosen destination and dates. Further, you can also curate your itinerary by following the insights. Price Tracking! If you turn on the price tracking, it will help you evaluate the lower fares of the flights along with the overall significance of the price drops. You will learn about the evaluation of the prices along with the way flexibility becomes an important part of this process. For example, if you have to attend an event after 6 months, it will help you a lot if you deal with the bookings by putting specific dates and tracking the prices. This will lead to you understanding the way the feature will help you to have a cheaper booking price. Price Guarantee! When you search for flights on Google Flights, you will find some colorful price guarantee badges. This is to ensure that the flights that are with that tag show prices that will not go lower. Hence, you can finalize on the booking of the flights.  With this tag, you can also monitor the prices of flights before takeoff! It will help in managing the differences on Google Pay. It is a pilot program hence, not available with all departing flights. Exploring Google Flights: Pros And Cons! Image Source Before you get all excited and Google flights to Las Vegas, it’s only practical to find out the pros and cons of this metasearch engine. Scroll down and find out the pros and cons of booking flights with the help of Google Flights. Pros Of Google Flights: Just for the simple reason that this is not really an OTA, it is anyway better than almost all other tools. So before you can look up ‘Google flights Las Vegas,’ let's check out the top advantages of using this search engine. You can pretty much always directly book with any airline of your choice. You might come across multiple options for booking with different other sites, but at the same time, cutting out in-between costs while booking flights is more crucial than ever. Dealing with any airline agent is always better than dealing with bad customer support from some small online travel agency. Google Flights will enable you to look for multiple airports simultaneously, thereby helping you to find the cheapest airport to fly to or depart from, for that matter. And isn’t that the key to saving money on flights, especially when you are flying internationally? None of the search engines will do a better job when it comes to showing months' worth of flights, especially when you are trying to land the cheapest airline deals. You will even get notified if shifting your travel dates by a day or two can save reduce your expenditure. Cons Of Google Flights: Having noted down all the pros of using this, you might already be typing ‘google flights Seattle’ or some other location, but wait! this is not entirely perfect. It is close to perfect, but there are certain drawbacks. These drawbacks are as follows, Since Google Flights depend mostly on featuring airfare from the different airlines directly, you can, at times, come across cheaper fares via OTAs that end up cutting deals with various carriers for listing highly discounted flights. Google is almost always updating the inventory of different available flights. Occasionally, we might stumble upon certain issues that arise from outdated pricing. This means you might come across a price that you like, only to click and find out that the price has gone up. While a majority of flights are available through Google Flights, only a handful don’t really list their fares or on other search engines, for that matter. And It’s A Wrap! Google Flights is one of the coolest apps that we can use if we have regular flight business! The tools available help in utilizing resources along with making it easier for us to spend the right amount of money! And that’s a wrap on the Google Flights. What are your thoughts booking Google Flights? And while sharing your thoughts, don't forget to share your experiences associated to Google Flights in the comments below. Read Also: Aainflight Review- Login, Services And Travel Experiences Myenvoyair Review – Registration, Login And Benefits In 2023 How To Save Money By Using Cheap Parking Near O’Hare Airport?