15 Most Exciting adventure Ideas To Go With Your Friends

Oct 21, 2021

Last Updated on: Jul 4, 2023

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In these difficult times as well as the world where it has become so busy with work. People barely have time to chill and have some adventurous fun with friends. Running only behind money and work will not keep you healthy mentally. 

For that, you have to hang out with your friends and do thrilling things that you can later tell your children, while you all sit in the same room. The most important thing you need for yourself is when you can say in the end after doing something crazy “ I am glad I did this, it was so cool”.

Life is not all about serious things, they are part of life. The other part is where you can enjoy yourself with your favorite people and do incredible things like fly in a spitfire over some incredible landscapes. Let’s dive into the article where I will mention 25 crazy, adventurous things you can try with your friends.

Go get a vacay and enjoy! Here are some adventure Ideas To Go With Your Friends

1. Go Ice-Cross Karting

The chilling ice, provoking you to take the challenge of riding a kart, crisscrossing your way through. Imagine zooming down a smooth road.

What is the fun in that? The real thrill is when the road will be full of frozen lakes.

You and your friends waving at others saying ‘I’ll race you is an amazing feeling. Though frozen lakes are pretty dangerous and can cause an accident anytime, that doesn’t mean you will not take risks in life.

This activity falls under adventure ideas. If you are up for the adventure. Continue reading.

2. Megavalanche Bike Racing

Megavalanche Bike Racing

Remember the song by Kaleo? ‘Way down we go’. There is only one way you can while participating in the Megavalanche bike ride….DOWN!.

Imagine the freezing sharp pin-like air hits your face as you are on your bike just forward towards the bottom of the mountain. 

The Megavalanche race is held every year in the French Alps at the Alpe D’Huez ski resort. Make a plan with your friends for fun adventures like this. Go ride that bike!

3. Upper Antelope Canyon

When you think of American Canyon there is a usual picture that pops up in your mind, but if you are thinking something precise. The Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona is the place you and your friends must visit.

It has a narrow slot and a petrified sand dune. The sand dune got its beauty from the wind and water that has carved her for millennia. Get the guide of Navajo, they hold tours seven times a day. This is most desirable adventure ideas with your friends. 

The best time is the morning when the rocks come alive by the kiss of the bright gleam of light.

4. World’s Largest Video Screen 

Leave it to Las Vegas when it comes to doing the craziest thing. It has the biggest video screen turned into a giant disco where the Fremont Light Tunnel is about 460 meters long.

Go get theta crazy sound and light show with your pals. They change the program every day but there is still a chance where you might find yourself in the world’s coolest and craziest LED block party! 

5. Drinks And Axes

Drinks And Axes

Most of the beer bars have dart boards in there, but not in Louisville! They have something better and bigger, axes to throw at a dart-board-shaped board. 

It is located in a warehouse, a huge space to do this activity as well as drink several beers. 

Think of this scenario: you and your friends drinking beer and throwing axes on the dartboard! How crazy is that?. Don’t worry it’s a safe place, people don’t die there

They have a strict ‘ no drunk people policy’, if they see that you are way too drunk, you won’t be allowed to do the activity. 

Be careful about it and one of you from the gang, keep checking on others.

6. Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

For more than 120 years a tiny engine has been puffing through canyons of Colorado. 

You and your friends can easily be on board and enjoy the beautiful jaw-dropping scenario of the one and only Durango and the railroad.

This steam engine is the only engine in America that runs the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, in the San Juan Mountains. Just like it used to in 1882.

7. Kayak With Orcas

Kayaking in Johnstone Strait on Vancouver Island, Canada for weekend adventure ideas is going to be the best decision ever. 

If you and your friends are into dolphins and orcas then better not leave this place out. 

It is the most beautiful place to watch orcas in their natural habitat. Kayaking is the best way to explore the place as you will witness dolphins, seals, curious orca, and minke whales.

8. New River Gorge Bridge 

It was established in 1977 and at that time it was the highest bridge in the world. Now, the world has many other high bridges to compare.

So what, if the Gorge bridge is no longer the highest one? I am sure it has the same impressive sight.

The bridge’s steel beams are nearly 300m upwards. Imagine standing together, holding hands, and promising each other to always live life to the fullest.

You can’t appreciate the construction unless you are standing right under it.

9. Camp In Siberia

Camp In Siberia

The stunning nomadic tribe of reindeer herders named Nenet has lived for centuries. It is just above the Arctic circle on the Yamal Peninsula.

2018 was the first of the reindeer’s life when they allowed human interactions, they invited more travelers upon their land. 

Plan a camp in the village of Labrovaya. Spend the entire night under the starry sky and find the beautiful beast just outside your tents, when you wake up.  

10. Nepal’s Nubra Valley 

Have friends and carry a bigger camera. Visiting Ladakh is not a big deal, it’s just a tiny kingdom located in the Himalayas. 

This compact scenario makes the Nubra Valley a special place that is surrounded by boulders and mountain peaks that also has a sandy expanse.

There are few companies that provide the service of camels riding past tiny habitats and clear mountain streams. Together with friends, you can enjoy the place to its best.

11. Taiwan’s Sun-Moon Lake

The location of sun-moon lake is just epic, it is nested high in Taiwan’s central mountain range. It is protected by jungle-covered slopes.

But the magic begins at dawn, the blue water turns to gold because of the sun. Sitting there and talking about life among friends would be such a stress reliever.

No wonder why CNN has ranked this place as one of the best on the entire planet.

12. Hang Son Doong

This place is famous for its cave which is the biggest one in the world. No one actually knows the size of it. The cave has its own world inside of it, it owns a river and a jungle. 

So huge that it can easily fit a 40 storey skyscraper inside. This place was not known by anyone until the British cave searchers found it in 2009. 

You and your friends yelling each other’s names which echoing, this feeling is like ‘top of the world’. This is worthful adventure ideas with your buddies.

13. Ras al-Jinz

Have a love for animals? And curious about the endangered species? Pack your bags and Ras al-Jinz. Sea turtles are the main focus here. Hawksbill, Green and Loggerhead turtles call this place their home.

They come to the sand from the sea, dig holes and lay eggs there. To watch this beautiful process of nature even in a better way, the Ras al-Jinz sanctuary is the best place to visit. Click pictures of the turtles and your gang together.

14. The Omo Valley 

While many city people are busy in their fast-forward life, the tribes of Omo valley live their traditional way in peace.

Goats are still herded on the dry, rough savannah scrub, the famous jumping of the bulls ceremony happens here as well as the Mursi warriors stretch their lips with lip palates. 

This is one of the best adventures to go on with friends. On market days the tribes exchange goods using a barter system.

This kind of scenario should not be missed, because we don’t have any traditional way to live life anymore. 

15. Spirits In Chile

A spiritual place is always a bit more exciting for adventure ideas. It’s normal for a group of friends planning to visit the mystical Chiloe

The place has its own way of showing beauty, once you are in there it won’t feel like the rest of the world. 

The morning starts with dense fog. The countryside can be heard whispering about myths, ghost ships, legends, and forest gnomes, Wow!.

The place is so spiritual that the energy is very different there, so most people can’t connect with the place and therefore there is no crowd. 


The article is for a bunch of friends who are planning a vacation together. It is no crime to ditch your work for a bit and enjoy life with the people you trust most. Here I am share top 15 adventure ideas.

These are the places for an adventurous trip and adventures to have for sure. Forget the crowded world and dive into peace.

‘Keep your circle small and beer cold’.

Leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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Everglades National Park: The UNESCO Heritage Site With Its Quiet Beauty

BY Sibashree BhattacharyaJul 12, 2024

“A river of grass flowing imperceptibly from the hinterland into the sea.” That’s Everglades National Park, a paradise exuding the most pristine and tranquil vibe.  You know, you always don’t need something out-of-the-box to have an ever-lasting impression. The spiritual ones know that being present in the moment and soaking the energy can be the most fulfilling experience.  Similarly, Everglades National Park does not need snowclad mountains or glaciers to draw millions of visitors annually. A diverse ecosystem and the conservation of natural lives here thrive amidst the National Park’s quiet hub.  President Harry S Truman rightly pointed out, "Here is land, tranquil in its quiet beauty, serving not as the source of water, but as the last receiver of it. To its natural abundance we owe the spectacular plant and animal life that distinguishes this place from all others in our country." (Source) So, if you are heading to Florida and want the most immersive experience, plan a trip to Everglades National Park, a swampland just outside Miami. You will have sea turtles, alligators, manatees, Roseate spoonbills, and fish to welcome you.  Everglades National Park: Know The UNESCO World Heritage Site In the Brief Synthesis of Everglades National Park and its outstanding universal value, the UNESCO World Heritage Convention says,  “Everglades National Park is the largest designated sub-tropical wilderness reserve on the North American continent. Its juncture at the interface of temperate and sub-tropical America, fresh and brackish water, shallow bays and deeper coastal waters creates a complex of habitats supporting a high diversity of flora and fauna. It contains the largest mangrove ecosystem in the Western Hemisphere, the largest continuous stand of sawgrass prairie and the most significant breeding ground for wading birds in North America.” There are many other interesting factors adding to the outstanding value of this place. Let’s have a look at them. The Everglades has limestone substrate, which is one of the most active modern carbonate sedimentation areas. It is home to more than 400 species of birds. It is a major migration corridor for birds. Around 20 threatened, endangered, or rare species live in the Everglades. The Everglades was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Today, various federal, global, local, and tribal governments manage the Everglades, and they work in agreement to restore the sanctity of the place.  An Encounter With The Most Fascinating Wildlife At Everglades National Park  Spanning across 1.5 million acres over Florida’s southern part, Everglades National Park attracted 1,155,193 visitors in 2022 and 810,189 in 2023. Diverse wildlife is the major crowd-puller for this park.  About the Everglades, the UNESCO World Heritage Convention says, “The mixture of subtropical and temperate wildlife species is found nowhere else in the United States.” Animals You Will Encounter At Everglades National Park AmphibiansSouthern leopard frogFlorida cricket frogEastern narrow-mouth toadPig frogBirdsRoseate spoonbillBlack-bellied whistling-duckEurasian WigeonAmerican WigeonInsectsArachnidsMosquitoesBiting fliesCentipedesReptilesLizardsSnakesAmerican alligatorsAmerican crocodilesMammalsShort-finned pilot whale Atlantic bottlenosed dolphin White-tailed deerWest Indian manatees The biodiversity of the Everglades is very crucial for Flordia’s ecological benefits. The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan has been there since 2000 to restore the ecosystem of the National Park.  ** The table does not furnish exhaustive details of the animals found in the Everglades. Only a few species are mentioned.  What’s More At Everglades National Park?  Along with having an encounter with the most diverse wildlife, you can take part in boating, camping, and guided tours at the Everglades. Let’s make the most of it.  Enjoy Guided Tours & Other Services You cannot help falling in love with the following guided tours at the Everglades. Shark Valley Tram Tour Everglades Institue Tours Permitted Tour Guides You can also take airboat tours to Coopertown, Everglades Safari Park, and Gator Park.  Are you in for boating tours? Go for Backcountry boat tours, Florida Bay boat tours, and Ten Thousand Islands boat tours.  Glamping Everglades Style You cannot just miss “glamping Everglades style” if you visit the National Park between November and April. Enjoy the best of wildlife with modern comfort during your stay in these tents equipped with fans, electricity, and other amenities.  Did you know that the Flamingo Eco-tents of Everglades National Park, Florida, was featured on the list of Best Glamping Spot of 2022, published by USA Today? Glamping service here begins at $109 per night. Enjoy A Serene Boating Experience  Being in the water at the Everglades will offer you the most versatile experience. As you paddle through the water, you will also meet amazing birds and fish.  Further, when you pass through narrow channels of mud and seagrass cut through the long banks, you will surely catch a whiff of adventure.   In addition, once you reach Ten Thousand Islands, you will be at a loss for words meeting the oyster reefs and sandbars. If you are a fan of boating and aquatic pursuits, you can also visit other National Parks in Florida, including  Dry Tortugas National Park and Biscayne National Park. Stay Safe At Everglades National Park Everglades National Park has well-chalked safety guidelines, including encounters with wildlife, managing your pets and children, and risks related to mosquitoes and poisonous plants. Don’t forget to check the National Park Service website to know and address safety concerns.  Further, the park provides detailed safety guidelines regarding your visit to the park in dry and wet seasons.   Staying Safe In Wet Season Afternoon downpours and heavy thunderstorms are common Mosquito bites and the attacks of flying bees will be more Weather will be hot (>100-degree F) and humid (over 90%) Wear loose-fitting, full-sleeved/full-length clothes and remain hydrated to beat uncomfortable heat and humidity. Also, use mosquito nets or repellents to avoid mosquito and insect bites.  Staying Safe In Dry Season  The temperature in the dry season is around 53-77 degrees F. Freezing conditions may occur occasionally. Biting flies and mosquitoes will still be present in some parts of the park. Bring a warm jacket, head nets, bug jackets, or mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito and insect bites. Also, wear lightweight and comfortable clothes to explore the place freely during the daytime.  Are You In?  Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stretches over a massive two million acres across central and south Florida.  It’s a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, with various species coexisting there and contributing to biodiversity. It is also a “noteworthy example of viable biological processes.” In addition, as one of the oldest national parks in America, it was designated in 1934 by the  U.S. Congress.  So, are you ready to surf through miles of water and witness how a tranquil wetland can emerge as the goldmine of natural vegetation and wildlife ecstasy? Pack your bag and count me in!    Everglades National Park FAQs  Why Is Everglades National Park So Famous? Everglades National Park is known for its extraordinary wildlife. It is the hub of rare birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals.  It also has Florida Panthers, one of the most endangered mammals. Further, you will meet the endangered West Indian manatee and the most adorable bottlenose dolphin. The place even has a diversity of vegetation. You will get to see sawgrass, cypress, mangrove trees, and orchids.  Why Is It Called Everglades National Park?  The Everglades had vast, grassy fields or glades. If you decipher the name, you will find it to be a combination of two words, “Ever” and “Glades.” Together, these two words mean open grass fields.  What Is The Best Month To Visit Everglades National Park? November to April, or the dry season, is the best or the safest time to visit the Everglades. The temperature at this place remains moderate in this season, and there are fewer attacks by insects and mosquitoes.  Thanks to the lack of rainfall in Florida during this season, you can also explore the wildlife better during this period.  Who Found The Everglades? John Gerard de Brahm, a British surveyor, found the Everglades while mapping the Florida coasts in 1773. He called them River Glades, and it was 1823 when the name “Everglades” first appeared on the map.  From 1851, everyone started calling it “Ever Glades.” Is The Everglades Salt Water? You will have fresh water and saltwater at Everglades National Park. Once you surf through the fresh water for hundreds of miles, you will reach salt water.  Earlier, this meeting of saltwater and freshwater used to form coastal bodies with partial enclosures. These places were dynamic and had the most productive environments.  What To Wear In The Everglades?  You have to pick your outfits and shoes based on the season in which you are visiting the Everglades. If you are at the National Park during summer or the rainy season, you must wear full-length pants and full-sleeve shirts to avoid mosquito bites and contact with poisonous plants. Don’t forget your rain jacket and shoes or boots you wear during rainy seasons.  In winter, you will need warm jackets, closed-toe shoes and full-length trousers.  Also read Pet-Friendly Destinations Worldwide. Beginner Tips For Your First Camino De Santiago. Guide To Visiting Hegra (Madain Saleh) And The Al Ula Valley.

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Travelocity Review- Login, Services, And Travel Experiences

BY Barsha BhattacharyaApr 24, 2023

It’s only normal that you have already heard of big companies like Skyscanner, Expedia, or even Booking.com, for that matter. These are all known as OTAs or Online Travel Agencies. Travelocity sell traveling services, making it relatively more convenient for their customers to plan a vacation with different alternatives from a single platform. With more options, detailed information, and instantaneous booking procedures, OTAs are ideal when you are planning your next trip. While some OTAs provide multiple services, others focus on specific services like vacation rentals and accommodation. Plus, you can also compare rates, especially when you have a strict budget. Travelocity is one such multi-service OTA. Although it’s an established brand, the question is - are they keeping up with its current market competitors? Before you can invest your money in Travelocity, let’s check out all that you need to know about the same. So, What Is Travelocity? Image Source The Travelocity website was first launched in 1996 - it is a travel agency online that offers a wide selection of services. The popular Expedia Group, a leading global travel service agency, owns and manages Travelocity. On this platform, you can book car rentals, travel packages, cruises, hotel deals, and flights. Additionally, you can even reserve tickets for various popular attractions, share vacation plans with family and friends, and read engaging travel content. The App: Before you can look for the best Travelocity flights online, let’s find out more about the all-elusive Travelocity mobile app. The app version also helps users to browse as well as manage their reservations easily. Plus, it’s available for iOS and Android services - users automatically get notified about gate numbers and flight status for tracking delays. Additionally, guests can communicate with different hotels by directly messaging via the application. More importantly, guests can also access all their travel data in a single place, even when they are offline. You can easily download the Travelocity app via your Android or iOS devices to ensure that you are able to obtain a convenient experience. What Does Travelocity Offer? Image Source Obviously, Travelocity offers so much more than just flights - from exciting Travelocity cruises and accommodations to really great Travelocity car rental services and even entire trip packages, you will get everything on this platform. Stay tuned to find out more! Stays: You can choose your accommodation from a wide selection of resorts, hotels, condominiums, and other types of stays. Flights: You can book airline tickets to your chosen destinations at both standard and bargain rates. Cars: You will find rental cabs and cars offering pickup and drop from/to the airport. Vacation Packages: You can book all-inclusive travel itineraries, including car rentals, accommodation, or/and flights. Travel Deals: You can enjoy discounted offers under travel deals. Activities/Things To Do: You can book tickets and make reservations for popular tourist attractions, exciting experiences, performances, and concerts. Using The Travelocity Platform: The Pros And Cons Image Source If you are already looking for ‘flights Travelocity,’ then stop - first, let’s find out the benefits of using this platform. And not just that - we also need to be aware of all the cons that are associated with using Travelocity. So without wasting time, let’s get started! The Advantages Of Travelocity: The advantages or rather the pros of using Travelocity are as follows, It’s a convenient platform - one single platform provides multiple solutions. Users can enjoy a wide range of choices when it comes to planning the perfect vacation. The Travelocity price guarantee is unbeatable, making the app ideal for budget-friendly trips. The Disadvantages Of Travelocity: The disadvantages or rather the cons of using Travelocity are as follows, The customer service provided by Travelocity is definitely not at par with the company’s top competitors online. Plus, customer support is mostly unresponsive. Although the platform promises no cancelation issues, so many customers have complained about the same. Exploring The Travelocity Application: Is Travelocity Legit? Image Source Before spending money on the Travelocity platform, it’s best to check out a few Travelocity reviews from Google Play for the most effective results. Stay tuned to find out whether the platform is worth spending your time or money on. Review By Deborah Eddy: “Enjoy using the app. It's easy to use, with lots of choices that are discounted off the airline and hotel websites. Love having one-stop shopping. Had an issue once where I couldn't complete a booking correctly. It took a while to get someone on the phone to help. Don't stop having a live person for 'support' issues.” Review By TMH: “Love this app! It is my go-to travel app. It's easy to use, has great deals, dual-pay options, and easy cancellations. One time I accidentally booked the wrong date for a staycation with my daughters. The Travelocity rep not only canceled my booking without charge but the rep also worked with the hotel to give me an upgraded room that same night at the same price. Amazing!” Review By BM: “Horrible experience all around, with the service. Had to cancel my flight, and I purchased a cancellation policy. Sadly things happen, and plans change. Don't need credit for a future flight, I need my funds back. I had to file a claim, where you have to attach files of everything, then proof of the reason why you cancel. I probably won't get my money back.” Review By Jaleen Martin: “Absolutely love the app! Very self-explanatory and so simple to use. My first go-to app when planning a trip is Travelocity. The only thing I don't care for is when you have to talk to customer service, you can't find a single person who speaks clear English at all. So terribly hard to understand. I hope to see improvement on that part soon.” And It’s A Wrap! And that’s a wrap on Travelocity. Now that you are aware of all the services you can get on this platform, you can go check out individual features, like this rental car services or accommodation options for your next vacation. So, what are your thoughts on using OTAs or Online Travel Agencies for planning a vacation? Have you used this in the past - then feel free to share your experiences mentioned below in the comments. Read Also: Hopper flights review- Login, services and Travel experiences Using flightscanner To Find Cheap Flights In 2023? All That You Need To Know! Using Google Flights To Find Cheap Flights In 2023? All That You Need To Know!

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Eleven Essential Tips for Students Planning to Study Abroad

BY Ariana SmithJan 29, 2021

Moving to an unknown country for a study program can be one of the exciting and thrilling experiences. However, it can come with some challenges as well. Being in a new place among new people can be daunting. It is quite different from visiting a foreign land as a tourist. Hence, it is always good to be prepared for your stay so that your experience can be a pleasant one. Here’s a look at some of the tips that will help your stay in a new country easier: 1. Learn the local language Way before you reach the new country, you need to get acquainted with their local language. Though English can help yet, locals might not understand it. If you are not familiar with the local language, you will find it difficult to communicate with locals on a routine basis. Once your admission is finalized, start learning the local language. You can take online classes for language. If you don’t get time or resources to learn in advance, you can take classes once you reach there. 2. A local SIM card Another important thing that comes on the priority list is getting a new SIM card. If you are going to live in a foreign country for a few months or a year, your current SIM is not a feasible option. You would need a local SIM and a good data plan. Try to get the local SIM as early as possible, or you would end up spending a lot of money on phone calls and data. You can search for local plans before traveling. 3. Get a debit/credit card that can be used abroad Don’t be keen on using cash when your reach abroad and save it for an emergency. Get a suitable card that can be used in the country you are going to travel to without being charged with the heavy foreign transaction fee. Get a card that can be used across the globe and in all ATMs so that you are never out of money in a foreign land. 4. Find a suitable accommodation Finding suitable student housing in milan (or anywhere) can be the toughest task when going abroad for a course. If you are looking for a suitable and safe accommodation based on your specific needs and choices, Amber Student can help! It is a one-stop-destination for finding the right accommodation at the right price from several options. You can make the booking fast with the help of end-to-end support and paperwork assistance. If you want a shared accommodation, you can find a roommate as well via Amber Student’s extensive community. Amber strives to offer you a home away from home and book your accommodation near top universities across the globe. When you have your accommodation needs in place, it sorts out way too many things. Trust Amber with your accommodation needs abroad. 5. Get familiar with locals When you travel abroad for a study program, it is always great to be friends with local students. Believe us, it can make your life a lot easier. Local friends can help you get acquainted with places and local culture. They can also teach you a thing or two about the local language, places to visit, and a lot more. They can help you adjust to a new place. And most importantly, you will not feel all alone or isolated in a new place. 6. Never book your tickets for a flight home in advance When you book your flight tickets, don’t book a ticket for the flight home. It is always better to get a one-way ticket only so that you can keep your return date flexible. Most students like to stay for a while after completion of the course so that they can explore newer places or surrounding cities. If you already have your tickets booked, you will miss this chance. You never know what opportunity awaits you at the end of your program, so keep your return tickets flexible. 7. Sort the VISA in advance It is better to research every tiny detail in advance if you need a VISA for your study program. You must get counseling from the study abroad advisors from your university if you are not clear about the mandates. Getting VISA can be stressful, so it is better to start preparing for and applying well in advance. The last thing you would want to do is have your tickets booked and still waiting for your VISA! 8. Keep necessary documents When preparing for the travel, you must take your important documentation along with you so that you are always prepared in need. These documents should include your ID proofs, certifications, etc. 9. Download Google Maps It can be difficult to find places in a new location, and hence Google maps can be your partner. You can download and use them offline. 10. Keep safety in mind It is important to be careful about your safety, especially if you are in a country where your appearance can tag you as a tourist. It is better to ask your local friends about places that are safe to visit and what behaviors to be wary of. Also, ask about safe modes of transportation for navigating the city. 11. Make memories and document them Your time abroad will fly sooner than you believe. It is going to be a new and adventurous experience. This once in a lifetime kind of phase of your life should be well documented. Try to take as many pictures as you can of the college, friends, surroundings, places you visit, and food you eat. You can also maintain a journal of important events that happen during your stay. Writing a diary can also be a good way of writing down your experiences and feelings. All these will be a keepsake for years to come and let you visit memory lane. Going abroad for a study program can make you anxious about adjusting to a new place. Keeping these helpful tips that will make your stay in a new country a little less challenging and a lot more joyful. Read Also: Top 7 Places To Visit For An Asian Solo Traveler 10 Useful Tips For Planning A Trip That You Will Love Making The Most Out Of Your Next Flight