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The state of Ohio derives from “Iroquois” meaning “good river”. Situated in the Midwestern region, it became the 17th state of America in 1803. It is bordered by Lake Erie, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and West Virginia. We shall, in this article, explore just what is special about the state.

If you are looking for Things to do in Circleville Ohio, then follow this link to find out more. In the meantime, we shall consider some other areas of Ohio that you can explore.

Beautiful Places:

Beautiful Places:

Some of the most beautiful places in Ohio to consider visiting are Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ledges, Lake Erie Bluffs, and Old Man’s Cave.

Brandywine Falls is a 65-foot waterfall and a breath-taking sight.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ledges is an enchanting trail to experience. It is fascinating to think that 300 million years ago the region was under an ancient sea.

Lake Erie Bluffs is a Metro park that spans 600 acres. There are 40ft high beach bluffs. A bluff is defined as a cliff that is broad and rounded.

Old Man’s Cave in Logan is considered by many to be the most beautiful hiking trail. For those who have a fondness for the Lord of the Rings movie, you could always feel as if you were on the set of that. The trail will take an hour to complete, so that allows plenty of time to hike it in a day and still have time to explore.



For those interested in history, the oldest of Ohio’s towns is Marietta. It is on the eastern side of Ohio and adjacent to the West Virginia border. The town dates to 1788 when it was founded by General Rufus Putnam and a group of Revolutionary War veterans. It is currently home to approximately 14,000 people, so inhabited enough to visit and feel part of a working and functional town.

If you want to know what royalty used to do in Ohio, then there is Landoll’s Mohican Castle to visit. For anyone enchanted by fairy tales, it is a modern fairy tale castle that is buried in the woods of central Ohio. This is the heartland of the Mohican country and Loudonville.

The Copper Mug Grill offers a Gordon Ramsay-designed menu for those into watching Chefs. You can also go on murder mystery nights and ghost hunts. You can listen to live performances from jazz bands.


For music fans, Ohio boasts the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It is one of Ohio’s biggest attractions. The museum, which opened in 1986, features a range of classic memorabilia relating to the biggest stars in rock. Featured are Simon and Garfunkel, B.B. King, and Patti Smith. Also, one of Elvis’s cars and Michael Jackson’s famous glove.


Cedar Point is one of America’s most famous amusement parks and is considered an essential part of many a family trip to Ohio. It is a place for anyone who has an affinity for roller coaster rides. Opened in 1870 in Sandusky, Ohio this complex has some very impressive rides to enjoy the adrenalin from.

The rides feature the power Tower and the Raptor, to name the most challenging first. Milder ones would be the Lake Erie Eagles and Midway Carousel. So, there is something for everyone to enjoy, depending on how extreme you want to go.

Ohio has so much to offer tourists and citizens alike as a state of America available to all.

So, take a trip to Circleville, Ohio and all the other attractions Ohio has to offer, ranging from beautiful places to historic ones, or ones that relate to famous rock stars past and present. For those who have not had enough fun already, there are roller coaster rides to raise the adrenalin levels.

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