Which city is known as the city of lakes

Which City Is Known As The City Of Lakes?

| July 20, 2022 | Travel Blog

Q) Which City Is Known As The City Of Lakes?

Option A): Udaipur ✔

Option B): Nainital ✖

Option C): Chicago ✖

Option D): Branson ✖

Correct Answer: Option A) Udaipur

Which city is known as the city of lakes?” when someone asks you this question, they are probably trying to talk to you about Udaipur.

You may not have been to a fantasy world, but you can have a close to fantasy life experience in Udaipur. The scenic city of Rajputana, the history, the culture, the architecture, and most importantly, the lakes.

Udaipur nestles at the bottom part of Rajasthan and is the City of Lakes. Why? Because the prettiest Lakes in India are in Udaipur. Udaipur is a dreamy blend of palaces and lakes that surround them.

Vagabonds can find a serene escape here, while the old folks will love the calm and peaceful city. Moreover, Udaipur is also a good destination for young lovebirds looking to explore a new chapter in their lives.

So, why is Udaipur called the city of lakes? You have to stick with me throughout this article to find that out.

Udaipur: The City Of Lakes

When nature created Udaipur, it gifted the place with all the pretty lakes in India. So if you ever visit Udaipur, you must visit these Lakes and see why Udaipur is called the city of lakes. 

So, which city is known as the city of lakes? Of course, it is Udaipur, and these lakes are evidence proving that.

1. Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola in Udaipur is a warm and serene place since it has beautiful historic buildings to embrace it. This freshwater lake was built during the 14th C artificially. Jag Nivas, jag mandir palace, and Mohan Mandir are some famous architectures surrounding it.

  • Entry Fee: No entry fees
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Boat Charges: ₹ 400 for adults, ₹ 200 for children

2. Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake

Built by Maharana Singh in the 17th C, the Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the must-see sights in Udaipur. Mountains on three sides surround the blue waters of this lake. This is a scenic man-made masterpiece that you must see with your bare eyes.

  • Entry Fee: No entry fees
  • Timing: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Boat charges: ₹30 to ₹400

3. Udaisagar Lake

Udaisagar Lake

Maharana Singh built this beautiful lake to provide an ample water source to the people of his kingdom in the 15th century. The lake expands, covering 10.5 km of area. The lake has many histories, and many battles were fought at the bank of this lake. 

  • Entry Fee: no fees 
  • Timing: N/A

4. Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake

Only 50 km from Udaipur, Jaisamand Lake is Asia’s second-largest artificial lake. Maharana Jai Singh built this lake in 1685. Beside the Jaisamand Lake is the picture-perfect summer manor for the queens of Udaipur. 

  • Entry Fee: no fees
  • Timing: anytime
  • Boat charges: 10 am to 5 pm

5. Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake

Maharana Raj Singh builds the Rajsamand Lake, also known as the Ramasamudra Lake. The southern part of the lake is adorned with ghats that are made of marbles, and they lead directly into the water. You will love a short trip around the historic construction around the lake. Once you visit these lakes, you won’t ask which city is known as the city of lakes.

  • Entry Fee: you need not pay any entry fees
  • Timing: anytime

6. Badi Lake

Badi Lake

Maharana Raj Singh made another fresh water lake called Badi ka Talab or the Jiyan Sagar. Back in the 17th century, there was a fatal famine, and Maharana Raj Singh had to build this freshwater lake to fight that famine. After his mother’s name Jana Devi, he named this Lake Jiyan Sagar

  • Entry Fee: no entry fee is needed
  • Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

7. Doodh Talai (Milk Pond)

Doodh Talai

The Doodh Talai, translated as Milk Pond in English, is another fascinating lake in Udaipur. This place was once the grazing area of the cows that supplied milk to the royal family. This lake is situated in the southernmost part of Lake Pichola. This lake is also known for offering a mesmerizing view of the Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola, and Lake Palace

  • Entry Fee: no entry fee is needed
  • Timing: 24×7; every day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some of these questions and answers will help you know more about some relevant ideas and facts.

1. Which City Is Known As The City Of Lakes In MP?

Udaipur is known as the city of the lake. But MP Bhopal is the city known as the city of lakes. But Udaipur comes first when someone cites the phrase City of Lakes.

2. Which City Is Called The City Of Waterfalls And Lakes?

The Indian state of Jharkhand, situated in the eastern part of India, is called the city of waterfalls and lakes. Previously, Jharkhand used to be a part of Bihar. But after 2000, it became an independent state. The city of Ranchi is rich with beautiful rock formations and waterfalls; that is the reason why it is called the city of waterfalls.

3. Which Country Is Known As The Country Of Lakes?

Finland is the country globally famous as the country of lakes. It is also called the land of thousands of lakes. According to the count for the last time, there were 187,888 lakes in Finland. This number is surprisingly enormous, judging by the size of the country.

4. Which Country Is Known As Land Of Rivers?

Bangladesh is globally called the country of rivers because of the innumerable rivers and their tributaries. There are 700 rivers and tributaries in Bangladesh. These rivers are not equally distributed throughout Bangladesh.

Final Words

The lakes in Udaipur attract people from around India and the globe. With historical palaces, forts, and temples, Udaipur is a treasure trove for those with a thirst for places where history lingers. If you are looking for Venice in India, then you must turn to Udaipur.

All these lakes and the palaces and the natural surrounding of these lakes undoubtedly predict Udaipur as the city of lakes. So, which city is known as the city of lakes? Why don’t you confirm the answer yourself? I hope that you liked this article. You can share your feedback in the comment.

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