Restaurants In Maitland Australia That Will Surprise You!

Food is an integral part of our lives and when you visit Maitland, you must eat the food there. When you travel somewhere, remember that eating the food there will help you connect culturally with that place.

El Chapos

A very surprising and pleasing environment, Mexican cuisine is perfect here! You can have tortilla tacos which have more bread along with extra meat! Along with the food, do try beer with it, it will just enhance your overall experience.

Ometto Pizza Bar

The Pizza is just fantastic in Ometto Pizza Bar as it is cooked to perfection. You can also add lemon sorbet along with pizza and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Fratelli Roma

The authentic Italian restaurant is charming with its elegant dining environment along with warm lighting! The place is located on the High Street, a very short distance from Coquun and you can easily find it.