The Last Ski-Only Resorts in the USA: Why Do They Still Exist?

| December 29, 2020 | USA

The weather is cooling down, snow is falling, and that means it’s time to start taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some winter sports! Skiing is definitely at the top of our list, as well as hitting the ski resorts for a day of adventure. But did you know that there are actually a few ski-only resorts left in the USA? Why do they still exist and what are some of the pros of visiting a ski-only resort?

How Did It Start?

Ski-only resorts first started in the 1980s when snowboarding became popular. There was a stereotype surrounding snowboarders that insinuated that allowing skiers and snowboarders to use the same mountains was unsafe. This is because snowboarding was still such a new sport. This means there weren’t as many snowboarding instructors available, and most snowboarders were self-taught.

Resorts wanted everyone to be as safe as possible, creating a ban on snowboarding based on overall safety. Over time, snowboarding became more popular and bans were dropped as it became evident that there was no safety issue.

What are the Pros of  Ski-Only Resorts?

skiers and snowboarders

Today, there are only three ski-only resorts left in the USA- Alta and Deer Valley, both located in the state of Utah, and Mad River Glen, located in Vermont. When it comes to the pros of visiting a ski-only resort, it really comes down to what kind of experience you want. For all of the locations that are ski-only, there is a specific kind of ambiance and experience that one can take in when visiting. Whether it’s that the resort serves a certain kind of clientele or has tougher slopes, it all ties together to give you a one-of-a-kind experience that would be hard to find elsewhere.

What Should I Bring to a Ski-Only Resort?

So what kinds of supplies and gear do you need to bring with you to a ski-only resort? We recommend owning a few items and bringing those along. This includes ski clothing, ski goggles, and boots. This ensures that you have items that fit you well and that you’re comfortable in. In terms of skis and poles, we highly recommend renting those. This reduces the need to transport them long distances and greatly reduces the stress of preparing to go skiing.

Ski-only resorts have an interesting history, and while they’ve mostly disappeared, there are still a few places you can go to have a unique trip out on the slopes. If you’re looking for a new way to experience skiing, we highly recommend making a trip out to one of these ski-only resorts!

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