How To Book A Driving License Slot Online?

If you drive a vehicle, you must have a valid driver’s license, such as driving a car, bus, truck, or another vehicle. You must also have a valid driver’s license if you want to drive a motor vehicle.

To Schedule, A Session For A Driver’s License Online, Follow These Steps

To Schedule, A Session For A Driver's License Online, Follow These Steps

To receive a new driver’s license, an applicant must first get a learning license. An applicant must submit an application Form No.2/4 for both learning and obtaining a driver’s license, as well as a Medical Certificate in Driving License Form No.1 (A). Please visit the govt. Website to get a valid license to drive any vehicle, make an online slot booking for driving license online process.

Choose A License Type

To begin, choose the license you wish to apply for; if you want to apply for a learner, choose a license for a learner; if you need a new driving license, choose a new driver’s license.

Fill In All Of The Essential Fields

Fill In All Of The Essential Fields

  • Select RTO / DTO: A list of RTO / DTO for your selected state will appear, allowing you to choose your RTO / DTO.
  • Choose a state: Choose from Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon, Patna, and Hyderabad as your state.
  • Applicants Name: First Name, Middle Name, and Surname: Enter the applicant’s full name, name, middle name, and surname.
  • Relationship: Select one option from your father / Husband and fill in their full name in the box provided.
  • Specify your gender: Male or Female.
  • Phone Number: Fill in the blanks with a phone number.
  • Your mobile phone number: Specify your mobile phone number.
  • Date Of Birth: Fill in your birthday.
  • Age: Make sure you write your age correctly to avoid making a mistake.
  • Place Of Birth: This is where you write your birthplace (As Per Your Birth Certificate or LC).
  • Aadhar Number: Type your Aadhar Number here (By default, write India in the country of birth field).
  • Citizenship Status By: If you were born in India, select the birth choice.
  • Blood Group: Make a note of your blood group.
  • E-mail address: type in your e-mail address here.
  • Qualification: Select your updated Education Qualification and then click Continue.

Fill In The Following Information For Your Address

1. State: 

Choose a state.

Select your district from the drop-down menu.

2. Flat Number:

Fill in the blanks with a flat number.

If your flat or house name isn’t written, leave it blank.

3. Address:

Make a note of your address.

Write the name of your street here.

4. Locality:

Write the name of the neighborhood where you live.

Write the name of your town or city in this box.

5. Taluka / Mandal:

Describe how Taluka / Mandal seems.

6. Pincode:

Write Pincode. After you have written down how long you’ve lived at this address, click Continue.

Select Vehicle Types

Select Vehicle Types

You must provide facts about your vehicle. The applicant can choose from 19 different vehicles; the applicant must select the same vehicle that he will drive. After picking the vehicle, the applicant must select the vehicle that he will drive. The car’s full and complete vehicle must be provided here.

Upload A Soft Copy Of Your Documents To Be Verified

In this case, you must provide information about which documents must be submitted and which documents must be copied. These documents simply provide information on the applicant’s name, age, address, and what license he or she holds, such as a learning license or a driver’s license. In some instances you may have to provide proof of car insurance or sr22 insurance.

  • Proof Of Residence
  • Card of Rationing
  • Id Card for Voters
  • A bill for electricity
  • Aadhar Card is a unique identification card issued by the government of India
  • Bill Concerning Water
  • Pan Card
  • Id Card for Voters
  • Marksheet for the 10th grade

Slot Reservations

You must schedule a slot or book an appointment using the “Date and Time” provided by the website.

Fee For License

Some fixed fees for driving licenses online can be found on the official website. Paying fees through the website is a simple process. Today’s Online Fees Option is available on the website.

Obtaining a license is a simple process. If you want to apply for a license but don’t want to go via the RTO, you can do it online. You cannot drive any vehicle without a valid driver’s license, and if you do, you are breaking Indian law. The government is always making requirements easier to follow to obtain licenses. Minors under the age of 16 can now obtain an e-bike operator’s license.

Eligibility And Age Requirements For A Driver’s License

Whichever Indian citizen is psychologically sound. If he is over the age of 18, he can obtain a driver’s license. He can’t drive without a driver’s license, no matter what kind of car, motorcycle,       or bus he has. If he does so, he would be breaking government guidelines and will have to pay a fee.

Motorcycles (with a capacity of up to 50 CC) without gear:

The candidate must be at least 16 years old. If a candidate is under the age of 18, his parents or guardians must approve him.

If applying for motorcycle gear, the candidate must be at least 18 years old.

Commercial Heavy Vehicles and Transport Vehicles:

Applicants must have completed at least the eighth grade to apply. The candidate must be at least 18 years old (or, in some states, this limit is the minimum age limit of 20 years).

General Requirement:

The applicant must be familiar with traffic laws. To do so, the applicant must have valid evidence of age and proof of address documentation.


The validity of a Learner’s License is 6 months from the date of issue. If you are applying for a Learner’s License, you must provide a medical certificate with your application. If a person fails the driving exam, he has seven days to apply for a re-test. It is possible to renew it within five years of its expiration date; however, driving with an expired license is illegal.

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Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Private Jet Charter for Business Travel

BY Ankita TripathyMar 6, 2024

In the modern era of business, the ability to get from one location to the next as quickly and conveniently as possible is paramount to your success. Efficiency is important in every aspect of business, including travel. For professionals and executives, time is always money. Maximizing productivity and minimizing downtimes are key components of success. One way to get the most efficiency out of your travel experience is to consider a private jet charter. Once thought of as a means only for the ultra-wealthy and connected, this avenue of air travel is now open to a much broader market. It offers unparalleled advantages over commercial air travel, while providing a level of comfort and ease unmatched by any other mode of transportation. Advantages Of Private Jet Charters At times, you might feel that private jets are for the wealthy, but trust me it is no more! it is famous and powerful but if you have the bucks, you can definitely book a private plane. It is easier if you are traveling for business because it is a fast paced world. Be it for a networking event, meetings in another country or conferences, private jets will help you get there in tiptop condition. However, there are some side effects of the private jet charter services. Here we are sharing both the aspects of the practice. For those who would like to explore this option further, we consulted with our air travel experts to uncover the 5 biggest perks that accompany using a private jet. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of chartering your own aircraft for business travel: 1. It Saves Massive Amounts of Time and Energy One of the most valuable assets in business is undoubtedly time. Unlike commercial flights that are dictated by fixed schedules that usually require lengthy security lines and check-in procedures, private jets offer guests the convenience of selecting their own departure times according to their own schedules. This eliminates the necessity to get to the airport hours before take-off. Additionally, private aircraft have access to a large number of smaller airports, many times much closer to your preferred destination. This means you can have direct, location-to-location travel without having to deal with connecting flights and layovers. This saves busy executives and businessmen valuable hours that can be used to prepare presentations, conduct meetings, or engage in confidential conversations en route. 2. Total Privacy and Luxurious Amenities Another benefit of a private jet charter is the level of solitude they offer. This is especially beneficial during long trips. By providing a level of luxury and comfort unrivaled on even first-class commercial flights, long trips can seem like they go by in an instant. Passengers on private flights enjoy much more spacious cabins and comfortable seating all while taking advantage of the custom-tailored amenities. This gives you the option of conducting business privately when traveling or simply unwinding and relaxing while enjoying the trip. 3. A Customized, Personalized Travel Experience As mentioned in the previous section, these charter flights provide numerous amenities that can be tailored to meet your personal preferences. Discerning travelers need not put up with a one-size-fits-all approach to luxury; a quality private jet provider will meet your individual needs when booking your trip. From custom entertainment options to gourmet catering, you’ll have the freedom to personalize every aspect of your flight. These providers usually have a dedicated concierge to handle everything from the travel details to itinerary planning to ground transportation and even last-minute changes. 4. Enhanced Safety and Security There is nothing more important in aviation than safety, especially for business travelers. Private jet charters must abide by strict safety regulations and standards, guaranteeing the highest levels of security for their crew and passengers. These aircraft undergo extensive maintenance and rigorous checks and inspections, oftentimes far above and beyond the typical industry requirements. 5. Cost-Effective Solutions for Travel This is the benefit that often surprises business travelers the most. While chartering a private jet might seem over-the-top at first, a more careful look into the financial details of this form of travel reveals a tremendous amount of value. When you combine the money saved in wasted air travel hours, delayed flights, connections and layovers, as well as the inability to conduct business during the trip itself, the tangible savings add up quickly. By committing to this form of travel over the long run, you can see notable improvements in your overall bottom line. Functional Part Of Private Jet Services For Business In addition to several advantages of private charter there are several reasons due to which travelers are informed about the right way! I am not trying to discourage you from accessing private jets for business but there are some factors which might impact the business side of it! When traveling by private jet, you have to pay the price for it! However, for business purposes, if you can access a private jet with the help of your organization, it is still acceptable.  Either you hire a jet on your own or you get it through a third party, you will have to pay a hefty amount of it!  It is due to several factors such as expenses related to flying the private plane, landing it along with regular maintenance!  you can also have a safe flight without the hassle of any overcrowded airports! As a traveler you need to develop an understanding of the way a private jet functions accordingly to help you evaluate the value and the effectiveness of a private aircraft! Read about the concerns that you might feel when you use private jet services for business. Bad weather is a risk that is not taken in private flying. Hence, there is a high risk of getting delayed or completely canceling the trip negatively impacting your business. How Business Travelers Benefit From Private Airplane Service! Route, flight timing and schedule and refueling, catering and other checks of the equipment are all under you. You will be completely in control of what you might think that it is quite easy, especially when you have the whole place to yourself. When it comes to commercial airlines, you get everything fixed. starting from the seat prices to the departure time, you just need to follow them however, with private flying, you need to develop and plan everything on your own. You will be more in control of what travel plans you can develop from the overall purpose of reaching the destination earlier! for long distance journey, you will learn about how to resolve disruption and delays. If you are on a business trip then suffering from weather delays can cause a serious impact on your schedule! In storms, jet planes can get significant impact as compared to commercial airlines. Settling for Nothing Less Than The Best on Your Private Jet Charter As you can see, the benefits of private air travel cannot be matched by any other traditional transportation methods. Whether it’s the time-saving aspect, the luxury and comfort, or the enhanced privacy and security, this method of transportation beats all others hands-down. By selecting this option for your business, you can minimize disruptions and distractions, elevating your overall travel experience. Read Also: Three Reasons To Fly By Private Jet At Any Time Explore These 5 Excellent Yacht Charter Destinations! Entertain Your Guests By Choosing A Private Yacht Charter In Maldives

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6 Amazing Facts About Gobi Desert – You Should Know

BY Sarmind SafiOct 3, 2021

Whenever we are catching the name of the Gobi desert, what comes first into your mind? a large dry region with very little rainfall, hot sands are burning under your feet. You can see many strange things in the desert which are counting as the Gobi desert facts. First, take a look at what does gobi means? Can you guess the meaning? By the local people tongue, The meaning is waterless place. Even you can see unusual changes in the weather within a single day. The less rainfall makes the area dry. You can see very little green in the place. But these are not the drawbacks of the desert.  In Which Country Of Central Asia Is The Gobi Desert Found? The desserts are famous for their unique natural beauty. The beauty lies in the eyes of the viewers and the travelers who are fond of this type of beauty. If we are talking about the desert, then the first name that comes to mind is Asia’s most extensive Mongolian desert, the Gobi Desert.  Like the Unique Gobi desert facts, the Atacama desert is also a very good example to see the unique diversions of nature. The Atacama is a natural preserver of the bodies of living beings. Gobi desert is a large desert located in China and Mongolia. In the Atacama desert, Elqui Valley is hiding all the ecological secrets. This Mongolian desert is also hiding many truths like the Atacama. We can see a very distinguished ecosystem in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.  6 Wondrous Gobi Desert Facts This large and beautiful desert is the signature of Mongolia. If you visit Mongolia, then without visiting the Gobi Desert, your travel will not be completed. The desert is full of different types of fossils dinosaurs, other ancient animals, and birds. The unique dry environments work as the perfect preserver of the animal’s body. A meteoroid falling is another important Gobi desert fact. Let’s see some very interesting gobi desert facts and about the cold desert in Mongolia and China. 1. The Location And Area Of The Desert So let’s start with where's the Gobi desert? This large desert located in China and Mongolia. Gobi desert is the largest Mongolian desert that stretches across parts of Mongolia and China. When you are seeing the unique gobi desert facts you are going to feel the positions of the desert is playing an important role. If you see the world map gobi desert you will find the desert area is around 1,300,000 square kilometers spread. This is the sixth-largest desert in the whole world. This is entitled to Asia’s largest desert in the brushland region of East Asia. The desert basin is bounded by the Altai Mountains.  This area is famous for its unique rain shadow desert type ecological balance. The Gobi desert location includes the long-range of desert extending from the base of the Pamir. The weather of the desert is quite chilling with respect to the Asian desert. 2. Archeological Value Of The Gobi Desert This Mongolian desert is the sixth-largest desert in the whole world. This long and beautiful desert crosses over the two countries. One is Mongolia another one is China. The desserts are best to store the secrets of nature. The desert’s Archeological value is quite impressive; the dry climate and the hot summer weather works as the natural preserver of the follicle treasure. The whole area is just full of old fossils and the meteorite (commonly known as the shooting star from the sky). You can find almost 100,000 years old fossils of mammals and the dinosaurs, and other flora and fauna ascendance. In 1923 one archeological group found almost 9 inches long a facile of dinosaur eggs. Among the gobi desert facts, this follicle finding is making sensational news. In which country of central Asia is the gobi desert found? This is a very common question among travelers. Mongolia and China are the nearest two countries to the Gobi desert.   3. The Unique Desert Animals The whole of Mongolia is famous for the Bactrian Camels, Mongolian Wild Ass, and the marbled poled cats. The two hump camels are the most famous and unique animals of the desert. Gobi mountains are the best place for hiding all the gobi mountain animals especially the snow leopard and glamorous marble cats.  Gobi desert’s average temperature is very high but these desert animals are adopting the harsh climate of the china desert. Among all gobi desert facts, the unique temperature variation is also noticeable. After arriving in Mongolia, you may be riding the Bactrian Camels, but seeing these wild animals in the wild is quite a unique experience. This long desert is covering almost three provinces of Mongolia and three provinces from China.  This whole area is requiring visas for two countries, Mongolia and China. This whole area is a habitat of many unusual animals like Gobi bears, Snow leopards, and wild wolves. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see one of these majestic animals. Also Read: Top 12 Amazing Sahara Desert Animals You Need To See 4. Weather And The Climate Of The Gobi Desert This desert weather is quite chilling in respect to other deserts in Asia. We can see extremely varied temperatures and climate change in nature. The range of the temperature lies at -32.8 degrees Celsius in the winter. On the other hand, it lies at 37 C in the Summer season. If you see the gobi desert map you are going to find how much area is a rain shadow area.  The scorching sun is always upon the desert, and these make the desert dry and hot. The winter is cold here, but the Gobi Desert is not the coldest desert in the world. The rainfall is less than nearly 194mm rainfall occurs during the whole year.  The monsoons can not be seen in the whole area. Only the monsoon reaches the southeast parts of the Gobi. If you are visiting the desert in the summers, then we must say pack some sun-protective clothes and creams. Among the gobi desert facts, a harsh dry climate is natural. The summer and the winter both seasons are extremely dry. The southeast part of the desert is relatively greenish because of the good rainfalls. 5. Natural Beauty Of The Gobi Desert Every desert has its unique natural beauty. The natural beauty comes from different climate changes and the different types of ecological diversity of nature.  The desert’s harsh climate is quite challenging for every inhabitant of the desert, but despite that, the Gobi Desert animals can call the desert their home because they are accustomed to this harsh climate.  The southeastern part is quite green than the other part of the desert. But the whole desert view will be enjoyable when you go out on a camel ride and see the setting sun in the desert.  The beautiful sun rays are reflecting on the different structures of the desert. These beautiful images are worth more than a million in the eyes of any traveler. Among the Gobi Desert facts, the gobi desert climate is harsh and dry, but the desert’s beautiful sights are just too great. Also Read: Top Ten Southern Africa Off-The-Beaten-Path Adventures 6. What To Do In The Gobi Desert This beautiful Desert is not the place for adventure sports and the different crowded sports activities. Solidity and peace of mind are two basic things which you can enjoy. The camel ride with communication with the local people is the easiest way to enjoy. The helpful local people have always welcomed travelers with their warm hearts. The short hiking trips on camels will bring the beautiful flavor of the desert. These Gobi desert facts are the most enjoyable places in the Gobi desert. See the desert physical map and find the adventure sports spots. Do not miss out on the local traditional Mongolian cuisines. When you taste the traditional food of the desert, you will feel the old and the authenticity of the culture. Gobi Desert Name The Gobi desert gets its name from the Mongolian word "Gobi" which means semi-desert. Despite being known for its aridity and lack of rainfall, the Gobi is actually rich in vegetation and supports life. The desert is home to many wild animals and even nomads who have adapted to the harsh environment. While locals refer to it as simply Gobi, foreigners tend to call it the Gobi desert. In any case, the name Gobi is a geographical term that describes the unique semi-desert region in central Asia. This name was first introduced to the world by American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s. Bactrian Camels Of The Gobi Desert Did you know that the Bactrian camels, also known as two-humped camels, are native to the Gobi desert? As a matter of fact, 10% of the world's camels are Bactrian Camels, and the majority of them are found in the central Asian Gobi desert. In Mongolia alone, there are around 430000 of the world's 2 million Bactrian camel population. Interestingly, the Bactrian Camel's ancestor, the Havtgai wild camel, still exists in the Gobi desert. The harsh climate of central Asia has formed their two humps, which help the camels store more fat and energy. Winter In The Gobi Desert The Gobi desert remains a popular travel destination even during the winter season. Unlike most deserts, the Gobi desert experiences snowfall during winter, making it a unique destination to explore during this time. The vast emptiness of the Mongolian desert is even more pronounced in the winter, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience a sense of authenticity and connect with locals. The camels are a spectacular sight to behold in their winter coat, and the occasional snow covering the sand creates a surreal landscape for wildlife observation. Additionally, witnessing the frozen waterfall in the Gobi desert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The well-known attraction, Eagle Valley, transforms into an Ice Valley during the winter season. Some of our clients have described the Gobi desert's sandstorms and snowstorms as some of the most unique experiences they have ever had. For an unforgettable winter adventure, the Gobi Tour is the best option for exploring the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How Old is Gobi Dessert? Archeologists and paleontologists found in the northern part of the Gobi Desert, that it has fossils treasures, including early mammals, dinosaur eggs, and some prehistoric stone implements. Finally, after studying them they have announced that Gobi Dessert is probably 100,000 years old. Do Humans Live in Gobi Dessert? Camels are the ones who took up most of the land in Gobi Dessert.  To answer the question, yes, people live there but are relatively small. What Are The Dangers in Gobi Dessert? The Gobi Dessert recurs drought, extreme coldness, wind, and dust storms which are very dominant hazards.  What Is A Gobi Animal? It is actually called the Gobi bear, which is a brown bear subspecies, now critically endangered. They are omnivorous in nature like humans, they consume berries, leaves, and large animals. Conclusion When you are walking through the flaming cliffs of the Gobi Desert, you will feel the history that lies beneath your feet. The wild animals and the unusual landscape of the area is the main attraction of the place. The Place is not only large. You will find beautiful ecological diversity all over the desert. One side of the desert is dry, the other side is relatively green, which is quite uncommon among the Asian desert. Visit Mongolia and enjoy Asia’s largest desert and check out our Gobi desert facts and do not forget to comment back to us. You May Also Like:  Top 10 Affordable Hostels In Los Angeles In 2021 - California Top 11 Budget Tokyo Hostels In Japan 10 Amazing Things To Do In Medellin

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15 Best Places For Adventure Dates With Your Loved One

BY RashmiOct 22, 2021

It's a blessing to find someone in life who would love you unconditionally. Promise to stay in better or worse, in sickness or in health, and never leave your side till death do you apart.  Being in a relationship can be a bumpy ride sometimes, but instead of leaving it alone, you should come forward to make it right. From both ends, it is your love that will keep you together.  Doing everything together is a way of making the bond between you and your partner stronger. If you are going through some changes I suggest you take a step forward and go outdoors to do something adventurous together.  While doing things that you haven't for a long time will make you realize the things you love most about each other.  So without any further ado, let's find adventurous date ideas, and places that can give you love birds a fresh start. 1. Starry Night Pack your bags and get ready to leave the city behind for an adventurous date. The city sky is too dull and the car honking will not let you feel calm. Drive a few miles out of town, pick a place that has nobody in it. Spread a blanket on the ground and lie down together, light some candles beside you. Now enjoy the beautiful clear sky with stars sparkling everywhere. Find out the constellations. Talk about each other. Have an adventurous date. Don’t forget to say ‘I love you. 2. You Found Me Get your head out of your busy schedule, plan a vacation with your lovey-dovey partner. Once you reach your destination, split up and try to find each other. This is going to be best for an adventurous date. Does the question arise who will find each other? Well, you know-how, look for the shops your partner may be in or any activities that your mate could probably be doing.  Think, common on. When you will finally find your partner, hug tight and utter the three magical words ‘I love you 3. Sippin Wine  If you guys are in any mountain region, then don’t just let the opportunity slip through your hand.  Find a spot in the mountains and hike up there. Open a bottle of wine and get ready to be up all night.  Talk about your future with each other, tell the funniest things about each other. Laugh carelessly and loudly.  Come back home in the morning, get fresh, and be in bed saying ‘I love you to each other.  4. Thrill Junkies  If you are one of those couples who love taking risks in life then don’t think about the consequences just go and do something thrilling.  Do bungee jumping or skydiving or scuba diving or anything that will bring excitement into your eyes. Let the adventurous date begin. Let your other half surprise you with the same energy you once saw and immediately fall in love.  So, ask the bungee jumping guide to tie you both together, and while you take the leap of love whisper ‘I love you. 5. Try The Non-Traditional Way To make a normal traditional holiday a better one in a non-traditional way, do something unique on that day, so it becomes unforgettable. Ideas vary from person to person, this idea should be absolutely the person who is reading this. Make sure you spend your holiday with fun and laughter. At the end of the day leave a note or a text saying ‘ I love you. 6. Sunrise and Pancakes  Drive somewhere away from home at night, with a plan of seeing the sunrise from your favourite spot.  Both night and the morning will be in your favour as you will have a late-night long drive as well as look at the sunrise from above the horizon. Close your eyes for a bit and hear the birds chirping, letting you know that the sun is about to rise. This is going to be the satisfying adventurous date ever.  Start having a quick morning breakfast cum picnic with your pumpkin. Take out the finger-licking good pancakes with maple syrup that is about to be poured on top. Start your day with ‘I love you. 7. Take Time  Get out of town, be at your destination as fast as you can.  Take the fastest transport if possible.  Once you get there, enjoy being with each other all the time.  Lay down in bed as much as you can, go out if that's what you want.  But the way back home has to be slow, really slow. Choose the slowest transportation available.  Turn the several-hour flight into a several-day road trip. Stop at random spots and cherish their beauty.  Have the most of the time for each other. While driving the car, take a moment to look at your loved one and express your love with ‘I love you. 8. Surprise Surprise If it's your partner's birthday coming up next week, then go hurry up, you have lots to do.  Surprise your soulmate with a surprise trip. Hide everything, before the birthday arrives.  Plan the place and travel route, the activities, and the art museums that you both want to perform and visit.  Make the birthday special for your loved one. Make your partner feel that this is the best birthday ever!. Bake a cake with an ‘I love you’ tag on it.  9. Pick A Place Obviously, wherever you go, you will have to pick a place for it. But this time you have to pick it randomly, to make your adventurous date successful.  Paste the country map on the wall, use a dart to throw at it.  The dart will choose the place for you. A place never heard of can turn out to be very interesting. Visit the place and enjoy the food.  If there is anything that is famous, surely try it. Don’t sit idle and behave like you are new to this place. Pretend like you know way too much. Take long walks nearby and often utter ‘I love you to each other. 10. Adopt A Four-Legged Furry Friend Everybody needs someone in their life especially helping in calling a truce after a fight between lovers. Visit a shelter near your location or maybe a bit far, doesn't matter. Get a mutual friend who will never be mad at you. Rather will help out when one of you will be not here to support the other mentally. You will officially become MOM and DAD.  What could be more beautiful than that?.  You guys even decide on a perfect name for your angel. Together, say ‘I love you to him.  11. Hike Your Problems Away Whenever in doubt or too much stress to handle, go out on a hike, trust me it helps miraculously. Break free from your ego and after a fight offer your partner a hike. The time you will spend walking and talking will be the most productive of all.  Sort out your problems, family problems, financial problems.  Just talk because communication is the key. All problems vanish away once you share views.  Hiking is the best thing to do.  As no one will disturb your conversations and once all done end your conversation with an ‘I love you in the end. 12. Say Yes To Matching Tattoos If it's the first time both of you are about to have a tattoo, make sure they complement each other. It is not necessary that you get the same tattoo but very much important to understand that the other part of the tattoo is with your loved one.  Experience the pain together, then laugh about it later while sipping coffee at a cafe. Whenever you are alone and miss your other half, you know what to do.  Yes, look at the tattoo and show your love by saying ‘I love you. 13. Karaoke Night Your partner knows how bad you are at singing, but still laughing at your own flaws is always appreciated.  The person who loves you the most will never make you feel alone. So drive to a bar and sing karaoke with each other. Swap the lyrics among each other.  Sing your heart out, make the most of the night. Have dinner nearby and appreciate for being so open to each other by using the words you have trying to say ‘I love you 14. Ride Or Die Learn from your partner to ride a motorcycle. Whoever in the relationship knows about bikes will teach the other.  Just imagine both of you can ride bikes, then you can also imagine that you don’t anymore have any transport issue.  Whenever you feel like going out together, just get the engine running. Say yes to the adventurous date. Don't forget to say ‘I love you’ before and after the ride. It shows you were connected even though riding individually.  15. Mystery Dining Pick a detective movie of both of your choice. Bad if none of you likes mystery movies. Don’t watch the whole movie. Leave it from the interval. Now, book a  reservation. While you eat your favourite cuisine, bring up the movie plot, try to crack who could be the murderer.  Challenge each other's detective skills.  Come back home, sit with some beer and finish the movie. I know one of you has to win, whoever it is, say ‘this is why I love you.  Conclusion  Spending time with your loved ones is just way beyond describing, as there are no words. To maintain the bond as well as grow it stronger you will have to be always close to each other. Surprising each other keeps the spark alive in a relationship. People tend to be more attracted to things they have never seen before. A relationship is as pure as an innocent’s mind. Pouring love and protecting it is our duty. Therefore these 15 adventurous places that can be visited with your loved ones are absolutely expert suggestions.  Leave a comment below and share your experience with us. Love deep, love often. Read More: Top 5 Romantic European City Breaks What Is The Best Time To Visit Morocco? Make Your Honeymoon a Truly Memorable Af Traveling Taught Me To Love Myself & Look At Life, Differently fair: Here's How