10 Best Things to Do in Prague

Jul 28, 2018

Last Updated on: Dec 29, 2020


Want the best things to do in Prague? This city has so much to offer due to its history of thousands of years. It rivals any other European city when it comes to sheer beauty but there is more to this pretty face. Bisected by river Vltava, Prague astounds traveling tourists with the renaissance architecture and Gothic grace, its baroque style churches and world-class museums, and bridges.

1o Best Things to Do in Prague:

1. View the infant Jesus of Prague:

the infant Jesus of Prague

Also called the child of Prague, the infant Jesus of Prague is the Roman statue of Christ as a kid. Daily, so many believers visit the shrine to shake, bow, and make wishes with the hope that they will be true. This statue is encased in the ornately gilded shrine and while its origin is unknown, it dates back to the sixteenth century.

2. Drink a world-famous beer:

world famous beer

Czechs claim to have the best pivo (beer) in the universe and Prague is a great place for testing their claims. The vast choice of bars in town provides famous lagers like star ramen and Budvar alongside other beers from microbrewers in the nation. What makes it among the things to do in Prague is that the beers are light and are brewed from hand-picked hops.

Additionally, what makes this to be among the top things to do in Prague is that the breweries produce dark ale as an alternative; however, many Czechs like beer with a tall head, nicely chilled, and light. beer aficionados have to make sure that they visit the Prague Beer Museum to experience thirty-one beer qualities on tap. Bottle your own beer by checking out the Czech beer museum.

3. Plunge yourself in the Prague nightclubs:

Prague nightclubs

The nightlife of Prague has it all. It is among the fun things to do in Prague due to classical music and its jazz. There are also avenues for live music that will give you perfect entertainment in the evening. Stroll down the riverside until you get JazzDock that draws the best jazz musicians. The cross club is industrial for serious clubbers in every word sense. Found in the industrial setting, the interiors are a must-see due to the cranks, shafts, and gadgets, the majority of which moves the music. It is your choice to start in pubs and then end in the largest Prague clubs.

Prague has some of the world’s best nightclubs and is consistently voted as one of the best party destinations. You can always on the best Prague bus tours and hop between the different nightclubs crisscrossing the city. If you are into thematic nightclubs, Prague will not let you down. The food, music, and the overall atmosphere in the nightclubs of Prague are electrifying, to say the least.

4. Climb the 299 Steps of Petrin Hill:

Climb the 299 Steps of Petrin Hill

Petrin hill is on Vltava River’s left bank offers massive views of the town and is among the greenest Prague spaces. It is a pleasant walk towards the top of the hill and there are so many benches for resting your legs while admiring the way up. It is among the best things to do in Prague because you have the option of riding the funicular railway from a lesser quarter to the top of the hill. You will find the miniature version of the Eiffel Tower at the summit, the unusual church of St. Michael and landscaped gardens, and a wooden building that was previously in Ukraine. Try this waygate of you want to walk.

5. Devour Pickled Cheese:

This delicacy of Czechs is a must while traveling there. It is a seamless accompaniment to a glass of pivo, which make it a pub classic in Czech. This dish is as soft as the Camembert cheese, with pickled, submerged in oil, and an edible rind. You need to spice it with spices and garlic before serving with Czech fried bread and chili peppers. The snack is potentially creamy and hot at the same time and is an introduction to the cuisine of Czech. Try food tours when you want more things to do in Prague.

6. The golden lane:

It is located on the grounds of the castle because the alchemists and legends had to look on this street to get a reaction that turns ordinary materials into gold. Despite the name of the street, there is a debate if the alchemist ever lived or worked there. The Jewish-Czech writer Franz Kafka lived in a house on this street for two years while enjoying its peaceful environment while writing.

7. The Prague castle:

Found in Hradcany, the Prague castle is among the city’s things to see in Prague as a tourist attraction and is easy to see. This castle has been a traditional seat for rulers and is currently the official residence of the president. Entering these grounds is free but you will need an entry ticket to buildings like the golden lane, Basilica of St. George, and St. Vitus. If you desire priority access to the best things to do in Prague, you have to buy the Prague castle ticket for the 2.5-hour guided tour.

8. Old Jewish Ghetto:

Old Jewish GhettoAlso known as Josefov, the Jewish quarter is found between Vltava River and old town. Its history began when Jews in Prague were given orders to vacate homes and settle in the area. They were banned from staying elsewhere in this city in the thirteenth century and were joined later by exiled Jews from other countries in Europe. Added to hardship, a lot of buildings got demolished in the 19th century when the layout of the city was being remodeled. It is fortunate that many historical buildings remaining include synagogues that are worth visiting.

9. Stroll across Charles Bridge:

Charles Bridge

The person that said that the best things that life has to offer are free may have been referring to Charles Bridge in Prague. A walk across this fourteenth-century bridge is among the most memorable and enjoyable experiences while visiting Prague. It was commissioned in the year 1357 by Charles IV to replace the older bridge that was washed by floods. Even though it was completed in 1390, it got additional statues in the seventeenth century and then got the Charles name in the 19th century.

10. Astronomical Clock Strike:

Astronomical Clock Strike

While in the old town square, book your visit to Old Town Hall to watch the mechanical clock marking the hour turn. The clock is found on the southern face of the town hall and bears the pride of Prague. It was constructed in the fifteenth century and regardless of getting damages and undergoing repair during its life, it is regarded the best when it comes to preserving medieval the mechanical clock in the universe. The show on the top of the hour cannot disappoint you as an onlooker.


Explore the meander the riverside, streets in the daylight and if sight-seeing is too tiring, you need to relax with the choice of fine lagers and hearty cuisine. When you want to look for the best things in Prague, you need to consider puppet shows, jazz music, astronomical clocks, and pork knuckles minus further ado.

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