Top 10 Beaches In Sydney You MUST VISIT! 

Everyone likes beaches! They are fun and relaxing! Beaches in Australia are treasured, along with the culture of creating a business around it. They are some of Australia’s biggest resources for economic development and growth regarding global recognition.  

Not just tourists but also locals love going to these beaches; surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, and other water sports are available. Here, I will share with you the different elements surrounding some of the top beaches in Sydney, along with how the coastal stretch of sand offers you a beautiful overall experience.  

Top 10 Beaches In Sydney You MUST VISIT!

When you visit Sydney, you will see that there are dozens of beaches in and around it! With its huge coastline, it is a perfect haven for beach lovers and surfers. Why don’t you read the blog as I prepare a list of the top 10 beaches you must visit when in Sydney?

Starting from busy beaches like Bondi and Bronte, remote beaches like Manly Beach offer solitude. With all the activities and eating places spread across you, you will not only relax but also make beautiful memories. Just like beaches in Melbourne, these beaches will create beautiful memories for you!

Apart from having the individual experience, you also learn to make memories by taking the beautiful visuals that nature creates on these beaches! Don’t forget to take that beach photo in your hot pink bikini or flaunt your white floral dress while enjoying the sunset!

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

You must check out Bondi Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Australia; there is plenty to do and see. It is a busy beach when it comes to people enjoying the place for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The beach is quite central to Sydney’s business.

You must visit this beach if you want to experience the best of Australia. There are several restaurants, from bakeries to trendy cafes like Rockers, in the Bondi market, along with local crafts, art, vintage pieces, and handmade jewelry shops.

Of course, we all know about the restaurants in Australia serving delicious food! You can enjoy decadent lunches, cocktails, and delicious dishes in places like Panama House. It is the perfect place for family, friends, solo, and partners!

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

This beach is a perfect place to snorkel and swim. It has a 400-meter length of soft sand combined with beautiful water. Near this beach, there are several parks and historic buildings to explore. A 6km trail leads from Bondi Beach to Coogee Trail along the coast.

You can check out rock pools at the end of the beach! There are also Ladies Baths and Wylies Bath to the south of the beach for your convenience if you take a dip. This place is quite popular among families, especially because there is a lot of space for the children to run around.

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach

You must travel to the northern region of Sydney to reach Freshwater Beach, a hub of different types of activities! From playing with your family members on the sand to surfing and swimming, this region is perfect for a day on the beach!

At the north end of the beach, there is a rock pool where you can practice your swimming laps! It is also a perfect place to have your picnic and barbeque parties. It is also a place for the people from the nearby reserve to use as their playground and enjoy their get-together parties.

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is a picnic spot in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. There are adjacent parks where you can have barbeque activities, shaded areas to hang out with friends and family, and a playground where your children can play.

There are several spectacular rock pools right on the southern headland that you can access without paying any extra charge. You can check out the veggie burgers and homemade cakes at the Bogey Hole Cafe if you are a foodie.

Another popular restaurant in that area is Three Blue Ducks, which modernizes Australian lunches and breakfasts! The waves of this place are a little rockier, so be careful when surfing, especially if you are a beginner.

Marley Beach

Marley Beach

A heavenly abode, you can hang in solitude by strolling across the sands. If you visit this beach, it is worth the effort, especially because of the wild beauty of this beach, its rolling dunes, and cliffs. It creates a blend of crystal-clear waters and dunes, a passionate vision worth a visit.

There is no shortage of the things to do in Australia! To reach Marley Beach, you must walk about 4.5 kilometers along the scenic coastal path across the Bundeena trail. The beach is a further 20 minutes’ walk. It is not for you from this trail, so if you are not a fan of hiking or trekking.

I want to warn you about the strong currents on this beach; hence, it is not quite safe to go swimming!

Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach

I suggest you visit this beach in late October because they are organizing a sculpture during the sea festival. Remember that this beach is just a few hundred meters away from Bronte Beach; therefore, you can easily walk here as the sand is silky and soft.

The waves at this beach are amazing, and if you are a surfer, this is the place for you. There is also a park surrounding this area, so you can visit this place if you are with family or a partner. You can access a playground, a barbeque area, and a cafe.

The place is so glamorous that it has been named “glamarama,” and with its pristine shoreline, it was an amusement park with elephant rides and a roller coaster. I will advise against swimming at this beach because it is quite dangerous. You must heed the lifeguard warnings because it is quite serious.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

The beach is known for its surfing scene, so you can visit with your friends or partner to soak up some beach vibes and taste the local culture. Manly is known for hosting the Australian Open of Surfing competition in February.

You can chill around in the sand while you take local lessons to improve your surfing experience. If you don’t have experience, I wouldn’t ask you to go there and surf. There are other things that you can do, such as sunbathing, having a picnic, or enjoying a delicious Slurpee!

Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park is in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, close to the Vaucluse neighborhood. The beach is the perfect place to escape from your hectic everyday routine. You can access several facilities, such as toilets, sheltered sitting areas, and others.

There is a scenic walking trail along the foreshore that you can take with your partner. There are also shaded picnic areas where you can hang out with your family, friends, or partner.

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach

This is one of the top spots in Australia for diving and snorkelling! This beach is in the northern region of Sydney so that you will have some spectacular ocean views. There is a surf club at the end of the south end of Manly, so if you follow the coastline for about 15 minutes, you can reach it here.

If you snorkel, you should bring your snorkelling gear to explore the shallow cove and its clear water. The cove is protected within the marine reserve of Cabbage Tree Bay. Often, Surfers plan to go to the other side of the beach through “The Bower”,” a shallow-breaking surf wave.

You can easily have a barbecue party as there are facilities available, along with access to a restaurant, Le Kiosk.

Milk Beach

Milk Beach

This beach is found in the eastern suburbs of Sydney; Milk Beach is a perfectly quiet and small gateway! It is a cool place to perform fishing, swimming, and snorkelling activities. There are also several rock formations just at the edge of the beach.

You will have a lovely sunset view with these rock formations if you see the Sydney skyline. There is, however, the issue of no facilities at the beach. You will not get any amenities or services. Hence, you must walk through Nielsen Park from Shark Beach to access toilets and picnic areas.

Let’s remember the Hermitage Foreshore trail, which, if you take a little hike or walk through, you can experience some of the stunning coastal views.

Finishing Off…

To sum up, the beaches I have made a list of are some of the coolest places you can explore and visit. This collection of beaches sports soft sand, translucent water, and significant international traffic. 

People want to learn about these places to plan a trip or spend time with their loved ones! If, after reading this blog, you visit one of these places we named here, you will be lucky.

Comment on which beach you want to go to and why.

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9 of the Best Beaches in Perth that You Must Visit

BY sagnika sinhaMay 13, 2024

This is a call to action for all beach lovers! I am here with a list of nine beaches in Perth that will satisfy your urge to submerge yourself in the water and the activities that come with it. You will not be disappointed if you visit even one of these nine beaches. They are a collection of beaches with good views and different activities, including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving! Australia is known for its diversity in flora and fauna. If you are visiting Perth, they are a must. I am a mountain lover, but there is something in the sea and the wide expanse of the ocean that takes your breath away! Beaches are designed by nature to relax individuals into doing things they do not get time to do regularly. So, what is the best time to visit Australia? If you sit on the beach with a drink in hand and stare at people, you will have the best time of your life. I am also a reader, so if you spread your body along the white sand and read a book, I am sure you will have this relaxing memory for the rest of your life. 9 of the Best Beaches in Perth that You Must Visit So why are you looking for beaches in Perth? Did you know that, apart from Perth, other coastal areas in Australia, such as beaches in Sydney and Melbourne, are beautiful and worth visiting? Sometimes, even the locals need clarification about which one they should go to. The soft white sand is a visual treat, along with the crystal-clear water. When you think of a perfect day out, these beaches will rescue you. You can relax in the sun, and there are various services such as shelter, restrooms, shops, and food joints! Let me share with you some of my favorite beaches, which are not just visually appealing but also perfect for various purposes. Some of these beaches help you enjoy solitude, while others are perfect for a family picnic or romantic date. Leighton Beach This is my favorite beach in Perth, not just because it is dog-friendly but also because the stunning blue water takes my breath away. The stunning stretch of land is perfect for relaxing, going out to swim, and then grabbing coffee or a delicious bite of food. There is a place to eat, Wooden Wagon, in the dog beach area, which is people's favorite! Another place is Orange Box, where you can go ahead, pull out a deck chair close to the main car park, and enjoy the ambiance. If you are more of a wine person, a new place is opening called North Fremantle, which offers a variety of snacks along with a long-curated list of wines. Cottesloe Beach An iconic beach among all bountiful beaches, Cottesloe is mentioned as one of the significant beaches in Perth! To experience this beautiful beach for everyone, you must drive from Perth, which will take 20 minutes. This is the most popular beach in Perth—the locals call it Cott! Surrounded by vistas and coastlines, this beach has it all. Whether planning a family outing with your kids or a romantic beach date with your partner, you'll find everything you need to enjoy the ambiance. If you are a typical beach lover, this is it for you. Find a great spot, sit for a drink at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, and enjoy the sunset while people-watching! You also cannot miss the Prego Italian restaurant if you love Italian food. Scarborough Beach Scarborough Beach is known for people-watching in Western Australia. You must check out this popular ocean oasis. It is the most iconic sandy spot surrounded by a high-rise cityscape. You can see hotels, cafes, surf shops, and restaurants all around the beaches! I can assure you that this beach is a premium destination, so you can easily experience sheltered and safe swimming conditions. The white sand and crystal-clear blue sea are perfect places to hang out with your friends, family, or partner. From The Lighthouse Cafe to the Whole Earth Cafe, you must check out these places for food. These are some of the coolest restaurants in Australia you must visit! Another significantly popular restaurant is The Kitchen at The Shack and Celeste, where people go to have some of the best beach drinks. City Beach One of the busiest beaches in Perth, City Beach is in an amazing place—in the center of the northern suburbs of Perth! Apart from swimming and snorkeling, you can spread your towel and relax with a book and sunglasses. Many families visit this beach, so this beach has a happy-go-lucky vibe! People are mostly in a festive mood when they see this beach. You will encounter a wide boardwalk with several restaurants and places to eat. Mullaloo Beach The Mullaloo beach is quite ideal for you if you have children! It is a popular spot for swimming so that you can take a dip in the ocean's calm waters. You will feel completely rejuvenated! You should also visit the locally operated restaurants and bars where you can get your food fix! Along with the food, you also need to be more aware of the surroundings. Hence, you can go to the beach to enjoy yourself. Floreat Beach If you want to get away from the crowd from Scarborough Beach or City Beach for a while, you can go to Floreat Beach, located across the stretch of sand to the south of Peasholm Dog Beach. There is also a gravel track, so you can access the beach at different points. There might be some swells of waves, you can go surfing here. Have some solitude when you hang out on this beach. Mettams Pool Located in the northern area of West Coast Highway, this beach is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts! Mettams have shelters along with grass; hence, you can easily take shelter if the wind is strong. There are several cafes across the coast so that you can hang out there after snorkeling! Furthermore, the view is so scenic your heart will flutter. Additionally, the reef is so beautiful you can explore it all by yourself! Trigg Beach If you are a surfer, darling, you must visit the Trigg beach! You can visit anytime as a tourist, but the locals always head there when the weather is wild, and the waves swell skyward. For experienced surfers, that is an adventure. However, if you are still a beginner, avoid rough weather. The rough waves rip your boat apart, or surfers can touch the sky! Perth's experienced surfers rate this beach as one of the best, which means you might find a lot of crowds. It is the mecca of surfing and quite popular among the locals! Along with the solitude, you will also get the thrill of adventure. Coogee Beach If you are staying in Perth City, you must travel to Coogee Beach by car, which will take about 35 minutes. If you are planning to visit this beach, you must try the jetty jumps, apart from going on a jetty for fishing! It is also considered one of the best beaches in Australia! A huge area is covered in grass where you can organize your family picnic. In the beach environment, there is an abandoned power station that you can visit before you go to the beach. Finishing Off... In short, the beaches in Perth are worth checking out, especially if you are a white sand and blue water fan. Beaches in Perth are not just a place to hang out but also the identity of the place. The pristine coastline brings several beaches with white sand and turquoise sea water. I have always wondered how free it feels when we go to the beach! In addition, I am sure you will feel the same energy when you go to these beaches; I have made a list of them in this blog. Along with surfing, snorkeling, or swimming, you can have a picnic or a barbeque. Comment on what you think is important when visiting a beach and enjoying yourself. 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Top 5 Ways To Spend Your Time During A Long Flight By A Wanderlust At Heart

BY Ariana SmithJun 20, 2020

Travelling can be a very exciting thing. We often look to travel as a way of meeting new people, exploring different cultures, eating exotic cuisines, or just work. No matter what kind of expectation we have from travel, we often dread when it comes to spending long hours on the flight. Being cooped up in a tin can thirty thousand feet above the air cannot only be intimidating but also boring. What are you going to do for the six of seven hours (depending on the length of the flight) is something almost each one of us asks ourselves just after boarding? In this article, we will look at why flight time can be a drab affair, which can take the edge off your expectations. We also look at five major ways; you can spend time in an exciting and engaging manner on your long haul flight. Why everyone dreads a long flight? Let us get the basic problems out of the way- You cannot walk on the aisle for six odd hours There is a limit to how much you can drink Falling asleep at forty thousand feet is not an option for me There is a limit to how much I can talk to my co-passenger I travel ‘Economy’ so the in-flight entertainment is restricted and the food is just ok In a standard poll, which I did with fifty if my colleagues, 90% of them referred to one of the five problems I listed above. Not everyone loves flying. In fact, the people who love to fly are in a rare minority. Therefore, what do you do, if you have to spend so much time, in such a small space? The answer lies in the following section. 5 ways to spend your time during long flights: The List 1. Play Simulation Games-   If you are someone like me who likes simulation games, a flight is the best place to do that. Use your phone or your laptop and play away to your heart’s content. According to the gaming platform, Robomodo, a number of Americans catch up on Simulation games during domestic and international flights. I personally enjoy playing ‘Clash Of Clans’ on my flights. No shouting and no disturbances from family members mean I can binge play using the clash of clans mod apk. You can complete serious quests and challenges during your flight time. 2. Pen a Travelling Journal-   You do not have to be a blogger or a social media influencer to open your journal. Writing a diary while flying is soothing, calming, and relaxing in nature. Many people who write or maintain personal journals often complain about all the disturbances, which prevents them from penning their thoughts. This is why flying can be a great time, where you can write to your heart’s content. You can write about what you are expecting from the journey, list down some things you wish to experience, and so on. 3. Catch up on your Reading List- I was amazed to find my colleague, who is part of social media influencer and part an adventure nut being one of the most read women I know in my life. When I asked her when does she get the time to read, she said on flights. Most of us who are traveling once every week, or twice a month, can finish a number of books and authors during the flight. This helps in distracting you (if you are scared of turbulence like me) and compliments your knowledge and information base. Reading while flying is a great way to kill time. 4. Finish that Series you so wanted to-   Like so many people these days, I am addicted to watching Netflix series. However, I hardly find the time to catch up on it because of my busy schedule. When I am flying I make it a point to binge-watch the entire series during the flight. This way, I do not feel bad when I am not able to catch shows when they first release. I am not going to tell you how you can download the series, but a little birdie informed me of this platform called Torrent. The rest is up to you people. You can also download your favorite movies or podcasts, depending on your interest areas, ready for your flight. Don't want to have to pay for expensive airport WiFi? Some Spectrum internet plans let you tap into special WiFi hotspots with your regular plan, so it's well worth taking this into consideration and, if you fly regularly, you may even wish to switch internet plans so you can get this benefit. 5. Do something Creative and Innovative- Many people like to solve Crossword or play Sudoku on flights. I have always found that very interesting. I have also seen people solve puzzles, or play chess from an app to keep themselves engaged and occupied. If you are someone who wants to take a different approach to spend your time, you can definitely opt for crosswords, puzzles, and Sudoku among other things. It keeps the mind sharp and is good for improving your competitiveness. Conclusion The next time you have to take a long flight, you can take help from this article and plan accordingly. None of these things is too complicated to achieve. You will also not disturb your fellow co-passengers when you are doing any of the above-mentioned activities. Read Also: The Best Tips To Travel Around The World Top 10 Best Travel Apps To Use In 2019 6 Best Family Holiday Destinations In India The Ultimate Guide To Travelling When You Have No Money

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Grutas De Tolantongo – Location, Price And Ambience | Ultimate Guide

BY Nabamita SinhaJan 5, 2023

If you are planning an upcoming vacation to Mexico, then you must visit Tolantoongo, which is a box canyon, which is in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. The canyon is 1.5 hours of northwest, Pachuca, and about 198 km which is about four hours from Mexico City.  So if you wanna know more about this exceptional natural escape with beautiful hot water springs and natural pools and rivers with caves. To know more details about the Grutas de Tolantongo, then keep on scrolling down.  How Will You Reach The Las Grutas De Tolantongo? Image Source With diverse natural resources, Mexico is a haven for visitors and travelers. The Las Grutas de Tolantongo is a natural system of grottoes and caves. The beautiful water flows from the Grottos to the river of Tolantongo, which flows through the hot springs, which act like swimming pools like natural pools.  If you don’t know what a grotto is, then it is a type of cave that is naturally made underground and flows through for thousands of years. Rainwater could easily seep down piercing calcareous rocks, which dissolved them.  Then the result that formed was a mesmerizing aquatic heaven with rivers, waterfalls, and even hot springs, that became Tolantongo.  How To Reach Las Grutas De Tolantongo? Now that you know where this aquatic heaven is, you should be able to reach the place easily, as there are many options you can avail to reach the place. Here are the options you can select from.  1. Renting A Car Service Image Source One of the most popular choices of transportation from Mexico City to la Grutas de Tolantongo. Although a car service can be expensive, it is still one of the expensive options. So if you have a hefty budget, then you can easily avail of a car service. Well if you love a long stretch of road, then you will love the surrounding atmosphere while traveling.  2. Take The Bus Image Source One of the cheapest forms of transportation is the bus service. The bus is public transportation that any tourist can avail of. The easiest way for you to get a bus service is through Mexico Terminal TAPO.  From the ADO bus service, you can reach Pachuca. The journey is a 2 hours journey by bus, although the buses run every 3 hours, then plan your timing accordingly.  You would have to take a bus again till Ixmiquilpan, the bus is about 2 hours journey which runs about five times a day. Then from Ixmiquipan, it is about a 14 minutes walk, from where you can get a bus to Tolantongo.  The bus journey is very jarring and tiring and it might take you 6 hours to complete the whole journey. And it will cost you about $12 to about $22. Since this method is so tiring and long, it is not recommended for tourists, as it would take them a whole day.  3. Join A Tour Group Image Source Another possible transportation you can get to Las Grutas de Tolantongo is by organizing to join a tour group. If you are staying in Mexico City, for a few days, then the easiest way of traveling to Grutas de Tolantonga is with a tour group.  What Are The Things To Do In Las Grutas De Tolantongo? Upon reaching Grutas de tolantongo, there are a lot of places you can do there, and a few of these things that you can do. The area is divided between two areas, which are La Gruta Zone and El Paraiso Escondido.  1. Tolantongo Hot Springs (El Paraiso Zone) Image Source The hot springs of Tolantongo in the El Paraiso Zone are known as a stunning sight to see. There is a variety of hot springs, present here are mostly infinite pools, built on the side of grottos, cliffs, and swimming pools.  The temperature is somewhere around 96F and 100F. The hot springs were very relaxing and very popular, which have people flock there for this relaxing activity, so having a swimsuit with yourself is a must if you wanna go to the hot springs. Read More: Top 10 Hot Springs Near Denver You Can Visit In Winter 2. Tolantongo Cave & Tunnel (La Gruta) Image Source There are beautiful dark and wet caves and tunnels that you can visit and explore by yourself. Since the walls of the caves and tunnels are wet, you should carry water shoes, to avoid slipping. You can also go swimming in the pools in the caves, where you will find beautiful waterfalls.  3. Tolantongo River (La Gruta) Image Source All of you who want to stay overnight at Tolantongo would mostly camp out near the Tolantongo river. The blue and warm Tolantongo river is a beautiful place to camp. There is more open space for people to gather and enjoy themselves.  Read More: 7 Best Places For Free Camping Near Me In Las Vegas 4. Suspension Bridge (El Paraiso) Image Source One of the famous places of Tolantongo is the swing bridge which allows visitors a beautiful and luscious green environment.  The suspension bridge is an attractive tourist destination when you are visiting Grutas de Tolantongo. You should remember to wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking for a while.  5. Zipline (El Paraiso) Image Source If you are an adrenaline junky and love adventure sports, then you are going to love Ziplining through the greenery of Tolantongo. Although it is not free, the price for ziplining is not as much, only about $10.  Wrapping Up! Now that you know that Grutas de Tolantongo is a beautiful place state in Mexico. Then if you are visiting there you will find a comfortable grutas de tolantongo hotel. Or if you are staying there only for a night, then camping is the best option.  So if you think this article helped you in knowing more about grutas de tolantongo, then give your own article a like and comment down below. Read Also: Explore These 5 Excellent Yacht Charter Destinations! 7 Creative Truck Cap Camping Ideas To Use In Jungle Adventures Top 10 Scenic Snowflake Cities In The U.S. To Travel To This Winter