4 Tips for First-time Travelers to Bali

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Bali is one of the most popular tourists destinations on the planet. The island is known for its highly developed art forms that include traditional and modern dance, metalworking, music, and painting. Bali is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in Asia and is home to pristine beaches, dense volcanic mountains, and majestic coral reefs. The island with its rich cultural heritage has a lot in store for every traveller. With numerous places to explore and several activities to try, travellers often get overwhelmed and end up committing mistakes during their trip. To help avoid such mistakes, the post lists some helpful tips you must follow when on a Bali tour. Take a look.

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1. Decide Where to Stay

Bali offers an interesting mix of lifestyles and experiences. To get the most out of your trip, you must decide the area of stay according to your preferences. If for instance, you want to party hard, you must stay in Kuta, that is known for its vibrant and pulsating nightlife. If you have a spiritual bend of mind, Ubud that is home to various temples and spas is the place to stay.  If sophistication and luxury is what you seek, head straight to Nusa Dua, that is home to a number of luxury hotels and resorts.

2. Carry Your International Driver’s License (IDL)

Public transport is almost non-existent in most parts of Bali. Barring a few areas of southern Bali that have a few taxi services, the best way to move around is hiring a self drive car. You can also hire a chauffeur driven vehicle. If you wish to drive yourself, you’d need to carry your International Driver’s License. Before you get behind the wheel, visit the local police station to get your IDL endorsed to drive around legally.

3. Learn About the Local Traditions

Balinese are very friendly people and welcome tourists with open arms. That said, the locals are very particular about their traditional customs and beliefs. To avoid offending them you must

Not offer anything to anyone from your left hand, as it is considered impure.

Avoid pointing to call out someone as it is considered to be a rude and offensive gesture.

Do not step intentionally on canang sari, an offering to the Creator.

Do not honk or shout at people, especially when stuck in a religious procession.

Do not walk in front of a praying Balinese or use cameras with flash in a temple.

4. Learn About how to Avoid the Bali Belly

Ask Bali travelers the worst experience they had in Bali and many would answer Bali Belly, or an upset stomach. Bali Belly is often caused due to drinking tap water as it may contain harmful bacteria and other micro organisms. To avoid this problem, always drink bottled water and use it to brush your teeth. Go slow on the exotic food as the body takes time to adjust from your regular diet to a new one. Use a hand sanitizer to clean hands before meals. Carry activated charcoal tablets and anti-diarrhea medications.  Drink raspberry juice at regular intervals as it helps keep you hydrated.

Are you Ready to Have an Experience of a Lifetime?

With its majestic temples, dense rainforests, and alluring beaches, Bali, undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on Earth. To get the most out of your traveling experience or honeymoon experience in Bali, follow the tips mentioned in this post. You should also carry hand sanitizers, and toilet paper as many local restrooms do not supply these essentials. Last, but not the least, renew your travel insurance before booking a Bali tour package from Ahmedabad or any other city.

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