FAQ About Staying Safe With Holiday Royal Vacation Club

In these uncertain times when the question of whether to travel or not to travel is on everyone’s minds, the Holiday Royal Vacation Club offers many ways to help you stay safe while you travel. Their safe guest program offers a variety of safety measures such as social distancing practices and sanitation stations spaced throughout the resort for your convenience.

You may be wondering, is it really safe to travel with Holiday Royal Vacation Club? The short answer is yes. If you take personal safety measures and abide by the rules set forth by the Holiday Royal Vacation Club, you should be able to safely enjoy your vacation while on resort grounds. There are many safety measures taken to ensure you can be happy and healthy during your stay.

To help you get a better idea of what the Holiday Royal Vacation Club can do for you, here are some frequently asked questions:

What does the Holiday Royal Vacation Club do to Help Keep My Family Safe?

From sanitation stations to bell boys who disinfect your luggage, and social distancing (even on the beach) to urns for returning keys at checkout to cut down on face-to-face contact with the staff, there are a variety of ways that the Holiday Royal Vacation Club works hard every day so you can rest and relax during your vacation.

Other safety-focused amenities include cleaning and disinfecting tables and menus at all dining facilities, temperature checks on-site, especially in places of entertainment like pools and beaches, the enforcement and practice of implementing the Cristal International Standards for room check certifications, and sanitation of all facilities on a frequent basis using Ecolab disinfecting and cleaning products that are both better for the environment and for your health and safety.

How are Health and Safety Protocols Managed in Public Places like Pools?

How are Health and Safety Protocols Managed in Public Places like Pools?

Holiday Royal Vacation welcomes you to use the private pools at their hotels and resorts where sanitation and disinfection are closely monitored. All surfaces such as tables and chairs are disinfected after each use. This means when one person leaves their poolside chair, a team member will quickly go and disinfect it before another guest is able to use it.

In places like pools, the temperatures of guests are also checked and monitored. If a fever is detected, procedures are followed to get that guest to a safe place, away from other guests to ensure everyone’s safety.

Finally, the social distancing of a minimum of 5 feet is enforced in all public places at all of the Holiday Royal hotels and resorts, this includes restaurants and swimming pools.

Where can You Travel with the Holiday Royal Vacation Club?

Where can You Travel with the Holiday Royal Vacation Club?

The Holiday Royal Vacation Club is most commonly known for having timeshares in Mexico, but there are also locations in New York, Puerto Rico, Morocco, France, Turkey, and dozens of other countries and cities around the world. Even though travel may be limited, you are sure to be able to find a Holiday Royal Vacation Club location near one of your destination options.

What if you want to get rid of Your Holiday Royal Club Timeshare?

What if you want to get rid of Your Holiday Royal Club Timeshare?

Though we believe you will be greatly satisfied with your experience with the Holiday Royal Vacation Club, sometimes, it isn’t for everyone. We also believe that choosing to replace your club membership with another package is not a great idea as they take your safety concerns to heart, and worry that others will not care the way they do at Holiday Royal Vacation club resorts and hotels.

If you have decided that you no longer want to be a club member, there are a few options available to get rid of your timeshare. If you have purchased it in the last 5 days, by law, you should be able to get a full refund.

If it has been longer than 5 days, you have two options. The first option is to find a timeshare resale company. This is a company that kind of acts as a real estate agent to find buyers for your timeshare. These companies usually charge a fee for their services, but they can save you a lot of hassle in doing the work to find a buyer for you.

The second option is to hire a timeshare exit company to help you with the legal paperwork to get rid of your timeshare. Just like the resale companies, exit companies usually charge a fee, but they do not usually require you to pay anything until your timeshare ownership has been legally terminated.

If none of these options sound great to you, you can always choose to use up your remaining time with your timeshare, and choose not to renew your contract when the time comes.


Now that your questions have been answered, here is a question for you: Are your bags packed yet? We know that traveling during a global pandemic and the aftermath of one can be scary, but there are ways to do it safely.

If you get your vaccinations, follow all mandated safety protocols, and stay at a place like one of the many hotels or resorts that offer the Holiday Royal Vacation Club Safe Guest Program, you can put your mind at ease in knowing that your room and your dining and entertainment facilities are regularly disinfected to ensure your safety.

The Holiday Royal Vacation Club truly does have your safety in mind and welcomes you with hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray for your luggage, and freshly sanitized rooms. If you’re interested, we encourage you to contact their customer service today for more information about available packages.

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The Everest Base Camp Trek is a gorgeous stroll that a trekker needs to cover. Indulging in this grandiose walk allows you to scrape out some of the nicest sights of your lifestyle. Along with the mouth-opening views of peaks including Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Pumori, and Lhotse, you’ll be amazed by the images of the valley’s lush woods, clean rivers, glaciers and quaint hamlets. The trekking on Everest base is the third most famous trekking vacation spot in the world. Apart from nature, this trek also gets you pretty close to the dwelling locations of the Sherpas, who are the hardest human beings residing on earth.  It evokes everyone's emotions to a point where you’ll get to examine a lot of the deep meanings associated with life. Overall, the Everest Base Trek is well worth doing for many reasons. You may additionally not locate all the motives here. But we've woven together the 5 pleasant reasons that you’ll enjoy doing a Camp Trek at the Everest Base. Hillary Bridge (Nepal’s Highest Suspension Point): Hillary Bridge is the easiest suspension bridge in the Khumbu area and expands on top of the Dudh Kosi River. Keep the final bridge for the second or third day of the Everest Trek rather than opting for an abrupt ascent to the Namche Bazaar street.  The non-secular prayer flags flying all across the bridge offer you spiritual and religious vibes, whereas the bridge gives you a distinctive vibe of freedom. NamcheBazaar (Mountain Bazaar) (Sherpa People and their Mountain Lifestyle): Namche Bazaar is widely regarded as the tourism capital and the biggest sherpa agreement in the Khumbu area. The city is actually stunning and offers various rejuvenating vacation spots near Everest. Tourism refers to the primary carrier for people residing in Namche Bazaar.   This city portrays a magnificent glimpse of mountain tops, including Kongde Ri, which is 6,187 m, Thamserku (6,623 m), and, additionally, the 8,848 m-high Everest. All across the town, you will find several restaurants, cafes, lodges, bakeries, Tibetan handicraft stores, and even museums.  Hence, all through your spoiled outdoors at Namche, visit these extraordinary locations and experience the day having scrumptious meals and drinks. NangkarTshang Hill Standpoint (Hiking Place From Dingboche): After Namche, Dingboche is the area where we take a relaxation and adaptation break. During the day, you can go to NangkarTshang Hill’s viewpoint. A 3-hour hike staring from the Dingboche village extending to the summit of NangkarTshang Hill presents a short and huge view of Makalu, Lhoste, Mera Peak(Island Peak), and Choopulu. Unparalleled Scenery: If you want to head over to an excellent scenery, this is where you reach. Along with Himalayan wasteland thrills, you will get to see dozens of mountains.  A lot of peaks can trip their base camps, too. Furthermore, the way offers picturesque destinations that allow you to take Instagram pictures.  Starting from the first day, trekkers are capable of witnessing colossal snowy peaks. Further, it is, in all likelihood, the sole trekking path where you get the mountain surroundings all through the trip.  Lhotse, Everest, Choyou, and Makalu peaks offer grandeur in the entire area. These peaks are in the top 10 absolute best mountains in the world. Hometown Of Sherpa And Unique Culture: This is the first reason the Everest base camp journey has become more popular: Everest Touring Trails are trails that are completely grounded in Tibetan Sherpa culture. Everest Camp Touring Camp Touring trails is only one touring stint in Nepal, where you'll enjoy the Tibetan Buddhism religion and culture. All the touring routes of the Everest region offer pedestrians the unique culture of the Tibetans, the Tibetan Sherpa culture of Nepal.  Tengboche Friary: Tengboche Friary is another third magnet on the Everest hiking trip. It is located in a 3890-meter-high place where you'll enjoy a Tibetan Sherpa religious experience and a fantastic panoramic view of the whole Everest region of the Himalayas.  The fabulous Sherpa culture of Everest is a subject of important admiration and alleviation for most people around the world. Similarly, the Base Camp Trek at Everest presents a perfect occasion to enjoy the fabulous culture and tradition of the Sherpa people in close proximity. As a matter of fact, the Sherpa people are known worldwide for their nearly superhuman mountaineering chops. Nearest Views Of Mt. Everest From Kala Pattar: The view of Mt. Everest from Kala Patthar is a rallying point of the Himalayas, especially Mount Everest. Kala Pattar is only one stylish and closed viewpoint of Mt. Everest, which is really beyond the imagination and has superb views. The Himalayan lookouts of Nepal are the country’s biggest draw points. The Everest Camp Trek also doesn't fail in this aspect; therefore, you should definitely consider visiting it once in your lifetime. Religious And Cultural Prolificacy: A lot of Sherpa agreements on the EBC route provide Mani buses, prayer flags, inscribed Mani boulders, Gompas, and Chortens. The inhabitants of this region are known to have migrated somewhere from Tibet 400 years ago. Moreover, they still revive the conventional Tibetan language as well as culture. People belonging to this region are not only simple, gracious, and generous but also strict followers of Buddhism.  The Pangboche and Tengboche Gompas are two of the most primitive gompas, each with its own history and significance. The former bone belongs to the biggest gompa of the Khumbu region. It is encompassed by Nuptse, Tawache, Lhotse, Thamserku, and Ama Dablam, all of which are joints for the Festival- Mani Rimdu. The festival is the longest and takes place from October to November.  The concept goes after the bone, which was said to have the genuine Yeti’s crown and hand. However, it just has a replica only. Furthermore, the Tengboche Gompa( friary), Pangboche Gompa, and multitudinous cloisters represent the artistic and architectural productivity of this region. The Sagarmatha National Park: This magnificent demesne, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979, is a biodiversity mecca. Rich in foliage and fauna, Sagarmatha National Park is home to rare species of creatures like snow leopards and lower pandas, amongst other innumerous common species that are set up in figures, like sharpers, hares, jackals, wolves, and numerous others. It's also home to around 200 species of catcalls—some rare, some common—but all call the thick timbers of this demesne home. The demesne has numerous touring trails within it; it also introduces you to the unique culture of the mountain communities that live within its borders in complete harmony with their surroundings. Everest Base Camp (The Ultimate Peak): Let’s admit it: we have been waiting for this site for so long. 5300m is the elevation height of Everest, which is the closest to hiking. However, being closer to Mt. Everest, this camping point is prone to natural disasters. Once you are done hiking at the base camp, you will see a magical kingdom full of pebbles, rocks, and snow. This gives trekkers a sigh of relief and success.  The entire Everest Camp location is full of colorful prayer flags, a never-ending valley, and skyscraping snow peaks. Also, how can we forget the stunning Khumbu Glacier Icefall, which is a popular touchdown spot for all camp helicopter tours? Conclusion: Beginning the epic journey to Mt. Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime memory and experience. So, every step leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to complete this extraordinary path, from the vistas of snow-capped peaks and cultural diversion in Sherpa Village to the accomplishment of reaching Everest Camp.  Apart from these reasons, there are several other factors that would compel you to do the trek. Other reasons that might captivate you are suspension bridges, waterfalls, moraines, glacial rivers, and glaciers. Learn More Also: Trekking Kilimanjaro & Salkantay Top 5 Unexplored Treks In Himachal Life Is Enjoyable: Incorporate 7 Best Unique Treks In The World