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Unmissable Attractions in Surabaya

BY Ariana SmithJan 21, 2021

Surabaya city is located in east java, although this city is not well known by the tourists who normally visit this country, it is the second-largest city in Indonesia whereby jarkata is the largest city in the country. even though this town is not well known the following article will act as an eye-opener to see great things that you would miss if you ignore this wonderful place. surprisingly east java has got quite several attractions which are more appealing to everybody and there is always something for everybody so you don't have to worry when visiting this beautiful place because here you will gain a lot of experience and pleasure as well. Among the many reasons why you should visit this town is to have an opportunity to tour and enjoy the atmosphere of this city life of Indonesia which is a distance far away from the main tourist hub in the country, in here you can also spend your quality time getting around the city and enjoying some delicious cuisine such as curries and spicy soups It is also crucial to note that Surabaya is also a port so you will have a chance to move along the waterfront as well as enjoying the vista sweeping across the water this. this place also gives you the advantage of crossing the famous bridge which normally connects this port with the neighboring Madura the following are the Unmissable Attractions in Surabaya Chinatown One thing you need to understand about the cities in Indonesia is that the majority of the city is difficult to track on foot. so this would be an opportunity for you if you get time within your busy schedule you can head to this place for an afternoon stroll. This place got its name due to a large number of Chinese who came and settled here and they have owned a lot of restaurants and shops there. In this town, you will also find a lot of architecture which is located off the road normally called Jalan Karet. G-Walk this place is located in the west of Surabaya if you want to try some of the best food that is cooked by the experienced chef who has undergone through vigorous training this is the place to be this place have got varieties if very clean food store, as well as a good restaurant that is always located on one side of the walkway the display of this place, is very fantastic. a lot of youth normally come to enjoy themself in this place so if you like collecting statistics in terms of local fare as well as people watching this is the place you need to be to shorten your afternoon Mount Bromo Mount Bromo is the most popular and widely known volcano in Indonesia and more so in Surabaya .it is located in the eastern part of Java .it is one of the tallest and most hiked mountains. The main activity is hiking to reach Penanjakan Peak and enjoy the alluring sunrise. Hiking takes about one to two hours. Some tourists may choose to hike the King Kong Hill but your journey may be very challenging. Besides that, prepare for unpredictable weather. e.g temperatures drop significantly, hence dress properly, and always be cautious. When climbing ensure you move at your own pace. Masjid Nasional Al - Akbar Surabaya Mosque This is a national and second-largest mosque in Indonesia. A well-decked interior ( with Islamic design motifs and cosmopolitan masterpieces of Islamic art attracts many visitors. Make sure you dress well while visiting the mosque. Around the temple, there is a viewing tower in which visitors climb for a fascinating view of the city below.  Keputih Bamboo Forest Another major family-friendly attraction is the Keputih Bamboo Forest.it was once a garbage dump site but it has been transformed into the current serene bamboo forest. The forest boasts of its fresh air, beautiful fountains, and also accessorized lamps. When visiting this place do not forget to take a photo of the bamboo shoots. Also adjacent to the bamboo shoots is a nice park laden covered by beautiful blooms that make the place attractive and pleasant to the visitors. Ijen Crater Trek Ijen Crater is a volcano crater majestically in the East Java, it is considered as the unmissable attraction in Surabaya and Indonesia .it is a few kilometers from Surabaya(around 6 hrs ).it is best-loved by hikers .they start their hiking journey in the morning and reach the viewing platform by evening, therefore is a challenging hiking point. The ground is very slippery hence it is recommended you come with strong and comfortable hiking shoes and also come along with hiking jackets. Other things required are; a gas mask and a walk into the cloud of sulfuric gas to enjoy the stunning blue flames. Just at the bottom of the crater wait for the sun to rise so that the sky changes crispy blue to pink hues. Hiking Ijen Crater is hard but the experience is memorable  Kenjeran Par Kenjeran Park is yet another attraction that should not be missed when visiting Surabaya .It was formerly known as the slum district of the city, but today it has become one of the main attractions. You can enjoy the beguiling sunsets at the beach, Relax at the miniature water park and also have photoshoots at the Buddhist temple.  Suramadu Bridge Suramadu Bridge is considered the longest bridge in Indonesia. It is about 5438 meters long and connects the Sunda strait with the Java and Madura islands. The bridge boasts colorful lights that appear at night and during the day you will enjoy the stunning views of the ocean.it is also a camping site, usually people camp to take shots of sunset and sunrise. It is a nice place to have a weekend break for both families and friends. Baluran National Park Baluran National Park is one of the largest theme parks in Surabaya.it is located in the southeastern part of the city and situated on 2500 hectares covered by forest and savannah. The park acts as a home for most unique birds as well as rare mammals. Another major attraction here is the beautiful Bama Beach. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the scenic view of a hidden oasis located in the park, the park has a very impressive birdwatching path surrounded by swamps and stunning mangroves along the Bama coastal forest. Conclusion when planning places to visit Surabaya may not be on the list but the truth is that the city has many hidden gems waiting for you. Being Indonesia's largest city Surabaya is blended with a mixture of natural attractions and urban tourism. why not check the flights to Surabaya to witness these hidden gems of Surabaya. Read More: 10 Best Places To Visit In Sikkim 10 Best Places To Visit In Argentina Top 5 Reasons To Visit Malaysia