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10 Best Things to Do in Dublin (Ireland)

BY Mashum MollahJul 25, 2018

If you are lucky to find yourself in the city of Dublin (Ireland), there are so many things that you can do during your tour. Apart from the residents having a deep rooting in their incredible culture, history, and booze, these people also have very unique cultures. You will find them telling old jokes that will keep you laughing, and singing their local songs sharing long-winding stories. There is no way that these locals will fail to put a smile on your face. Apart from that, Ireland is always appropriate when it comes to taxes and compliance. As a result, their vat registration process is smooth, making their businesses legitimate. In turn, it is a convenience for any visitor. The fact that this city is situated right on the east coast will confirm that excursions to the mountain and day trips are a bus drive away. You will be able to view some of the beautiful and most vast sceneries in Ireland. Below you will find to best things to do in Dublin (Ireland) Best Things to Do in Dublin : 1. Marvel at St. Patrick Cathedral’s Beauty : This is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best things to visit in Dublin. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is among the two largest church in the whole Ireland region. However, it is the largest church when you think about tourism attraction. The church was founded way back in 1191 and has a rife of more than 800 years in the culture and history of Ireland. It presents a brilliant architectural wonder and you will notice its beauty both from the inside and outside. Also, it’s the final resting place for Jonathan Swift who was the deal of this cathedral and author of Gulliver’s travels. 2. Pay a Visit to the Guinness Store House Factory : This is an ideal option if you are looking for things to see in Dublin. The Guinness Storehouse is located at the heart of St. James Gate Brewery and is one of the most popular tourist attraction centers in Ireland. The design mimics the pint of Guinness and is renowned for the largest pint all over the world. Once you buy a ticket to the Guinness factory,  you will tour the seven Irish historical brewing floors and get to understand how this lovely stout beer is manufactured. After the tour, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the refreshing pint of Guinness as you have the whole view of Dublin Skyline at the Gravity bar that is located on the 7th floor. 3. Walk Over the Ha'penny Bridge : This bridge has an exclusive white picketing beauty and is a very first pedestrian bridge that spans over river Liffey. The name of the bridge is derived from the price that pedestrians had to pay to cross the bridge way back in 1816 when it was built. Currently, it's among the main structures or monuments that identifies Dublin. You will find it in memorabilia, books, tourism brochures, and postcards. 4. Have Some Drinks in a Restored Cathedral in the Church : This is one of the most beautiful and unique bars in the city. However, this is not a real church as the name suggests. The original name of this church was St. Mary’s church but its closed in 1964 but was later restored and converted into a famous nightclub back in 2007. You will get a splendid island bar at one of its main floors. The place has complete bar stools, tables, and booths for the guests. There is also a small stage that plays the live version of traditional Irish music from 7pm to 6pm from Wednesday to Sunday. There is a nightclub downstairs that opens on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 3am. One of the resent DJs will be playing the latest popular Rn’B tracks and music as you enjoy your drink. Indeed, this is one of the best things to do in Lindon. 5. Visit the Dublin Castle : We have more than 800 years of Irish memories that are encapsulated in the walls of this castle. It's an incredible structure that was borne witness to major pivotal events in the history of the country. The site covers an area or more than 11 acres and stands on the highest ridge within the region. It has both guided and self-guided touring options, several rooms, museums, and gardens. Some of the structures include the Revenue Museum, Garda Museum, Chester Beatty Library, and Chapel Royal. These iconic sites make it one of the things to do in Dublin Ireland. 6. Pay a Visit to the Christ Church Cathedral : This is the second medieval cathedral of Dublin that displays a lot of architectural wonders. The natives refer to it as the cathedral of the holy trinity and is a fully operational church. Tourists who wish to marvel at the Romanesque interiors of this church are free to do so but you will pay a ticketing and admission fee because the building does not receive any support from the state. The fee helps in maintaining the beauty of this marvelous cathedral. 7. Tour the Old Jameson Distillery : The old Jameson Distillery is a historical gem that is situated just off the Smithfield Square. This location was the original site for the manufacture and distilling of Jameson Whiskey till the stop of its production in the early years of the 1970’s. You will learn how to create refined whiskey and participate in a competitive whiskey-taking experience. After the tour, you will be awarded an exclusive Whiskey Taster Certificate to certify that you have knowledge in traditional Irish Whiskey. 8. Party Like An Irish at the Temple Bar : It goes without saying that the Temple bar is the most iconic pub in Dublin. We have so many tourists who flock from all over the world just to enjoy a drink from this place. This bar traces its history back to the 1300s but it is still famous to date. Its strategic location at the heart of the city, famous red exterior, and is a big component of the central nightlife scene of Dublin enhance its fame further. Currently, this is the most popular temple that young tourists together with the locals frequent it. You will get one or two glasses of strong Irish whiskey as you enjoy your night. It is one of the top things to do in Dublin. 9. Take a Photo With the Dublin Spire : It is very easy to spot this monument from far. The Spire proudly stands at the center of the O’Connell Street and is close to 120 meters above the ground.  The structure is made of stainless steel material with a base diameter of 3 meters and an apex of 15 centimeters. The sun gently illuminates its exterior on sunny days and this lightens up the momentum for everyone to see.  There is an eternal source of light that lightens up the tip of this structure during the night so that it can beacon in the night sky. Indeed, this is one of the best things to do in Dublin. 10. Have a Picnic at the Phoenix Park : This is a humongous walled park that is close to 1700 acres and lies close to 2 miles from downtown Dublin and is more than just an ordinary park. Apart from the long green stretches and a multitude of incredible plants and trees, the Phoenix Park is also home to the Dublin Zoo, Wellington Momentum, and the US Ambassadors’ and presidential residence. It has so much to see and do and you will spend the whole day sightseeing, relaxing or just roaming the grounds. It’s the best option if you are looking for things to visit Ireland. Conclusion : From this content, you will discover that there are so many things to do in Dublin (Island). This article only presents ten of them but the list in uncountable. This is one of the best destinations if you are planning for your next travel. Read Also : Budget-friendly travel ideas in Australia Planning A Trip to Las Vegas, USA? Read this blog first What Can You Expect from the New Year’s in Mexico