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Cooking in Dublin: 7 Restaurants to Dine In With Your Family

BY Nicole Pore Sep 6, 2019

As part of the continuous developments, innovations and experimentation in the culinary scene, the capital of Ireland, Dublin, is overflowing with very hardworking and even more gifted chefs, cooks and meal-makers! Definitely, they continue to introduce and show off the city’s bests and significantly underline the chiefest Irish recipes and ingredients. From the homely homemade meals to the sophisticatedly presented courses, you and your family will experience Dublin’s striking art of making tummies full and taste buds satisfied. Traveling to Dublin, Ireland, the chance for you to taste the city’s exemplary dishes, both traditional and contemporary mixes, is not for you to miss! It’s always a good time to eat sumptuous dishes with your whole family! There are countless eating places you will see and encounter in Dublin, and below is an informative list of 7 of them. It’s time to check out some of the great restaurants in Dublin where you should dine in with the entire family! 1. Carluccio’s: Source - @Carluccios Twitter Established in 1999, Carluccio’s is an elegant Italian restaurant renowned for carrying the superior quality of regional Italian tastes to London. They take pride in showcasing what they have found as the best ingredients in Italy. Its first branch opened in Market Place, Dublin. The restaurant, being a really fine place to spend time and eat out with the family, is usually busy and full of customers. The best thing despite that, however, is the staff’s consistent and never-fading friendliness! You will certainly be accommodated, and your concerns and requests will be met by the attentive and alert restaurant crew. Carluccio’s have mushroom specials which you should not forget to try! Let your kids have fun knowing how mushrooms can be exciting foods to eat through this fine restaurant’s several unique cooking styles! There are vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free choices! It’s a really cool place for your family. Little children can look through menus especially tailored for young taste buds! In that way, parents will not worry about their kids not being able to eat well. Kids have a menu wherein they can also choose the pasta shape they want and the sauce they like. Smart and playful children like this kind of picking thing. It feels like a game to them, enjoying that they seem to be given a certain “responsibility” before they eat, and that’s to customize their food. It’s exciting for most kids! Wowing, Carluccio’s has 77 restaurants all over the United Kingdom and Ireland and some abroad too. If you visit the capital of Ireland, pay a visit to its Dublin branch in Dawson Street. 2. Rascals Brewing Company: Source - TripAdvisor - Rascals Not only with your coolest friends but also with your dear family, you can dine in Rascals! It is a pizzeria and brewery which also caters to certain events. If you happen to be celebrating a family member’s birthday in Dublin, Rascals would be a fantastic venue, both pleasing in the eyes and in the tummies! There are drinks for adults, and kids will seriously fall in love with warm, tasty pizzas in this very welcoming restaurant! Some of the pizzas are The Blue Belle, The Dublin Ate, and Mother Of Dragons. Your boredom and energy gap will definitely be killed by their Cereal Killer Stout Chocolate Brownie. You can spend an incredible family gathering in this place! The atmosphere makes you feel gleeful and nonchalant! The visuals of the place are superb and stylish! While adults have fun talking and catching up, the little ones can stay and play in the designated and secure play area. They are provided with adorable toys, engaging games, and enjoyable coloring activities too. Rascals’ long tables are perfect for big families and bonding! There is a kids menu designed especially for kids’ interests and favorites! You can request a high chair if you have toddlers; that’s convenient for you since you don’t have to carry them all the time. There are changing facilities for infants too! You will be overwhelmed by the vibrant colors of the vast place as the smiling and hospitable restaurant staff greets and guide you. 3. The Old Mill  Restaurant: Source - Trover Get a full Irish breakfast with your whole family from 11 o’clock in the morning to 3 in the afternoon! The Old Mill Restaurant offers deliciously cooked meals that will wake up your sleepy bodies and that will energize your sleepy kids! This restaurant is located in the Temple Bar. It is near other pubs, gift shops, and stores, but don’t get distracted, and head directly to this family-friendly Irish bar and restaurant. Well, since it’s a bar, beers are served for adults. The place looks interesting, so you won’t need to drag your lazy kids to eat. The setting is small, not very spacious, but the food and the service do not disappoint. It is an ideal place to have lunch with the whole family, and their pies and cakes, such as Cottage Pie and Baileys Cheesecake, are peerless! The Braised Beef and Guinness Stew are faves too. You should not lose the chance to try it! In Dublin, you can find this hidden gem in the Temple Bar Square. Additionally, don’t let go of your kids around this place and keep an eye on them always since this area is most often crowded. 4.BuJo: Source - Dublin Live - BuJo If your kids are burger lovers, BuJo should be your family’s next food stop! This burger house is the sole burger-centered restaurant in Ireland and in the United Kingdom to be given by the Sustainable Restaurant Association a 3-star rating. It’s because of their environmental concern and responsibility as they produce their burgers healthily. They use grass-fed Irish beef as their top ingredient! From their packaging to the burgers themselves, it’s all about good health and safe environment! Do not expect that the menu shows cheap prices, but the best thing is that it makes a huge change to take care of and save Mother Earth! Vegetarian and vegan burgers may not sound exciting if you just hear or read the words, but BuJo’s creations will make you question what’s so special about it that it gives a taste you won’t forget! You can even customize your burgers--another perk for parents with kids who are picky eaters! You won’t have a hard time handling your little kids too because the staff can provide high chairs for them. There is also a favorable kids menu; your babies under 12 years of age can have their own pick as well. BuJo’s ice creams, shakes, and other dairy products are from grass-fed cows, so they are without a doubt nutritious and delectable! 5. Crabby Jo’s: Source - Trip Advisor -  Crabby Jos Dublin For a skip over meat-filled menus, head over with your family to this fresh restaurant in Howth, Dublin. Crabby Jo’s brings the seafood feast on your family’s dining table. Perfect for a hearty and substantial appetite, this lovely eating spot uses their self-produce ingredients to serve guests with the tastiest and healthiest breakfast, lunch, dinner and any type of meal at any time of the day! The menu is composed of a variety of mussels, shrimps, crustaceans, salmon meals and fish and chips. There are salads prepared and served nicely. Still not forgetting those who love steaks, Crabby Jo’s offers well-grilled steaks and free-range chicken from the oven. The price is reasonable and worth the dishes made with excellent quality ingredients. The menu is for the entire family’s individual types and tastes too as it displays Irish and international influences. Crabby Jo's includes "Little Nippers" on the menu for children, and the young ones will also be provided with colouring materials for them to stay in place and be diverted instead of making noise and running around. There are sweet desserts to tickle everyone’s sweet tooth! Have a beautiful breakfast with Irish Buttermilk Pancakes, Kippers, French Toasts and Black Pudding Salad. 6. Captain Americas: Source - Trip Advisor -  Captain Americas Dublin If you’re looking for original, original is what you get as you dine in Captain Americas in Blanchardstown or Grafton Street. For several years already, Captain Americas has always been a favorite place of families, both locals, and tourists in Dublin! It’s a place cozy and convenient place with doors always open even for the little kids in the squad! You can get a meal with a yummy dessert and a drink specially done for the kiddos. There’s also the Captain Americas Kids Club where kids register and be a part of. The restaurant gifts a terrific treat for birthday celebrators! Since 1971, Captain Americas Cookhouse & Grill has been an authentic American cookhouse. You will see and taste the passion that the owners and cooks in this place have towards food and service. They have always been dedicated to building a gratifying, comfortable and blissful dining experience for all their beloved customers. They want the good news to be passed from person to person. Burgers, cocktails, buffalo wings and many more must be on your plates! Chicken Goujons could be your starters, followed by a Captain’s Cajun Chicken Burger or a double-stack Chilli Cheese Burger! Tofu Dog and Veggie Burger are also available for healthy options. With great food portions, you will leave the restaurant tummy-full, satisfied and happy! The place may be a little busy since customers come in and out, but everyone is kind and welcoming. You will surely want to go back to its delights, so to make up to that longing after leaving Dublin, don’t hesitate to order a to-go of your choice in Captain Americas. 7. Nando’s: Source - Dublin Live - Nando’s A famous restaurant not only in Dublin but also worldwide, Nando’s should not be absent in your family’s dining list! The history of this celebrated restaurant started centuries ago, and even until today, it continues to be the successful and sought-after eating place that it has always been! Actually, Dublin is just one of the places in Ireland with a Nando’s branch, and within Dublin alone, there isn’t just one of it. You can also get a glimpse and experience this awesome restaurant in different locations around Dublin. St. Andrew Street, Mary Street, Blanchardstown, Dandrum, Santry and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre are particularly this city’s branches. It will be a very nice pick for your lovely family after a long stroll around the city. Indeed, there are quiet and calming parks, relaxing salons and hotels in Dublin wherein you can stay for a little while or for a long time to rest, but you can also go to Nando’s! Why exactly? It’s a place where you can surely relax and eat at the same time! You can hit two birds with one stone! If you want salads, you can take Quinoa Salad or Avocado and Green Bean Salad which are just some of the ones on the menu. Whatever salad you choose, you can eat them on their own or with the Nando’s famous Peri-Peri Chicken! It’s perfect for kids who are not much into the greens and leaves -- you can let them eat them with chicken! Burgers, pittas, sandwiches, and wraps are among the ones kids will definitely love! The Butterfly Burger doesn’t have butterflies in it, but the kids will absolutely be curious to try what it is, and you will also be! The restaurant’s space is perfect for a huge family, especially if you have kids. You and your picky-eater kids will enjoy the wonderful tastes of this well-known restaurant! Food may take a little bit of time to prepare and be served, but it’s worth your time. Nando’s love spices and share their love for them to their guests! Even the little ones’ tiny taste buds can handle because Nando’s know what’s best! Also, free drink refills are best for a huge family and for those who love hydrating! It’s rare today that food hubs allow unlimited refills. The amazing part and helpful thing for parents is that the restaurant gives kids some fun bags with games, origami and finger puppets. In that way, the naughty ones will stay in place; kids are welcomed and entertained, so parents are stress-relieved! What's Cooking in Dublin: If you are staying in hotels, aparthotels, serviced apartments or any accommodation in Dublin, you might find hotel food too expensive or in small portions. If you are strolling around museums, parks and other tourist spots in Dublin, you will probably feel tired right after. If you are traveling in Dublin for a short period of time, you totally want to experience the city in the best way possible. All these if’s take you to the next thing to do: look for pleasurable places and restaurants to eat in Dublin, and be happy with your whole family! From Dublin’s traditional dishes to its modern delights and from its local tastes to its multicultural combinations, you will not regret! There are so many choices, but that’s actually the best thing you will have endless options where to fill your tummies with food and your family travel bonding with fun! Do not leave the city without knowing what’s cooking in Dublin! Read Also: 10 Best Things To Do In Prague 10 Best Things To Do In Phoenix(Arizona) 10 Best Things To Do In San Diego (USA) 12 Things That Everyone Should Try In Mexico