Top Restaurants In Australia You Can't Afford To Miss

The delectable experience that will please your palette so visit these restaurants as they use native ingredients. Starting from Uluru outdoor dining experience to Aboriginal experiences from Adelaide Garden, you will enjoy the beauty of Australia.


The dishes are perfectly balanced along with being one of the most awarded restaurants in Australia! With chef Peter Gilmore, the restaurant not just offer classic food but with sweeping views of the Sydney Opera House and the waterfront of the Harbour!

Sounds Of Silence

The experience is in a desert landscape so you can escape the city's bustling and relax in the serene outback. There is a golden sunset which you see while out having the food, thus creating pure magic. There is also music accompanying the experience with the didgeridoo echo!

Restaurant Botanic

Located on the grounds of Adelaide Botanic Garden, the restaurant is a culinary delight. When you visit the restaurant, the experience will start as a walk across the garden checking out the ingredients which will be used in your meal preparation such as finger limes and native bunya bunya branches.