This Costa Rica Resort Offers Some Best Wildlife Experiences!

Beautiful Arenal Volcano creates a perfect environment for tourists to experience the forest in all its glory. There are rainforests around the volcano that ensure visitors get the complete experience of nature's beauty.

Sloths, curassows, strawberry poison-dart frogs and wild turkeys are some of the wildlife that you often catch on your walks. There were rodents such as clay-colored thrush, kiskadees and tanagers lying around across the forest.

Unconditional Wildlife

You can experience the beauty of the forest as you go on an expedition as you drive for 2 hours and then take a boat ride. You can then reach the Cano Negro, where there is breakfast is laid out. Of Course, you won’t be alone as you can catch howlers, capuchin monkeys and others hanging from trees!

Breakfast In Wilderness

There is a guide who will help you in your nature walks, be it daytime or nighttime! The enthusiasm is unmatched and makes you notice the small and little things of nature. You will have an elevated sense of being which can be quite unnerving!

Knowledgeable Guide