History of Park City Utah: Where the Old and New World Meets

Park City, nestled in the lap of mountains has evidence of nomadic camps in the Summit County that dates back 5000 years. It was the spring and summer sanctuary for hunters seeking sustenance and peace.

700 years ago, the Shoshonean people arrived and settled in Northeastern Utah (Ute) as seasonal hunters. In 1848, Mormon pioneers found the basin at the top of the canyon to be an ideal place for grazing.

A few families settled and the spot was named “Parley’s Park City.” It was later shorted to “Park City” upon the town’s incorporation in 1884. Early settlers reported positive interactions between the indigenous people and themselves. They shared food and fostered a close friendship.

The Ute people even camped along the outskirts of the town. However, growing encroaching changes brought on by the technological “development” of the white settlers caused stream diversion for crops and felling of timber.