History of Baltimore: A Brief Look at Charm City

Home of Inner Harbor and beautiful architecture, Baltimore in Maryland is rich in history. The city of Baltimore was originally inhabited by Native Americans since 10 BC when the first of the Paleo-Indian settled. The 1600s paved the way for the first European expedition. In 1659 the County of Baltimore officially came to be.

American defenders in 1814 fought a sea and land war against the British invaders. The Battle of Baltimore inspired The Star-Spangled Banner” by American lawyer and poet, Francis Scott Key. It later became the US national anthem in 1931.

A fire engulfed Baltimore in 1904 which destroyed over 1500 buildings, 1000 spaces and caused property damage of over 150 million USD. Later Baltimore was rebuilt in a more modern way.

In the modern-day Baltimore is a busy seaport with a growing culture and economy. Its scenic views and beautiful streets have left a mark on each of its visitors. John Hopkins University, Maryland Institute College of Art and Morgan State University are some of the most prestigious schools in Baltimore.