The Ways on How to Cheer Up Your Adrenaline

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Are you a thrill seeker person? A human can not hide their thrill-seeking personality because humans love the adrenal rush. And this adrenal rush is almost like a drug. This is the reason the Thrill seeker adrenaline junkies are always looking for new adrenaline rush ideas to fulfill their desire.

Around the globe, daredevil activities are always getting the preferable place in the adrenaline junkie bucket list. Few are very challenging. Even some of these activities are also very deadly. But as the professional ones supervise the activities. The accident chances are limited. 

But if you are currently reading the article, you may be one of these adventure junkies. So our opinion is these adrenaline rush ideas are cool. If you want to enjoy it like this, always seek the help of a professional.

So let’s see which types of thrill-seeking extreme activities are going to fulfill your thrill-seeking soul. Welcome to the adrenaline world.

5 Cool Extreme Adrenaline Rush Ideas

Every summer, you are invariably thinking about making it enjoyable and memorable. But what types of most extreme things to do to make your summer days special. How daredevil can you be? Among your summer extreme sports and adventure, you can add these adrenalin rush ideas to enjoy your summer days in an extreme way.

Here is the name of the five adrenalin rush ideas for you to plan out your extreme excursions.

1.Bike polo

Bike polo

The idea of playing polo can sometimes seem too farfetched for many. This the first recommendation from However, with bike polo at play, you can easily enjoy yourself, provided you know how to ride a bike and have the spirit to practice playing it. In our adrenaline rush ideas, bike polo is less harmful. But the difference makes it more attractive.

Two opposing teams ride their bikes during gameplay and try to score by hitting the ball with mallets. Oh! Did I mention that this game could get a little rough? Well, a little courage will not hurt. However, the rules of the game state that players cannot put their feet down while playing. If this sounds interesting, then start working on your balance.

2.Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding

Yeah! I know how this sounds. Some of you have read that subheading with awe, right? Well, believe me, you that volcano boarding is a “thing”. I understand that volcanoes are pretty dangerous., and so is the idea of boarding one. Especially an active one that has erupted 23 times.

However, the daredevils living amongst us crave this. They normally “surf” down the Nicaragua volcano in Central America at speeds of up to 50mph. Among our adrenaline rush ideas, the volcano riding is scoring eight out of ten; because of the thrill.



Back from the medieval ages about four centuries ago, jousting is making a quick comeback and gaining support fast. For those who do not know what this is. Jousting used to be a battling strategy training where two knights charged at each other on horsebacks while holding wooden lances about 11-foot long. The aim here is to knock the opponent off his horse.

Brutal, right? As the new modern version is a little bit different, you will use many safety equipment. But among all the adrenaline rush ideas, this is tough, and accident chances are enormous.

The resurgence of this medieval sport has sparked interest in many spreading globally, with the Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament recording at least 4500 supporters in California and 10000 in New Zealand.

4.Stinging nettle eating contest

Need to revamp your adrenaline? Sign up for the next annual stinging nettle eating contests in Dorset, England. What to expect? You must be wondering. How can a nettle eating contest be in adrenalin rush ideas?

Well, nothing other than a pile of sting nettle measuring up to 2-feet for each contestant. To win, you need to consume the most in an hour or less.

Male contestants are considered lucky as this delicacy contains anti-inflammatory agents and is very beneficial for good prostate health. The winner can console himself/herself with the trophy to be won while the rest can take home bare bragging rights. That is if you will not get sick

5.Limbo skating

Limbo skating

Among our five adrenaline rush ideas. Is this one a little bit sounds wired, isn’t it?

An easy way to get into our extreme sports category is by combining at least two dangerous sports. As one of the most recent additions to this list, Limbo skating combines skating and limbo dancing. Rohan Ajit Kokane, from India, holds the world record for limbo skating. Imagine limbo skating for about 38 meters and 11 inches under 20 cars. That is how Rohan got his Guinness World Record. Given his flexibility, Rohan continues to train on a daily basis.

Wrapping It Up:

Do you want to feel up more and your thriving thrust for the thrilling adventurous sports? It is attracting death cage-like adventure events. These five adrenaline rush ideas are not very harmful to try. But every event has one good and bad side. You have to be conscious, and you have to always follow the security rule of the game. So what is your opinion? Are you going to try on these adventure sports this summer? Do not forget to share your thrilling experience with us.

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