places worth seeing in Warsaw

Top Places Worth Seeing In Warsaw

| August 28, 2021 | Destinations

Warsaw is the capital of and the biggest city in Poland, which attracts millions of tourists from Poland and from abroad every year. Now, let’s explore the top places worth seeing in Warsaw. 

When planning a trip to Warsaw, it’s good to come up with a list of places to go to, so as not to skip anything. We’ve got a few suggestions for you to help you plan your journey. This city was once called “Paris of the East” and was Europe’s one of the most beautiful cities.

This place is truly worth visiting on vacation with your family and friends. This city may have a gloomy past yet a very bright future. 

Some of the top-secret places to visit Warsaw are St John’s Archcathedral, a Triangular Plaza, and Canon Square, and this we haven’t listed on the list below. 

Places Worth Seeing in Warsaw

It is obvious that there are many places that you can visit in Warsaw but the places that are listed below will change your mood completely and encourage you to visit the place again and again. Let’s get ready to explore top places worth seeing in Warsaw. 

i) Old Warsaw

Warsaw was almost completely destroyed during World War II. Nevertheless, nowadays we can admire the Old Town. It was rebuilt from scratch and the Royal Castle was not only reconstructed but also furnished to match the style of its best times. 

After the war, it was a few years before the city was rebuilt and now, as we walk along the streets, we can still admire the passion and persistence of those who were engaged in the reconstruction.

As you take a tour of Old Warsaw, you will definitely see the Castle or Sigismund’s Column, but it’s also good to explore the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Presidential Palace, the Warsaw Mermaid or St. John’s Cathedral. 

If you want to dig deeper into the atmosphere of Warsaw streets, you may want to cross the Vistula river to explore the district known as Praga – for many years it was associated with the criminal underworld, but now it’s becoming a stylish and beautiful place.

ii) Palace Of Culture

It’s hard to imagine Warsaw without its most characteristic landmark – the Palace of Culture. Whatever you think about it, it’s undoubtedly one of those buildings that attract attention as it looms over the Old Town. 

It may no longer be the only tall building in the city, but it still catches your eye because of its unique architecture – it is clearly different from the modern skyscrapers of steel and glass. While you’re in Warsaw, it’s good to visit this place, especially the viewing terrace – you can take an elevator to get there. 

The elevator is operated by a nice lady who will gladly tell you which floor you need to go to. Once you’re on the terrace, you may want to take a while to admire the panorama of Warsaw – a city full of contrasts. 

It’s only from up above that you can see how the historical places and restored tenements with ornate façades stand side by side with later buildings erected in the Communist times, disregarding the history of this place and the surroundings.

iii) A Cruise On The Vistula River

The Vistula river with its bridges occupies an important place on the map of the capital of Poland. When planning a trip to Warsaw, it’s good to include the riverbanks. 

You may want to take a walk there, but we recommend that you hop on a ship to take a cruise on the Vistula river, preferably in the evening, so that you can admire the well-lit historical buildings. 

This will show you a completely different face of Warsaw – one you won’t see during the day.

The Final Thoughts 

The above listed are the best places to visit in Warsaw. This city was once very popular for its remarkable beauty but after World War 2, everything went in vain. However, if you have any doubts regarding the place, you can mention them below.

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