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Architectural Gems to See on Your Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour

BY Ariana SmithMar 26, 2019

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand tour are some of the destinations that have the highest number of visitors in Asia. Tourism plays an important role for these three economies and it is not difficult to find out why. These regions have so much to offer to the visitors and hence you will be sure of getting the value for your money.   The three countries are home to various places of worship, shopping hotspots, and restaurants that serve authentic Asian and international delicacies. The combination of all these features give visitors an excellent experience when touring the region.   The three countries have numerous architectural gems that are some of the finest examples of modern architecture, which is why visiting some of these buildings must feature in your list of things to do when on Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour.   It is advisable to create a listicle before buying a Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour package. This post lists some of the most popular architectural highlights that you can see in these three tourist hotspots. Taking a look at them will give you the best experience on your Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand tour.   Singapore:  Helix Bridge  Helix Bridge links Marina Center to Marina South. The bridge has a unique double helix structure. It also features a glass and canopy in integrated panels that provides shade from the raging Sun. millions of visitors visit this place each year to have a view of the bridge.  The architectural design of the Helix Bridge is just amazing to the eyes. You will wonder how someone thought of such a beautiful design. You will come across thousands of people staring at this beautiful bridge each time you visit Singapore.   It is one of the best venues for taking a selfie to share with your family and friends. Anyone who comes across this photo will long for a time when he will also visit the place.   Marina Bay Sands  The $8bn. Marina Bay Sands casino resort is a distinctive addition to Singapore’s already illustrious skyline. It is one of the best sceneries that define the architectural gems of Asia. The region has a whooping number of visitors each day.    Three 55-storey hotel towers have a 340-meter long outdoor terrace featuring restaurants, parks, and the largest infinity pool in the world. The resort also features the ArtScience Museum that is known for its unique shape.  It is an amazing architectural structure that you should not fail to get a view. Don’t miss to visit the Marina Bay sands when touring Asia.   Malaysia :  PETRONAS Twin Tower  PETRONAS Twin Tower is one of the most identifiable buildings in Asia. It has a beautiful design that will keep you staring at it for even several hours. You can wonder how someone thought of setting up such a building in the first place.   The 88-storey twin towers are connected by a Skybridge that provides stability. The towers bases are shaped to be eight-pointed stars. The beauty of the tower is what makes it one of the top architectural gems to see your tour to this area.   Kuala Lumpur Tower  One of the tallest communication minarets in the world is the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Apart from being an architectural marvel, the tower also holds religious significance to the residents. It also serves as an Islamic falak observatory.   The building’s dome is home to Atmosphere 360, a rotating restaurant. Viewing this tower will create a memorable picture in your mind. You will have a lot to carry home when you pay a visit to this place. Kuala Lumpur tower is a must-visit destination when you choose to tour Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.   Thailand :  Giant Dragon Tower  The 17-storey tower is known for its distinct design that features a giant dragon wrapping around the building’s facade to the top. This feature is one of the things that attract tourists to visit the building.   The giant Buddha golden statue and other religious centers located nearby add to the charm of the skyscraper. The building looks strange but it has a really amazing design.   Siam Discovery  Known for its unique shape, Siam Discovery is a retail complex. The building features 13 distinctly designed themed spaces that are famous for their unique layouts.  Most people who visit this building like to take photos from the venue. Siam Discovery is indeed a place to be when visiting these three Asian destinations. There is so much that you will have for your eyes when you get to this destination.   Conclusion   These are some of the most unique and famous buildings in Singapore Malaysia Thailand. These structures are relevant whether you like studying modern architecture or are awed by the imposing structure of gigantic buildings.   Therefore, make sure your Singapore Thailand Malaysia Thailand tour package includes a visit to these architectural gems. It is one of the best ways to get value for your time and money.   Each of them has a unique experience that it will bring your way. You can also request your operator to suggest a few landmarks and historic buildings worth visiting in these three tourist hubs. You will not fall short of what to see when you choose to visit Asia.  Read More: 5 EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS NEGATIVELY IMPACTED BY ‘OVER-TOURISM 15 Unexplored Destinations in India Worth Visiting Planning A Hunting Trip To Africa – Here’s what you should Know