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Best Time To Visit Andaman – Andaman Guide Of 2023

BY Barsha BhattacharyaNov 17, 2022

Weather Conditions in AndamanAPRIL - JUNEJULY - SEPTEMBEROCTOBER - MARCHTemperature24°c - 37°c 22°c - 35°c20°c - 30°cSeasonSummerMonsoonWinter 2022 is almost ready to bid us adieu. A new year is less than two months away, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning your trips for 2023. And the first place to check out in the new year (if you trust us even a teeny tiny bit) is Andaman - because the best time to visit Andaman is approaching, and you must not miss out on this golden opportunity! Today, we will only talk about visiting this island state in the Indian Ocean. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know about traveling to Andaman! Journey Across The Indian Ocean: Best Time To Visit Andaman! Thanks to warm temperatures and little rain, the best time to visit Andaman is anytime between October and May. Although the picturesque archipelago undergoes moderate weather throughout the whole year, it is best that you plan a trip during these months for a memorable experience. At the same time, you must remember that there are so many other people thinking along the same lines. As a result, it is safe to say that this time of the year also happens to be the busiest time for the island state. But whenever you decide to visit this sunny island, it’s best to avoid the same during Monsoon. The high tides, incessant rains, and strong wind all add up to create an environment that can hinder your touring experience - so why take the risk? Yes, the islands are perfect for water sports, beach excursions, and plenty of sightseeing due to their warm weather, more or less throughout the year. But naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages of visiting the islands in different seasons. So without wasting any time, let’s check out a comprehensive guide for traveling to Andamans at different seasons - scroll down to find out all that you need to know! Exploring Andamans In Winter (October - March): To be honest, Andaman does not really experience a proper winter season. If you have ever traveled to Bengaluru or Vishakhapatnam, then you will be able to understand the climate type prevalent on these islands. The mildly humid, pleasant weather is ideal for tourists to relax - the turquoise water of the vast ocean reflects shades of blue, contrasted by the white sands, and the blue sky only makes these islands worth a visit during this season. Andamans In Winter The winter season makes the destination a picturesque location perfect for couples on honeymoon, families, and other elderly people. The best part? Neither the location is sultry nor is it sweaty - so you can just grab some cocktails and unwind inside the shacks against an aesthetic backdrop. Exploring Andamans In Summer (April - June): While seeking the best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands, you can always consider Summer for planning a trip to these beautiful groups of islands. Let us tell you why! With absolutely no rainfall, the weather is ideal for sightseeing, water sports, or just relaxing by the beach. The season usually begins in January and goes on till the end of April. Since this is the time for a summer vacation in the academic sector, the season collides heavily with a busy tourist season comprising mostly families with children. Moreover, you can also try out all the different watersports during this time.  In this context, let’s check out a few details related to visiting Andamans in Summer. Temperature And Weather: During Summer, the Andaman Islands experience an average temperature that ranges between 25 degrees to 32 degrees. With a mean relative humidity of about 80%, Summer is perhaps the most popular time to travel to these beautiful islands and cross off a few travel goals from that bucket list of yours.  Moreover, during this season, the weather is quite calm. You can even try out different watersports such as parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.  Why Should You Visit Andamans During Summer? Stop googling ‘Andaman Nicobar best time to visit’ and instead keep reading to find out why Summer is one of the best reasons to visit this group of islands. Summer in Andaman is all about the warm ambiance, the glowing environment, and the vibrant crowd. If you love beaches, then you will get to witness the pristine destination, and that too in all its summer glory. Who hasn’t seen those aesthetic pictures of Andaman in magazines, social media platforms, and even blogs? We are talking about those photographs with the boats anchored on the sandy shores with beautiful turquoise waters in the backdrop. It’s the idea of travel photos with a few hammocks tied to several coconut trees, all standing tall, facing the limitless ocean. Summer is also about festivities, and Andaman surely rises to the occasion. If you do end up finding Summer as the best time to visit Andaman, then don’t miss out on festivals like The Island Tourism festival (a 14-day festival celebrating the traditions and cultures of the region), The SubashMela (an event for celebrating Subash Chandra Bose’s birthday), and The Block Mela (an event for celebrating the diverse cultures, and local lifestyles). Things To Remember Before Visiting Andaman In Summer: Since the weather in Andaman during Summer is calm, you do not need to let that paranoia worry you. Simply pack everything you will need and lose yourself in this beautiful paradise - this is, after all, the best time to visit Andaman! Here’s what you need to keep in mind! Since you will be traveling to tropical climates, you will dehydrate fast. As a result, it is best that you carry plenty of adequate water and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to carry your deodorants, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens as protection against the hot Sun. Also, make sure you are traveling light with beach clothes and some flip-flops. Exploring Andamans In Monsoon (July - September): As we mentioned early on, Monsoon is definitely not the best time to visit Andaman, as compared to the other two seasons. In case you had no idea, the islands receive rain not once but twice from monsoon - once from the Southwest Monsoon and the other time from Northeast Monsoon. You don’t need to type ‘Andaman and Nicobar islands best time to visit’ on Google to find out that monsoon is not your ideal weather for traveling to Andamans. But in case you hate crowds and don’t mind some rain, and a little adventure, then we don’t see any reason why you can visit these islands during monsoon. So let’s check out all the details you need for planning a trip to Andaman during Monsoon. Temperature And Weather: Monsoon in Andaman is characterized by incessant rains and high tidal waves. In fact, the temperatures easily range between 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, making this an ideal season for both hot chocolate and different citrus-based beverages. Moreover, Andaman is relatively dull during Monsoon. Thanks to all the rough rainfall and tropical storms that last for nearly 180 days yearly, the islands experience a reduction in tourist influx. People are seeking unique experiences and planning to let loose from their mundane routines. You will actually find a lot of time for self-exploration and rejuvenation - if you are trying to find some solitude on your trips, then you should visit Andaman during Monsoon. Why Should You Visit Andamans During Monsoon? You should totally visit the Andaman Islands during monsoon for some much-needed solitude, bliss, and silence. It doesn't matter whether you want to go solo or with your friends, the ambiance during this season will help you self-explore and introspect without unnecessary interruptions - this is the ideal time to get lost right in the middle of nothing! Read Also: Which Is The Best Time To Visit Ladakh? Things To Remember Before Visiting Andaman In Monsoon: Since monsoon is not the best time to visit Andaman for a majority of tourists, it is highly unlikely that water sports are available during this season. Moreover, the large waves and unpredictable winds further make watersports unsafe. In fact, the season makes the islands pretty isolated from tourists, so much so that hotels give away rooms at huge discount prices. But keep in mind that all ferry operations might get disrupted frequently due to the rough waves - however, the beauty of spending a monsoon in Andaman during this time is forever memorable. It’s not risky to travel to Andaman during this time of the year, but if you have this perfect touristy vacation in mind, then you might just be disappointed. Here’s what you must keep in mind! Don’t forget to carry your umbrellas, power banks, torch lights, munchies, mosquito repellants, raincoats, and windcheaters. If the rain stops you from stepping out for food, you can always count on your munchies. Make sure you are not carrying any expensive gadgets and cameras during this time. Read Also: Which Is The Best Time To Visit Shimla? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Check out the most frequently asked questions about finding the best time to visit Andaman. 1. Which Month Is Best For The Andaman Trip? The best time to visit the Andaman Islands is anytime from October to May. This is because the weather during this time is pleasant and ideal for water sports, sightseeing, and even beach excursions. Similarly, monsoons are not usually recommended for traveling to these islands due to unpredictable rains, storms, and waves. 2. What Is The Famous Food Of Andaman? The basic diet of people residing in Andaman comprises coconuts, spices, rice, and plenty of seafood. Moreover, since Andaman is made up of islands, the destination happens to be a seafood paradise - from lobsters and fresh prawns to crabs, there’s so much to try out here. Don’t miss out on Red Snapper, an all-time favorite. 3. What Type Of Clothes To Wear In Andaman? Ans: You can carry the following clothing essentials on your trip to Andamans,➊ Sunglasses, ➋ Hats, ➌ Cotton clothing,➍ Bathing suits,➎ Comfortable Shoes,➏ Smart Casuals,➐ Sleeping Attires, and➑ Poncho/Raincoat. In Search Of The Deep Blue: Andaman Calling! So you know the best time to visit Andaman - you no longer need to type search for ‘Andaman best time to visit’ or related material! Then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags today, and start on your trip soon - after all, the islands are so beautiful there’s no way not to add this destination to your bucket list. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your thoughts and moments from your Andaman trip if you have already visited these islands in the comments below. Read Also: Which Is The Best Time To Visit Mussoorie? Which Is The Best Time To Visit Sikkim? Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Darjeeling