Romantic Getaway Tips: 9 Ways to Celebrate Love without Special Occasions


Old-fashioned romance never fails to make us happy. For couples, romance needs to be sustained as the years go by. You do need special occasions to celebrate your love and romance. Doing things together always lift up your spirit and feel loved and cared.

Below are some simple yet romantic ideas you can do as a couple once in awhile to rekindle the love you have:

1. Book a luxury room :

It is no everyday that you wake up in an awesome room with great view. Why not book a suite room even though there is no occasion? In this way, you can relive the first time you two went on a romantic date and spend the whole day in a hotel room. You can actually ask the hotel staff to make a special arrangement and surprise your significant other. If you are located in Australia, then look for a luxury accommodation in Sydney.

2. Watch the sunrise or sunset :

You can do things together especially if both of you are free from work and have the same off. One of the romantic things to do is watch the sunrise or sunset, depending on what you really like. You can do this while on the beach or top of the mountain. Give in to the moment as it is an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come.

3. Pamper yourselves :

Raise your hand if you want to be pampered even if there is no occasion at all. Both of you can indulge in any type of pampering activities that you can enjoy on your vacation. You can have a soothing body massage, get spa treatments at the hotel. Check for activities that can be rejuvenating experience for both of you.

4. Order room service and stay in :

If you just want to relax and snuggle inside a hotel room, then do so! You can lock yourselves in a suite room for hours. It is better to book a deluxe or suite room, where you can find all the amenities you like. You can also order room service for added pamper activity – munch all the food you like and drink the beverage you desire. Moreover, you can also get a 4-course dinner if it is available.

5. Get dinner at a fancy restaurant :

One of the most romantic gestures that couples can do is dine in at a fancy restaurant with lavish food and wine. Indulge yourselves with exotic food or even with Michelin-star restaurants. At this point, both of you can dress formally, wearing evening dress and great suit. It is a good tradition to celebrate your romance and make each other feel special that night.

6. Document your memories :

Just like any occasions in your life, keep pictures and videos of your romantic getaway so you can remember it. Do not just capture the scenery but ask some passer-by to take a few photographs of the two of you holding each other dearly. It is a good remembrance after all.

7. Take a wine tour :

Wine has always been associated with romance. And so vineyard is always a part of that so called romance. To have a unique vacation for the two of you, you can plan a wine tour and spend a warm afternoon strolling down the rows of heaving grapes and sipping wine.

8. Visit an amusement park :

Amusement parks are not only for the kids and they are great place to spend time with your lover. First, it brings out the inner child within us and that can be a lot of fun. Second, heart pumping rides always gives us an adrenalin rush and making us happier. Adrenaline rush is said to stimulate sexual arousal, which will make both of you get more attracted to each other.

9. Take a long walk on the beach :

Long walk in the beach is always a romantic idea. It may sound cliché but it always hits home and everybody can relate to it. This is one of the simplest ideas of romantic getaway. A day at the beach with your lover is one of the best days you could ever have and that long walk while holding hands is amazing for both of you.

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