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Why You Need To Start Learning English Today

| August 11, 2020 | Culture

The current crisis has affected our lives in almost every aspect. Corona made our stay at home and avoid social interaction which is a good opportunity to work on ourselves. You can learn a new skill or improve something you already know.

A good way to invest the extra time is to take English classes, whether you are a beginner or speak it fluently there is always room for improvement. College of English Language told me why it would be good for me to take some classes and work on my writing skills.

Language is everchanging and for you to stay up to date, there should always be room to learn something new. Here’s how learning English can help in everyday life:


Technology has advanced to the level where we can instantly get in touch with people we know from all over the world. Not only that, but the internet and social networks have also enabled us to meet new people, read about what they have to say, and interact. Since we are all connected all the time, communication occurs throughout the entire day and the tool we all use to talk to our friends from different countries and cultures is English – it is our lingua franca, whether we like it or not.

It is not to hard to find English today, you can find it in music, movies, tv shows, books, video games, etc. Some people use all of that to learn the basics of communication and move forward in their learning process. This is the perfect time to apply for a course in English and work on that knowledge by adding more.

You can always apply what you’ve learned in practice which brings instant gratification we all seek nowadays. You can open skype, or any other app you like, call your friend and you both can then practice English. Don’t be afraid to use it because language is an ever learning process, and you can never really say that you have mastered it completely.

Education Opportunities

As already mentioned above, this extra time we spend at home opens up possibilities to learn something new. There are a million different courses you can find online and start today, but the problem is when the course you like is in English and your motivation slowly starts to wither.

You shouldn’t be discouraged and give up, on the contrary, taking one step at a time will build a strong foundation for your further education. Start with English, see how it goes, and then use what you have learned to take a different course and again practice both English and a new skill. English opens a lot of doors, and it makes it much easier to function in this global village where everyone is online. The sooner you start the better, excuses are always easy to find, but the feeling of accomplishment after you master a skill is worth both your money and time.

Business Opportunities

Every business seeks to expand to grow and prosper. When you put your product online to sell it you want as many people to see it as possible which can be limited if you only use your native language. This is just a simple example but it goes to show how English can directly affect your business opportunities. There’s plenty of online jobs now that don’t require any particular skill except fluency in English.

Sure it can take some time to reach a certain level to be able to do those jobs, but the number of new ideas you imagine in the process of learning will maybe help you discover what you would love to do.

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